Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Twisted Tale

        Once there was a little cottage in a small town. In this home was there were an evil stepmother, two-spoiled stepsisters, and girl named Cinderella. Now most of you know the story of Cinderella, but it didn’t happen quite like a fairy tale we all know. This is how it really happened. Cinderella did work hard, but she was not a servant to her mother and sisters. She was like you and me; she had chores, and like most of us, she made a big deal about them. Now yes, her sisters were spoiled, but not spoiled rotten. They were simply drama queens. The  mother was a little snappy, but can you blame her? She had lost two husbands and was now raising three teenage daughters by herself, so let's cut her some slack. Now for the prince. He was not some charming prince; he was more like a spoiled rotten boy who got whatever he wanted at the snap of his fingers. Last, but not least: the great fairy godmother. She was actually Cinderella’s BFF, Alice, and her magic wand was actually a phone. She used her phone to call her mom to bring clothes, shoes, and makeup. Well, now that you know the characters so, let's get to the story.

        A long time ago, there was a prince who wanted a bride. He was shallow and never looked into the inside of people, but only judged them by their outsides. He wanted a beautiful bride, but his mother was worried that he would not look for kindness and love, but would only look for beauty. Back at the village, a girl name Cinderella was hanging out with her best friend when a man on a white stallion rode up into the town square and made a proclamation that there would be a ball in three days. When Cinderella heard this news, she ran home as fast as she could. When she arrived home, she told the news to her mother and sisters. They were so excited.
They all ran out of the house to buy dresses. Once they got to the store, before they want in, the mother told Cinderella and her sisters that they could buy whatever dress they wanted, but she would not pay more than 200 dollars per dress. They would have to pay for the rest. After they had been shopping for about half an hour, the older step sister had chose a beautiful full length sweetheart neckline, light blue dress with a green water design and a keyhole back. The other sister chose a full length dress that was a shimmering gold with silver detail. Cinderella had chosen a light blue ball gown with a silver lining and detail waist. The mother had chosen a simple gray mermaid fitted dress with a sweetheart neckline with a three layer ruffle with black beading around the edge of the ruffles; it also had black sparkling detailing on the neckline and lining the bottom. With the dresses bought, they were ready for the ball.
Once they got home, they could not wait to put them on again to show their friends, but right when they grabbed their dresses, the mother told them that they had to leave them in the bags so that they would not get damaged. That night Cinderella had a sleepover. When everyone was asleep, Cinderella woke Alice. Cinderella and Alice slowly walked down the stairs and into her mother's room. She grabbed her dress and ran up stairs. When Cinderella  put on the dress, Alice had to try it on so Cinderella got out and handed the dress to Alice. Now Alice was not the same size as Cinderella, so after Alice put the dress on, she sat down to put shoes on. Right when she sat down, she heard a ripppp; she looked and there it was not huge, but it was noticeable. She quickly went to Cinderella. As soon as Cinderella saw the rip, she started to mumble everything her mother would do. Alice didn't have the guts to tell her that she ripped the dress. That night, Cinderella cried herself to sleep. She didn't know what to do that morning. Cinderella told her mother what happened. Her mother was mad. They took it to a seamstress to get an appraisal. The woman said it would cost $300. The fabric that the designer used is a very fine material and they would have to replace the entire piece. Cinderella looked at her mother's frustrated face  she went home without saying a word.
When they got home, Cinderella said
“I will do extra chores I will help more.”
The mother just stood there. “No,” she said you can't go.”
 Cinderella ran up the stairs crying. The night of the ball, when everyone was getting ready, Alice 

knocked on the door. Mother opened it. Alice asked if Cinderella was ready to go, Mother explained 

what happened. Alice then asked to see Cinderella. She was running up the stairs and the carriage 

came mother called down Cinderella. Cinderella begged one last time. Mother still said no. 

Cinderella ran outside crying Alice ran after her and finally Cinderella stopped and Alice told her 

everything. Cinderella was infuriated at Alice. Then Alice whipped her phone out can called her 

mother. Her mother drove to the house when she found Cinderella and Alice she asked to see the 

dress. Once she saw the tear she started laughing. What Cinderella said it is not funny it would cost 

$300 to fix. “Sorry” she said,” it is just this is no biggie the appraiser was just trying to get money 

from you.” I can fix it easy get some thread.” Cinderella did as asked. moments later her dress was 

fixed Cinderella did her makeup had hair and then remembered she was not allowed to go to the ball. 

Alice said not to worry no one would recognize her with her makeup on. Once they got to the ball 

Cinderella want running in as soon as she saw the prince she slowly walked up to him and asked for 

dance. Now the rest of the night is about the and the story. But it changes when they got home. 

When home Cinderella pretended not to know about the ball, but little did she know that her mother 

recognized her. Later that night the prince was going door to door in search of the fair maiden. 

Meanwhile Cinderella was in her room when she heard a knocking sound. Mother entered after they 

talked  for a bit. Mother told Cinderella she saw her at the ball and that she was grounded even later 

that night, Cinderella tried to sneak out. Her mother saw her and locked her in her room. About 10 

minutes later there was a knock on the door. The mother opened it and it was the prince. Now, if you 

have seen Cinderella the rest is the same other than the part when the slipper actually turns out to fit 

Alice. It turned out that Alice lost her shoe when she was dancing which was exactly where 

Cinderella was running to the car. So in the end Cinderella was grounded and locked in her room and 

her best friend became a princess. They lived happily ever after.The End   


  1. I really like your story. I think you put a very interesting twist on a classic, well known story that made the story more modern. Like when Alice called her mom to come fix the dress. I also liked the ending. I don't think anyone saw that coming. I think that you should write a sequel to this story because I don't think that Cinderella would be very happy if her best friend got her into all that trouble and then ended up with the prince.

  2. This is such a wonderful twist on an old fairytale. It is slightly modern, and it still attached well to the story of Cinderella. I am not sure if I should be happy that Alice ended up with the prince, because the story said he was very spoiled and got whatever he wanted, but I still hope she meets a tall handsome fellow someday.