Monday, February 22, 2016

The Passion That Lies

I swim to the ledge of the pool, and raise myself out of the water. I breathe harshly sucking in as much as air as I possibly can. I go to my locker, and shower when I’m done I call my dad to and come pick me up. I wait outside in the chilly fall air he pulls up in our small beat up, red pick up truck.
“How was your swim?” Dad asks once I'm settled into the passenger side seat.

“I think I’m getting better,” I reply.

“That’s good,” Dad exclaimed.

Later on that day when I’m back home, I grab a snack from the cupboard. As I’m reaching up my vision begins to blur. I blink my eyes rapidly trying to get rid of the blurriness, but it seems to only get worse. My vision is black now, and  I loose my balance, and fall to the floor my eyes are completely open, but I’m unable to see a thing. my dad must have heard the fall as I hear his scrambling feet behind me.

“Lucie!” He shouts behind me I feel his hands picking me up I’m on my feet, but I don’t see anything this has been by far the worse blackout I’ve had. I put my face in my dady chest as I wrap my arms around his torso he rubs my back soothingly. I open my eyes, and I’m glad to see my dad's face.

“Are you okay?” He asks concerned. He kisses the top of my forehead like I’m a small child, but I don’t complain.
“I’m okay now,”

“Let me get you something take a seat,” I do as he says, and then a few moments later there's a big bowl of chocolate ice cream in front of me.

I hear the familiar buzzing noise indicating that the race has begun. I jump into the water determined to win I swim as fast as I can to the other end. I go up for a breath, and repeat until I’ve touched the end. I kick off the wall going around one more time. i can hear the crowd from underneath the water chanting for their children to win.
Pitch black takes over my eyes, and I'm blinded. I stop my movements, and resurface to the top of the water. I blink rapidly again, but each time it happens I can't help, but think that this might be the last time I will see again. I gasp for air as the other components go on without me I slap the water freaking out for my vision to come back. I hear the room silence and people yelling that there is something wrong. I hear a splash in the water, and then someone grab me wrists.

“It’s me your coach you’re okay,” he pulls me out of the water, and wraps me in a towel. I feel another pair of hands on my shoulders, and I know instantly that there my dads. We’re in the car again, and my vision slowly comes back I know where we're going, and I dread it.

“Her diagnosis is untreatable I’m sorry, but it will only get worse with time,”
“Is there anything you can do to slow it down?” My dad asks my eye doctor.

“Macular Degeneration is untreatable we’re are still looking for a cure, but for right now you can be with your daughter, and enjoy every passing second,” even though we have been told many times before that it’s untreatable we always pressure him each time. I’ve been diagnosed for a long time I was used to it, but everyday the blackouts get worse. It’s a matter of time before I no longer have vision, and my career of swimming will only be a passion.

“Lucie?” My dad asks through my bedroom door.

“Yeah come in,” I put my book to the side, and face my dad.

“Get up we're going somewhere,”   


“You’ll see get some long pants on,” I change into my clothes, and meet my dad outside in the car. It's a while before we get to our destination, but when we get there, and I know the place all too well. It's the place my mom, me, and my dad would all go for a picnic in the mountains.

“Why did you bring me here?” I ask I already know the answer, but I just want him to say it aloud.

“I just felt like coming here with my daughter,” We get out of the truck, and my dad walks me to the ledge of the cliff he wraps his arm around my shoulders, and we just look. The sun was going down, and the horizon was an array of different colors. I could see the top of trees from so high up I will miss it all, but things happen for a reason. I will want it back, but I couldn’t be any more happier in this moment with the person I love most.

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