Wednesday, December 2, 2015

John Elway

My biography is about a football star named John Elway.  He was born on June 28, 1960, he is 55 years old. He was born in Port Angeles, WA. He has a twin sister named Lee Ann, born 11 minutes after him. His career started in 1983 and ended in 1998. His parents are Janet Elway and Jack Elway. He has four children one son and three daughters, their son’s name is Jack Elway, and their daughters names are Jordan, Jessica, and Juliana Elway. He owns a couple car dealerships.
He played with/against other legends like Jerry Rice, Dan Marino, and Joe Montana. John  played for the Denver Broncos. Now he is the manager for them. John Elway is famous for diving head first for the first down in the AFC Championship game. He dove for the first down and the browns player hit him from the side and John spun around, but still got the first down. He retired in 1999 the year after his football career ended. He brought the Broncos two consecutive Super Bowl wins.
He retired with 51,475 passing yards, 300 touchdowns, and 226 interceptions. He is elected for the hall of fame. He holds the record for most 4th quarter comebacks which is 47. He led the Broncos for 5-6 AFC Championships games won. John coached his son Jack’s team, he was the coach that helped the quarterback. The Broncos stadium is called Mile High stadium, It's not really a mile high. His career lasted about 16 years. The owner of the Broncos is Pat Bowlen and the CEO is Joe Ellis.
Back then the face masks only have one bar, nowadays we have at least 3 up to one called the cage when it has about 15 bars. The equipment has evolved so much when  they first started football. They had leather helmets, Pants with little to nothing padding, and little leather shoulder pads, and cleats made of leather, that's a big shock. The sad thing is that they didn’t get payed near as much or none at all, and they still probably played better than players nowadays. If you ask me I think that people are only after the money any more not the game. Either that or the fame because anymore everything is about money.
Back to football the Broncos just hired a new coach is Gary Kubiak, he was just hired this  season. Peyton Manning is John Elway's prized possession. Probably because he reminds him of himself except younger, not by much though only 16 years. Peyton Manning holds the touchdown passes in the NFL.
John grew up on a farm. He loved helping out with the animals. He went to school at Granada Hill High school. Then he went to college at Stanford University. He made a living off of being a college football coach. He also ran 2 steakhouses. Then he devoted some of his time to fighting child abuse.
John is a CO. owner and chief executive officer of a arena football league in Colorado. It was created in 2002. His team won the ArenaBowl championship in 2005. When he was elected to be in the Hall of Fame they decided to retire his number, 7. People say that John  Elway rebuilt the Broncos to be a powerhouse football team.
During John’s senior year got recruited by 65 different colleges. He also played baseball which attracted the Kansas City Royals scouting attention. In 1982 he spent the summer playing for the New York Yankees farm team. Since he was better at football and his dad coached college football he chose that path. After John’s retirement his father died of a heart attack in  April 2001. It was a tragedy because John and his father were best friends. John’s dad was an early supporters for John’s football career. Also another tragedy is when his twin sister had lung cancer and died in 2002, she had been fighting it for 2 years. She was 42 years old when she passed away. Then his wife moved out with the children. They were married for 18 years. After all of that  it was a wake up call for the football star John. He was always focused on football and being a businessman and it pulled him away from his marriage and brought his marriage to an end.
John, Wayne Gretzky, and Michael Jordan all helped form a website about all different sports merchandise.John is ranked 3rd in the NFL for the most passing attempts and completions. In 1983 he scored second to the most votes in bid for the Heisman Memorial Trophy.In 1987 he got voted for NFL Player of the year. Also in 2000 he got abducted into the college football Hall of Fame. His career record was 142-82-1, with an average of .643. If you ask me that’s a pretty good career record, at least it was a winning record. Which makes him the most winningest starting quarterback in the NFL.

Elway and his dealership sold 82.5 million dollars worth of cars, which is most of his stock. His wife was apart of the Stanford University swim team. John  played football without an ACL that he had taken out in high school when he was playing football and got injured. In high school John’s nicknames were Duke and Wood. He even has his high school football field named after him. He’s ranked 2nd in All-Time Sacked List. He played baseball before he decided to play football and go to the NFL. He was first round pick for what were Baltimore Colts, but now they’re called the Indianapolis Colts.

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