Friday, December 11, 2015

Story of the Survivor

I was walking to my car as I felt a hand grab my arm. I held my breath, hoping it was my friend. I heard a deep voice but couldn’t make out what it said. I felt the grip get tighter and start to drag me. I fought back, but he was stronger. I was thrown into a van. The walls were filled with tools. That’s all I remember before he gave me a shot.
I awoke to this dark room with weird black walls that had blood on them. I was going to die, and the last person I was going to see is my killer. I saw an exit; I struggled to get up off of the floor. I started to run towards the door only to be pulled back by chains. The chains were on my wrists and ankles and were connected to the floor.
I screamed and screamed, but no one heard me. I mean no one not even the person who kidnapped me. I heard the creaking of the door, and he walked in. He changed the chains I was in. Now they were stronger. They were gold and were tighter than the last.
“Violet, what a pleasant surprise to see you!”  he said. “You were the hardest one to catch.”
“Who are you?” I asked and wanted an answer.
“Your worst nightmare,” he replied with a snarl. “Now, I’m gonna give you a chance to escape; I just won’t tell you when.”
That is gonna be easy, I thought. Who would take you into a dark room and let you escape easy. No one would. This is a trick. He is gonna follow my every move.
I fell asleep on the cold, hard concrete floor. I had dreams of my family at home. What are they doing now? How are the taking this? What is going to happen to them if I don’t come back?
I woke up to a loud bang. He threw a book in my direction. It read My List. It was full of names and some names were checked off. His kill list was in my hands. Why?
“Are you mad at all these people including me?”
“You broke my car! You ruined my life! Now you are going to pay, Violet!” he yelled at me and made me flinch.
“What? I have no clue what you are talking about.”
“You hit me and made me crash my car. I lost hearing in one ear, broke my arm, broke both my legs, and my car was totalled.”
“What crash?” I don’t know.
He threw a newspaper in my direction. It was about a crash that happened last year.
Car Crashes Updates
Car crash involving two people. One 34 year old female named Violet Duchannes and one 37 male named James Richmond. Violet got some brain damage and James broke his legs and left arm, lost hearing in his right ear. Both cars totalled. James’ car was hit by a Semi. He went on the other side of the road and hit Violet wiping them off the road. No picture has been taken yet. Update of this crash will appear when more information comes up.
“You were hit by a Semi not me. You hit me!” I yelled at him angrily.
“No! That’s not what it says,” James shouted back at me.
He grabbed the newspaper and read it. He threw it down and started pacing the room, mumbling something over and over again. Then he threw a key in my direction.
“Try to escape because you aren’t worth killing.”
I grabbed the key with my mouth and tried getting it into my hands. It was tough, but eventually I got my hands free. Now to start working on my feet. I got them free within seconds. The hard part was that I have to get into town, and I had no clue where I was. I looked out the window and all I could see was these big trees that they had been spray painted black.
He turned on the news, so I decided to sit and watch what was on the news. There was an FBI agent by the name of Aaron Hotchner. I heard of him, and he is the leader of the BAU. I’m joining the BAU, but I can’t with this psycho keeping me in this random place. My picture showed up on the screen, and he said that they are looking for me.
“Where am I?” I asked.
James kept staring off in the distance. “Somewhere.”
His voice sounded sad and distant. I stared at him for a few minutes before I heard sirens. He grabbed his gun, and he held it to my head; he tightened his grip and started to stare at the door.
“James Richmond!” an F.B.I. agent yelled.
“We know you have Violet Duchannes in there with you. Please come out,” another one yelled.
His grip started to loosen and he started to drop his gun. I grabbed his gun, and I ran towards the door; then I started to run outside. I threw the gun at the police when he attacked me from behind.

I woke up in the hospital and I saw a F.B.I. agent known as Aaron Hotchner. He told me that James was going to be in jail for a long time and I was going to be safe.

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Survival of the fittest Part 1

One Friday morning, Gavyn, Jarrett, Marshall and I we were going to take a field trip to the Canadian wilderness. At that time we didn't know we would have to join the army and fight with our Canadian brothers in the north. That was a big shock to all of us. Although before I can tell you about that, I should tell you why we were there to begin with. It was a warm summer day and we all had gone to Casey's to get a breakfast pizza. We were talking having a good time but Jarrett, as always complained and asked to go to subway. We always take a vote and Casey's almost always wins. all of a sudden someone yelled put on channel 6 news and they did. the reporter said that Alaska has been invaded by russians. At the moment we did not understand, ran out the door dropping our pizzas on the ground and sprinted  to Gavyn's house to see what his parents knew. When we got there his mom was at work so we quickly turned on the news . Turns out, we didn't miss a whole lot.  it looked like they snuck in by boat and took them by surprise. Jarrett said “oh man and we were looking forward to that trip to canada next week!”  Gavyn said that there is no way we are going to let them do that, america will push them back before wednesday. We then went to river when we got there we saw a fisherman slowly reel in his bait. We walk on the bridge and threw rocks in the river to see who could make the biggest splash. We got bored and went to the far part of the avoca park we like to hang out there because it is far from everything else. Every now and then a runner comes bye.
We wave hi and that is the end of it. Today we all talked about how we were going to make the money to go on the trip gayvn said he could help his grandpa with all his stuff around the house. Jarrett said he gets money for his birthday and that was in a few days I think we all forgot all about his birthday because we all said happy birthday to him at the same time. After that we marshall had to go home. Then Gayvn Jarret and I went to gayvns house and played advanced warfare the rest of the day until I had to go home. it was a long ride to my house. I don’t live far but when your with my family it a long trip wherever you go. My mom was yelling at my sister to give her phone back. Tyler and matt my step dad were fighting on why he could not go to the shop with him and i just sat there and looked out the window. When we got home it was about 7:30 but I was tired so I went to my room and read my book for about an hour then dozed off to sleep. when I woke up my mom was buzzing try to wake my brother up. He like to sleepin late till about 8 or 9 in the morning. Finally he woke up and he ate some breakfast I was almost ready for the day when I realized. I forgot to charge my computer to go to gavin's house that night. I pluged it in and went to work outside when Matt said that out was going to rain so we just sat inside and watched movies all day until it was time to go to gavin's house in avoca.  When I got there it was still raining but gavyn was outside with his brothers playing basketball when I got out the car gavyn ran over and told me to come play us in 2 on 3. Gavyn,and I vs Cole and  Hayden  we played till Jarrett and Marshall got there then we went to the park and waited for an idea for how to raise the money to have trip to canada. at that point we had nothing on our mind. but how we were going to raise the money to go on that trip to canada. we all looked around for something to give us an Idea. but we had no luck so we went across the road to play basketball  

it was Jarrett and Me vs. Gavyn and Marshall it was a pretty good game jarret and I won 21 to 16. We had to stop there because marshall had to go home that is when I had the Idea to have  basketball games 3 vs 3 and see who was the best and it would cost 3 dollars a player. Whatever team wins get to come to canada with us.  this is for whoever wants to play against us, we will all go out and make a team gavyn said that we should do this a week from the trip to canada so they have time to pack for the trip. we were so ready to play we forgot that marshall left and that we would have to fill him in so he had some time to pick a team. Jarrett said he would snap chat him tonight so we did not have to do it tomorrow.
The next day gavyn already had a team picked out he had Lucas, and Caleb. Jarret had one person he was picking Ethan, he was thinking about picking jeaden but was not sure. I was picking Brock but I didn't have a second person to be on my team. Marshall pick Joey, and Kyler.
I think I will pick brody for my team but I am not so sure If I should because he is always shooting 3s when he can go for the lay up. I think I will pick Michael for my team If he wants to play. He might as long as he gets to go to canada with us even if we lose but I think we will win because I have a pretty good team so yeah. We would be be taking a bus to get there so it will be almost a 2 day trip so we would have to leave by wednesday. I think it will be a fun ride to canada we can talk and play mini basketball If we bring one. I think we should do winners vs everyone else who didn’t win but that is if we bring a mini basketball hoop that you put on your door. If know one has one then they only like 10 dollars.
My mom could get it for us so we can have fun on the way to the bus. as long as I promise not to be moving to much on the bus because might distract the driver and get in a wreck. Although that will not happen because we told him to worry about what we do because it might get loud. But then again it just depends.

The Money

I was in the clover casino I just lost 5000, I decided to head over to the slot I put my quarters in and pulled down the lever. I didn't win so I put in more after that I turn and saw a girl waiting I turned and a big blast of ringing blow in my face confetti shooting out and falling down. I won I won I was screaming all my friends came over and looked shouting and yelling. we all calmed down and I looked to see four gentlemen walking with a 200 million dollar check and then I went and met with the owner and they tried talking me out of it and offering other things. I was raging because all I wanted was my d***  money.
The owner and his guards pulled guns on me and my girlfriend. I reacted fast opening the door and pushing my girlfriend out into the crowd of my friends. The owner shot me in the shoulder blood instantly covering my white suit in red. Michael busted through the door and tackle two guys into the bar counter. I moved fast running at the owner and body slammed him. He pulled a gold desert eagle on me and Michael slammed two whisky bottles on both side of his head knocking out instantly. I grabbed the desert eagle and shot holes in the safe the door open and I grabbed a duffle back not counting grabbing stacks of money. I told Michael to fill one we filled three bags of money and I grabbed a bag that had rubies and diamonds in it and threw over to gavyn who had just walked in with the others.
I said,  “I’ll explain.”  we walked down the stairs out the front doors as we were walking out the doors the guards stepped in front of us. All I saw was a fist zoom right past my face and the guards in front of me dropped twitching, then the other dropped. I looked back and michael said I gotcha back. We all jumped in our cars and I said meet me at my crib. We pulled up to my crib and went in we all dumped the cash on the table and I went down to my basement got my money counter out and went up we got done and my money counter counted 500 million dollars plus Gavyn’s rubies and diamonds worth 100 million.
We all met up the next morning at my house and all my friends came and we started dividing the money into groups. after we sorted it all out each of us got 120 million. We all hopped in our cars and all met up at a big car dealership. We all ordered our favorite car and left the dealership and met up at a clothes store we all bought suits and other stuff like nike jordan and other brands. We all bought shoes that we wanted and other things like hats and watches and necklaces. The rest of the day we all went to different stores and bought what we wanted.
When I got home I got a phone call from the clover casino they said that if I give half the money back they would leave me alone. I said no and hung up the phone, the instant I hung the phone up a guy busted through my beach view window. Jumped over my couch and the guy started firing his gun and all the feathers and stuffing from the coach flew and when I heard his clip drop on the floor I jumped over the coach and tackle him down and choked him out and then I ran to my safe and grabbed my 357 magnum and shot the guy who just jumped through my kitchen window and then a big blast happened at my door and a guy threw two tear gas canisters in through the broken window in the kitchen. The guy came in running with a gas mask and knives and tried stabbing me but the power of my gun knocked him back and laid him out I called the police but my phone said error so I put back and ran to my garage where I saw 4 guys trying to steal my cars. I slammed the door shut and jammed it shut, I was sprinting to my safe and grabbed my 12 gauge home protection and went to the garage door and then it blew open the door to my garage was in pieces and the 4 people plus 2 more came in they said knock knock and I turned around the corner and said nobody's home and shot all of them.
I went into my garage and shot the remaining people and then jumped in my 69 dodge charge and rammed through my garage door speeding out my driveway to the main road. I was about 20 miles from town and it took about a half hour to get their I slammed on the gas pedal I heard the roaring of the engine and my tires screeching leaving smoke and burnt rubber on the road.
After about 5 minutes of driving I came to a busy intersection, I flew right through it making people lay out their horns and a few people dropping some curse words. I looked in my mirror and saw a big truck following me and a few jeeps with guns on top I was about 5 minutes away from town. They were engaging on me, so I flipped up a switch that said nos on it I flipped the switch and I flew into my seat and the people behind me disappeared.
I was getting into town and heading to the police station when out of nowhere a car slammed into my rear end I looked back it was the jeep and a guy was crawling on my car so I hit gas and did a monster wheelie making the guy fall off the back. I got to the police station and I was escorted into the station and telling the chief what was happening.
The jeeps pulled out in front of the station and started firing the big machine guns on top of it was ripping everything apart and papers were flying everywhere. All the cops were jumping behind desk and walls, the guns stopped and I made a break for the roof when I got to the top I grabbed a 308 high power rifle. I went to the side of the building and set the guns bipod up and sighted in the bad guys, I aimed for the guys on the big machine guns and took them out then took out the others.
I walked down to the bottom again and checked the cars for any more bad people I then heard my girlfriend scream my name and kept telling help. I ran around the corner to see my girlfriend getting dragged by her hair and the owner of the casino was dragging her, I saw the gun pointed to her head. I yelled stop and then he turned and yelled you want her come and get her at my casino and another thing bring my MONEY!!!!, I looked at him and gave him a death stare, Right after that he jumped into a car and took off, I ran over to my car and started with a little struggle but it got up and going it started going faster and faster until I slammed on the brakes in front of the casino.
I saw him walk in and tie her up to a chair, I went in and shot all his guards guarding him and picked up a baseball bat with a piece of metal stuck in the end of it I walked after him he was stumbling and trying to run from me. I walked up slammed the bat into the side of his legs. I found a few jerry cans and dumped them all over the place and dumped the rest off it on him, I left a little trail of gas leading to him I untied my girlfriend and put her into the car.
I dropped the lighter and the whole place started on fire burning him, I quickly rushed my girlfriend to the hospital and got her fixed up and had a happily ever after ending.  


A roar rang in Nathan’s ears, coming from the purple dragon nearby. Nathan’s stomach lurched as he looked at his knee. The skin around his knee was bruised from the force of the metal going through his bracers. It had a large gash about an inch long under the kneecap, and the muscle under it was torn far apart. A swordsman had flailed his sword after Nathan had caught the soldier beneath the chin with his hammer. Now, Nathan lay in a trench next to Cole. Nathan flinched as Cole probed his fingers into his skin especially deep.
“This will itch, so stay as still as you can, or the flow of magic will stop,” said Cole as he cupped his hands around Nathan’s knee.
Cole whispered a short phrase in the ancient language. The flow of magic made his skin crawl, but then the feeling subsided to a dull soreness. Cole looked white, and he was shivering from using magic on three other men before himself.  A loud clink of steel on steel brought Nathan back to the situation at hand. He looked up at the sky, and he saw the purple dragon produce a wave of fire, catching a wagon ablaze. A man who was fighting behind the wagon fled with a howl into a nearby lake with a tail of flame behind him.
At the sight, Nathan got up and untied Fire-Eater from a nearby tree. The pure white horse was nickering, but at the sight of his rider he calmed down quickly. As Nathan climbed onto the horse, a shot of hot, blinding pain raged through his body from his knee. He shifted blindly in the saddle, and he almost fell of, but he managed to hold on to the horn. As his vision came back, he looked at the battle field.
The Empire was winning, but the commander's grey horse was not on guard behind a row of spears and men. With a fierce cry, Nathan held his battle hammer in the air, and he charged toward the tree. When he got close, he rose in the saddle and jumped off his steed, twisted in the air, and landed in the saddle. He cringed from slamming into the horn.
Five soldiers turned around all at once, and they circled Nathan in a small loop. Nathan stuck his heels into the horse's flanks, and he caught the first two soldiers with its hooves. He grabbed a spear from one of the soldiers, turned it around, and stabbed the man in the eye. Nathan then grabbed the dagger from the soldier's belt, and Nathan stabbed it into the next. As he gurgled, the fifth soldier stopped dead in his tracks with his eyes wide, as Nathan hit him upon the head with his own hammer.
Nathan looked around for a second, waiting for more. There were none; he had killed them all within a few minutes. There was still carnage on the battlefield, a dozen soldiers were still exchanging blows with his own men. He readied himself, taking a spear, two daggers, and a mace from the men he had killed.
He jabbed his heels into the flank of the grey battle horse, tried to control it as the horse jumped over the wagons onto two of the soldiers, most likely piercing their lungs. With that distraction, his soldiers dispatched the men on the road. He handed out his daggers, mace, and spear to soldiers who did not get weapons from the dead soldiers.
The carnage was almost unbearable, and the face of a man who did not get out of the burning wagons made bile come up his throat. Nathan leaned over the side of his saddle, and he spewed his small breakfast of cheese and bread onto the roots of an old oak tree.
The battle was not over yet; the dragon was still killing Nathan’s soldiers at a fast rate. The dragon was taking down more and more of Nathan’s men. The road was strewn with blood, vomit, broken weapons, and all the carnage of dead soldiers.
With all that going on, Nathan only thought of his dead family, all killed by a dragon years ago before the fall of the riders. Their faces were stuck in his mind like it was only yesterday. He had lost his mother, father, and two younger sisters, LouAnn and Martha. If they were still alive, LouAnn would be fourteen, and Martha would be ten. He, himself, was only nineteen, old enough to find a fair wife to have many young sons to take over the throne.
Nathan’s blood lust was overpowering as he jumped over a creek and rounded the road to its north side. Squatting in the saddle, he pulled a spear out of a fallen soldier, and rode straight toward the towering purple dragon. It blew a tongue of flame at an old tree with a tower for archers rested in between the thick, sturdy limbs. Nathan watched the tree disappear in a wall of flame, right before he threw the battered spear at the dragon.
The spear flew true, and it hit the creature in the eye. The creature jerked from the pain, and it let out a gut-wrenching roar. It locked eyes with Nathan for just a second, and then she lost her focus as something fell from its back.
The dragon’s rider hit the ground with a dull thunk. The dragon fell to the ground beside her, letting out a wail unlike anything Nathan had ever heard before. Nathan got up, and he slowly stepped towards the Dragon-Rider. The dragon made no move to come at him, and he sighed with relief. He took one step after another, creeping to the woman. He finally reached her, and pulled off her helmet. It was his sister, LouAnn.

I Dislike People

I dislike people that are loud and stereotypical; as well as egotistical.
People give me a headache, that makes them obnoxious and rambunctious.
There are many types of people, people who are tedious or invigorating.
Some people are placid or discomposed, placid people are tolerable to me.
Some people are splendid and some are horrid. I believe I’m in-between.
I’m not self promoting it’s just what I think; which may not be right in your eyes.
To me although it seems just fine, in my eyes I see a world filled with all kinds,
of different people who are breathtaking and beautiful in their own way,
but beauty is only skin deep what matters is how you act.
I dislike people who aren’t willing to help the weak, poor, or hungry.
Who only care about themselves and no other.
People who give me a headache are ones who are bystanders of this act of cruelty and do nothing to help.
Whom which want to but; won’t in fear of what might or might not happen.
Some people will take a stand against what society thinks is right.
Their beauty is by far further than their skin
Those people are tolerable to me; they will help the weak, poor, and hungry.
The willingness that these people show is beautiful in its own right.
This world is ugly but there are Beautiful things,
Such as a sunrise showing it’s a new day a new start to help someone.
A new chance to improve your self as a person and to have the willpower to do something different apposed to going with time and what is said to be the normality of society.
Everyday is a fresh start to help someone in need.
People may think it is “cool” to be similar to others and be configured as some made up form of the world’s so called “normal”.
In this world of ugliness I see beauty in things that most people don’t ordinarily see.
Most human beings see the popularity the wealth, and fail to look past someone’s looks and not understand their life, how they think, or that they’re a human being as well.
Many people’s beauty excels past their looks.
Some people look different and are ridiculed and neglected by their peers
But the ones who are all the same can't decipher whether or not what they’re doing is right.
If they are their own person, if their friends are true
Everyday someone may have these thoughts and are confused.
I myself have had these thoughts once before I had questioned everything I did,
If I chose the right people as my friends or if I was making the right decision
I stopped having these questions when I realized to be myself not to care what others think.
Many think I’m weird but I think I’m just a limited edition of myself.
That’s what everyone should feel about himself or herself everyone deserves to have a good self-image.
i dislike people who refuse to obtain self-belief and love and to help others who are in need.
people who give me a headache are people who are indecisive about who they want to be and if they are pretty or not.
I believe the people who don’t know who they want to be should be themselves and know that they are all perfect for their imperfections.
There is only one “you” on this Earth no one can ever be “you” and you can never be someone other than yourself.
Everyone needs self-acceptance
I dislike people, who refuse to love themselves,
And people who refuse to desist that self-hating person.  People who give me a headache are people who won’t see their beauty
inside and out and decide to ruin said person’s self image even more.
Many people everyday in some way get their self esteem lowered even more than what it was
Once before, most believe it is childish banter not an act of cruelty and making
Someone feel as if they are hideous and unwanted.
Although to tell everyone the truth even the people who hurt others to disperse the hurt
That they may feel, you are wanted and shouldn’t have to feel the pain you do.
For those who hurt others because they may have been hurt once themselves,
Should think of how they felt when others were putting them down and think,
Weather or not if you want someone to feel as bad about their own self worth just as much
As you did, if you want them to go through the same pain you did.
I dislike people who disintegrate any shred of self worth someone owns and people who refuse to allow themselves to regenerate the disnigrated self worth.
people who give me a headache would rather destroy someone than be kind and people who would rather destroy themselves than be happy.
Stop the nasty acts and the nasty behavior
and live an extraordinarily happy life.
Help the people who need it don't waste the chance you are given
always seize the moment to improve someone's life
and improve yourself as a person
choose to never let a good deed go unnoticed
right the wrongs in this world
never allow someone who is weak, poor, or hungry
who absolutely needs help in some way
go unnoticed and not receive the help that might make you

feel better about your day and yourself

Long Lost

*Sixteen years ago today I was born. I had a twin but she got taken away.
Nobody ever told me about her.*
“I have a week left until I get my car just a couple more days. I can wait this out. Why can't you just tell me what kind of car I’m getting, it’s my birthday?” I said looking at my best friend, Tori.
“Elizabeth if I tell you your mom won't trust me to tell you stuff like this anymore.” she replied as I eagerly looked at her. Tori and I walked downstairs. I went outside so we could get in Tori’s car. My mom had to tell her something. She was in the house for about eighteen minutes when she came out of the house she was crying.  I tried to ask what was wrong but she never told me.
As Tori and I got in the car and left. I tried to ask again. She said I would soon figure out what she needed to tell.
“Tori what are you talking about?” I asked because I was worried about her. We pulled up to the Movie Theater about ten minutes later. We were going to the a scary movie I was so excited. We walked in, got our tickets, then snacks. We met up with the rest of our friends when we walked into the theater.
*Later That Night*
“You didn't tell me the movie would get over this late.” I whispered to Tori as we sneaked into my room through the roof.
“Elizabeth if you never get out of your house, you’re never going to have any fun!” She judgmentally said to me.
“I get out all the time, but let’s just get into my room before my mom finds out we’re getting home at...” Elizabeth Checks her phone. “three in the morning!”
We got inside and my mom's light turned on she asked what the noise was.
“Ummm nothing mom we’re just grabbing something before bed.” I said as I went into the bathroom.
I had gotten ready for bed, as I walked through my bedroom door and saw a wrapped birthday present. Tori, she was gone I have know idea where she could have gone. I saw my favorite jacket of hers on her table and there was a note under it.
“Dear Elizabeth,
I know we have been friends since kindergarten, but I need to tell you something. Your mom had told me a secret before we saw the movie with everyone. You, have a sister. Your mom just found out about her, three weeks ago. I know you probably won't believe me but you need to leave and find her. She knows about you. She’s a foster kid she’s ran away from five homes in the past year. One day she finally found out that she had a sister. Your mother, went to find her while she was away at a press conference with your father. Your father never knew she went to see her but now is your chance if you don't do this soon you’ll never see her… ever.
      Good Luck on your travels see you soon,
*That's how I found out.*
I knew I had to go see her I will work out a plan and leave tonight. There’s no looking back once I’ve started. I need to do this not just for me, but for her.
*I just worked out the plan I’m leaving in half an hour at 4:30*
I found my new truck, it’s the same thing I’ve wanted for years. I can't think about this too much. I grabbed my wallet the jacket and the keys to the truck. Then I left, I couldn't stop thinking about my parents, and my sister. I’ve always wanted a sister but I didn't want to find out like this.
To stop thinking about it I went to Casey’s. On the table I found Tori’s necklace, we sat at that table every morning that we came here. It was in the shape of an arrow, pointed toward the maps. Knowing Tori, she would pick the last one. I picked it up got my monster, pastry and pack of gum. I went to the checkout and got my gas, then I looked at my map.
I saw New York circled, Tori and I had always wanted to go. I never knew I would be going without her. I knew what it meant I had to do so I put the car in drive and started heading to New York.
*1 and 30 minutes later*
She must have known I would got through Des Moines. We go there every year for Adventure Land and Adventure Bay. We were supposed to go in two weeks but she’s, gone. I keep thinking to myself that she will be there with my sister, if she’s not I don't know how I will be able to go on without her I’ve known her my whole life I can't lose her now. Not like this.
*I thought to myself about her being there I knew she had to be.*
I drove my Adventureland and by the sign I saw something on the ground it was a not e“Elizabeth I will see you on 3.” that's when I knew I would see her again. Every time we came here we called the ferris-wheel three because we always sat on the third cart. I bought my ticket to get in and ran to the Ferris-Wheel as fast as I could. I saw her. I saw Tori she was in line three people away. I ran up behind her and I was with her. I wasn't going to be on 17 hour drive by myself. As soon as we started talking we were called to get on cart three. She must have known we would get on this cart.
“How did you get here so fast?” I questioned Tori
“I drove just like you??? What else do you think I would have done? I just got a cab and left after I wrote the note.” She said questioningly. I wanted to know how she knew all of this and just left it’s not like her to just drop everything and leave.
“Why did you leave?” I asked
“You deserve to meet her before something happens and you will never have met her!” she exclaimed. We got in my truck after stopping and getting funnel cake. Tori said we had to start to go otherwise my parents would catch up. It was 6:03 and my parents wake up at 5:30 every morning. I left thirty minutes before they woke. They probably didn’t check in my room to see if we were still up till, six though. I started the engine and we left to New York City.
*15 hours later*
It was 9:19 now we needed to stop and get some rest before we got to New York. We had four hours to go when we woke the next morning. We went to the closest gas station to the Hotel for breakfast. I went to the closest table to the checkout and sat down to eat before we left. The next place we stopped was a ghost town it was two hours away from New York. There was nobody, nothing, no civilization and we had to get gas. We were three blocks into the town when we ran out of gas. We didn't have any service on our phones then I said,
“Tori what are we going to do to get out of this place there’s noth-” and all the sudden I was knocked out.
“Elizabeth…. Elizabeth!” I heard a faint scream. I knew it was Tori it’s her voice, that’s the way she screams. I need to find her. I had a blindfold on my face I wouldn't be able to look around. As I thought to myself I thought I was going to die, I would be found trying to find her. Then I thought about how if my parents didn't want me to know about her they wouldn't have told Tori. That's when I found out it was them they knocked me kidnapped me, they don't want me to find her. My mom didn't tell Tori, Tori overheard my parents talking and they must have her told her to just to keep her mouth shut. That’s why she was crying when she came out to the car. I never knew that my parents would do that sort of thing. I wish I was in New York.
“ELIZABETH!!!” I heard aloud scream it sounded like it was right next to me. I could see now it was Tori she found me I don't know how she found me, but she did.
“Tori what's going on I don't understand any of this why would my parents do this? Are they even my parents? Tori what should I even believe? Are we safe? We HAVE to leave. I  can't live like this running from the only people I’ve ever been taught to love. Why would they do this to us I don't understand.” As I finally stopped talking Tori untied me.
“You will find out everything soon enough. Trust me , and only me!” She said as we were leaving the room we found seven sets of keys we took every last one of them.
*35 minutes later*
We walked out of the building, got in my truck. Then remembered the gas. We forgot all about then I saw my mom and dad’s car sitting behind an old abandoned gas station. There was no gas at the station but there was in the car. We popped all the tires took the spare tires, the gas and left without them noticing us. As soon as we put the gas in I asked Tori to answer my questions.
“The only reason your parents don't want you to find out about your sister is because your not their daughter. The only person you can trust or believe right now is me.” Tori said as I started to drive away from the town.