Wednesday, December 2, 2015

I Dislike People

I dislike people that are loud and stereotypical; as well as egotistical.
People give me a headache, that makes them obnoxious and rambunctious.
There are many types of people, people who are tedious or invigorating.
Some people are placid or discomposed, placid people are tolerable to me.
Some people are splendid and some are horrid. I believe I’m in-between.
I’m not self promoting it’s just what I think; which may not be right in your eyes.
To me although it seems just fine, in my eyes I see a world filled with all kinds,
of different people who are breathtaking and beautiful in their own way,
but beauty is only skin deep what matters is how you act.
I dislike people who aren’t willing to help the weak, poor, or hungry.
Who only care about themselves and no other.
People who give me a headache are ones who are bystanders of this act of cruelty and do nothing to help.
Whom which want to but; won’t in fear of what might or might not happen.
Some people will take a stand against what society thinks is right.
Their beauty is by far further than their skin
Those people are tolerable to me; they will help the weak, poor, and hungry.
The willingness that these people show is beautiful in its own right.
This world is ugly but there are Beautiful things,
Such as a sunrise showing it’s a new day a new start to help someone.
A new chance to improve your self as a person and to have the willpower to do something different apposed to going with time and what is said to be the normality of society.
Everyday is a fresh start to help someone in need.
People may think it is “cool” to be similar to others and be configured as some made up form of the world’s so called “normal”.
In this world of ugliness I see beauty in things that most people don’t ordinarily see.
Most human beings see the popularity the wealth, and fail to look past someone’s looks and not understand their life, how they think, or that they’re a human being as well.
Many people’s beauty excels past their looks.
Some people look different and are ridiculed and neglected by their peers
But the ones who are all the same can't decipher whether or not what they’re doing is right.
If they are their own person, if their friends are true
Everyday someone may have these thoughts and are confused.
I myself have had these thoughts once before I had questioned everything I did,
If I chose the right people as my friends or if I was making the right decision
I stopped having these questions when I realized to be myself not to care what others think.
Many think I’m weird but I think I’m just a limited edition of myself.
That’s what everyone should feel about himself or herself everyone deserves to have a good self-image.
i dislike people who refuse to obtain self-belief and love and to help others who are in need.
people who give me a headache are people who are indecisive about who they want to be and if they are pretty or not.
I believe the people who don’t know who they want to be should be themselves and know that they are all perfect for their imperfections.
There is only one “you” on this Earth no one can ever be “you” and you can never be someone other than yourself.
Everyone needs self-acceptance
I dislike people, who refuse to love themselves,
And people who refuse to desist that self-hating person.  People who give me a headache are people who won’t see their beauty
inside and out and decide to ruin said person’s self image even more.
Many people everyday in some way get their self esteem lowered even more than what it was
Once before, most believe it is childish banter not an act of cruelty and making
Someone feel as if they are hideous and unwanted.
Although to tell everyone the truth even the people who hurt others to disperse the hurt
That they may feel, you are wanted and shouldn’t have to feel the pain you do.
For those who hurt others because they may have been hurt once themselves,
Should think of how they felt when others were putting them down and think,
Weather or not if you want someone to feel as bad about their own self worth just as much
As you did, if you want them to go through the same pain you did.
I dislike people who disintegrate any shred of self worth someone owns and people who refuse to allow themselves to regenerate the disnigrated self worth.
people who give me a headache would rather destroy someone than be kind and people who would rather destroy themselves than be happy.
Stop the nasty acts and the nasty behavior
and live an extraordinarily happy life.
Help the people who need it don't waste the chance you are given
always seize the moment to improve someone's life
and improve yourself as a person
choose to never let a good deed go unnoticed
right the wrongs in this world
never allow someone who is weak, poor, or hungry
who absolutely needs help in some way
go unnoticed and not receive the help that might make you

feel better about your day and yourself


  1. I love your P.P.O.W. because there is a lot of meaning in it. I also think that it puts a lot of thought in peoples head while reading this. You write very well. I also think you should write more things like this because its very good and puts a smile on peoples faces.

  2. I love your P.P.O.W because I understand it. It has a lot of meaning, and I can relate to some of these things. You did really good at this.

  3. Good job Charr i liked how you where honest, and you stated what you think. I liked your poem a lot and it was very good. You have good detail and good gramer.

  4. I love how you express yourself in your poetry. Everyone can relate to one thing in this poem. Good job! 12.5/10!