Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Get Scared

“Good morning, Ash! Are you ready for today?!” my roommate Nikki said as I walked down the stairs to the kitchen.
“Ya, why wouldn’t I be? We are going to see my favorite band, Get Scared!” I said about ready to jump out of my skin. I got my coffee and breakfast together, then sat at the kitchen table.
“Oh, and...” Nikki said as he pulled out a box, “Happy 27th birthday! I got you something special.” I took the box and thanked him. He was an awesome roommate and friend. I ripped the wrapping off and opened the box. Inside there was a sweatshirt.
“Thanks for the sweatshirt, Nikki; it looks so familiar, though,” I said. Nikki looked at me with wide eyes.
“You mean to say you don’t know who’s jacket this is?!” he said with shock. I stood there and thought for a while, then it came to me like a wrecking ball.
“OH MY GOSH!! YOU GOT NICHOLAS MATTHEWS’S JACKET FROM THE MUSIC VIDEO, SARCASM!!!!!” I said really happily. Nikki looked at me and had this smile that went from ear to ear. I screamed then hugged the jacket like it was the most precious thing on the planet; to me, it kinda was.
“Thank you SOO much. I am so going to wear this to the concert,” I said.
“And guess what came with it…..” Nikki said. I looked at him crazily.
“WHAT?!” I said, about to burst with happiness.
“It came with a handwritten letter from Nick, and it’s not for me. I told him the jacket was for you, so the letter is for you,” Nikki said. At that, I started freaking out more than I already was.
“Where’s the letter?” I said, after calming down. Nikki disappeared into his bedroom and then reappeared with a big envelope.
“Here you go. Oh, and by the way, I told him all about you, so I don’t know what he put in this letter, but enjoy,” he said, then went back into his room. I grabbed a letter opener and carefully opened the envelope.

Dear Ashlee,
Hi, you probably know who I am soo ya. I am soo happy that
your friend told me about you. We have a lot of things in common,
and I thought that was so nice that he did that for you. He must be a
really good friend. I can’t wait to see you!
Nicholas Matthews
I started to tear up after I read the letter. He even said LOVE. I started to freak out again. Nikki came back into the room.
“There’s more than the letter, you know,” I looked at him, then grabbed the envelope. I looked inside to see this huge poster. I pulled the poster out and unfolded it. It was a poster of Get Scared.
“I’ve never seen this poster anywhere,” I said to Nikki, then I looked back at the poster and noticed it was signed by all the band members.
“AND IT’S SIGNED TOO!! Oh. My. Gosh. Nikki, you are the best friend anyone could EVER HAVE!!!” I said, then ran to my room. I grabbed the tape and taped the poster to my wall, with all my other posters.
“It fits perfectly on my wall,” I told Nikki, after I came back from my room.
“Good, I am very glad to see you this happy. You haven’t been this happy in a long time. I mean, you were happy when we bought the tickets, but not this happy,” Nikki said. I glared at him.
“Ya,” I said, thinking it’s time to talk about it, “but you know how much I loved Andy. He meant everything to me,” I said, remembering all the good times I had with him.
“Ashlee Misery, even though you last name is Misery, doesn’t mean you can be miserable all the time,” Nikki said. I looked at him and smiled.
“I know. Hopefully, I will find someone that will love me more than Andy ever did,” I said, “Now, instead of being sad, let’s go shopping!” I said. Nikki agreed.
I went upstairs, took a shower, and got dressed. Before I fixed my hair, I plugged my iPod into my speaker and played “Demons” by Get Scared. I played it so loud that the neighbors could hear it. After I fixed my hair, I grabbed my iPod and ran downstairs.
“Are you ready, Nikki?” I asked.
“You bet I am!” Nikki replied. We got outside, and I locked the door. We reached the car when I heard “Buried Alive” by Get Scared. I knew it was my alarm to remind me about the concert, even though I would never forget something like this.
We got done shopping and were are on our way to the amphitheater. We found a parking spot after what seemed like ages.
“Oh my GOSH! I can’t believe I am going to see Get Scared… again,” I said.
“Oh ya, I forgot to tell you, instead of regular tickets, I got us gold VIP tickets,” he said handing me the ticket.
“Are you kidding me?! THANK YOU!!” I said as I hugged Nikki.
“Okay, okay don’t kill me.”
“Sorry, Nikki,” I said. It took us awhile to find the meet and greet area, but we found it. There was only three people in line.
“Not that many people like Get Scared, I guess,” I said to Nikki.
“Ya-” he replied, but got interrupted by the security guard.
“Ma’am, it’s your turn.”
“Thank you,” I said. I got this nervous feeling in my stomach as I reached the room. Another guard opened the door to the meet and greet room for me, I said thank you again.
“Hello, beautiful!” A happy voice said. It was Adam Virostko.
“H-hi, I can’t believe I’m here right now,” I said as I noticed Nicholas Matthews staring at me.
“I’m glad to see you so excited to meet us,” Adam said. “I apologize for Nic, the other members are getting ready.”
“That’s okay, oh! Here is a picture I drew for you, here are the other members’ pictures,” I said giving Adam the pictures, “and here you go, Nic, a picture for you.” Nic took the picture and looked at it. He looked up at me with red cheeks.
“Thank you, and by the way, you are the most beautiful girl I have seen,” he said.
“Thank you, I forgot to tell you that my name is Ashlee Misery, but you can call me Ash,” I said with a smile on my face and bright red cheeks.
“You are the girl Nikki talked about?!” Nic said, then pulled me into a hug, and whispered, “ Please be mine forever.”

“Yes!” I said with a huge smile on my face.


  1. This PPOW is great. It is detailed, and it shows that someone could be their happiest when they see someone. You use a lot of exclamation marks to show that the character is really excited about everything, and its is really great!

  2. You did a great job Autumn. I really liked it. It had great details and everything in it is great. I really like the story and you should defiantly keep writing stories.