Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Secrets Beneath the Bridge

It was a bright Sunday morning, and Mckenna had finished all her chores. Her parents were off at work, and she was left home alone. She started to read a book. Later she got bored with the book.
She got a snack and sat down. Finally, she got an idea. She called a few friends to meet her at their clubhouse in five minutes. She grabbed a bag full of a few flashlights, water, rope, gloves, and some snacks. She got on her bike and road to the clubhouse and met her friends at the ladder.
They all climbed up and sat down on the floor. They all talked for a bit until Mckenna stood up and said, “ I need to show you guys something!” She grabbed the bag and climbed down the ladder as they followed her.
They took off on their bikes and rode down to an old street that no one lives on and parked their bikes by some trees. Mckenna led the way to an old bridge and slid down a steep hill. Once they were all under the bridge, Mckenna went to a little door and opened it. Inside was a secret house.
“How did you find this, Kenna?” Alex asked.
“Well, I was riding my bike around town a couple days ago and saw this trail over there” she said, pointing towards a bunch of trees,  “and I followed it, and it lead me here.”
“This is so cool!” Maybelle said with joy.
All the kids went through each little room, seeing a bunch of furniture, spray paint, an old TV, and old toys. Maybelle, Alex, Mckenna, and Hayden all sat down on one of the old couches.
“Have any of you seen a key by any chance?” asked Lilianna as she walked out to the main room.
“No, why?” asked Mckenna, standing up
“Come here guys!” Liliana said leading them to a small closet full of old joys and junk.
“What’s all this have to do with a key?” questioned Hayden
Liliana pulled a chest out from underneath all the toys and set it on a table nearby.
“This,” Lilianna said, wiping the dust off her hands.
They all stared at the box for a few minutes before Maybelle went over to the couch and lifted a cushion off of it, revealing a key.
“How did you know to look there?” asked Alex as he raced over to her.
“My grandma used to tell me stories about places like this. She said that this was where most people hid money and keys,” she explained to them as they took the key to the chest and unlocked it.
“Okay, whatever is in here...we all split it.” said Alex acting like there would be hundreds of dollars.
Mckenna and Maybelle giggled as Hayden lifted the lid to the chest.
“Whoa” they all said in unison. As the lid was lifted open, the box was dark and empty.
“Is this some kind of joke?” asked Liliana
“Not sure, maybe someone found this before us?” replied Alex
Liliana looked a bit mad as she went back over to the closet and started searching it, throwing things out of the closet so she could see the walls. Once the closet was empty she found a little door.
“Guys come here!” Liliana yelled in excitement
They all walked to the closet and looked inside, shoving one another to see what Lilana was looking at.
“Okay, now there better be something in here this time or I’m leaving” said Hayden as he slowly opened the door.
Mckenna pulled out a flashlight and shined it ahead of Hayden so he could see inside.
Hayden begin to look forward, not watching his step. All of a sudden they heard a crack and Hayden fell. The girls screamed while Alex stepped back not knowing what to do.
“Hayden!” yelled Maybelle
They heard some shuffling around as they leaned forward. Hayden popped out, laughing at their faces.
“I got you guys good!” Hayden said, yelling into their faces.
The girls were furious at Hayden and went to sit on the couch.
“So what did you find?” asked Alex
“Come see for yourself” Hayden replied
Alex went towards the little door and peeked inside, looking down at the floor. Then he smiled big.
“What is it?” asked Mckenna
“Come here, come here!” yelled Alex, laughing a bit
The girls went back over to the closet and looked inside.
“Oh my gosh!” screeched Liliana
“Help me down guys!” Liliana demanded
They helped each other down there and as they all landed on a trampoline, laughing because they didn’t expect it. It was getting late so they all went back up to the main floor and got on their bikes.
“This was fun, we should go on more adventures together.” said Mckenna as she began to peddle.
“Yes, but next time Kenna, ask us to come with you when you go riding around.” demanded Alex.
“Fine, but if you guys aren’t home or I can’t.. no promises that I won’t go on my own.” she said as she rode down the street before they could reply. Once Mckenna got home she put her bike into the shed, locking it on her way out. She went straight to her room when she got inside and grabbed her journal from under her mattress. She opened the journal and began to write.
“Dear Mckenna,
Today I went on an adventure with all my friends down underneath the Glenn Bridge. We found a key to a chest but nothing was in it, after that we found a secret door inside the closet which has a giant trampoline in it! I can’t say much since it’s our little secret but all I can say is you need to keep adventuring more”
And with that, she went downstairs for dinner. After to ate she went back up to her room and laid down, she realized she couldn’t find her journal so she panicked. She destroyed her room looking for it everywhere. She went down stairs and looked for it there but couldn't find it. She gave up on looking and went to bed.
The next day she got up earlier than usual and rode down to the Glenn Bridge. She was moving everything out of the closet when the chest fell and her journal fell out. She was confused because she hadn’t brought it with her. She picked it up and skimmed through it and saw nothing different until the last page. On the last page it “Stay away” she then dropped the journal and ran out getting onto her bike and riding home. She called her friends and told them to meet her at the tree house. When they all arrived Mckenna explained everything to them.
“Are you sure someone was just trying to scare you?” asked Alex
“I’m sure!” Mckenna yelled
“Well that isn’t going to stop me from going there.” Hayden said climbing down the ladder and  getting onto his bike. They all followed him whether or not they wanted to. Once they got to the bridge they parked their bikes and went inside.
“I’m kind of scared guys..” said Maybelle
“Oh stop it you guys, we can come here if we want.” snapped Hayden
Liliana grabbed onto Maybelles arm and shivered a bit.
“H-how.. d-did y-your j-journal g-get h-here a-anyways?” asked Liliana, stuttering.
“That’s the thing, I’m not sure. I wrote in it last night and laid it under my bed and went to eat dinner, then I came back up and it was gone..” Mckenna said, her voice trailing off.
Hayden and Alex went to the closet and pulled everything out and opened the little door, nothing was there.
“Uh.. guys, come here” said Hayden backing up a bit.
The girls went over to the closet and looked inside. Once the girls saw what was inside they got scared.
“I’m never coming back here… ever.” stated Liliana
And with that she took off out the door and got on her bike.
“Wait!” yelled Maybelle
Maybelle ran outside and stood beside Liliana
“Stay, please. This person is just trying to scare us okay?” said Maybelle
“Well then their job is done, this can’t go on any longer.. I can’t go on this any longer, I’m sorry...” Liliana said as her voice trailed off and she began to pedal.
Maybelle ran back inside and sat down.
“What should we do?” asked Mckenna
“I’m not sure anymore, maybe Liliana is right.. we should stop with this. We should just leave and never come back.” Maybelle said, standing up and walked towards the door. They all followed her and got on their bikes. Alex glanced back at the door once more and then he took off and so did the others.

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  1. I thought it was really good. I think you could have added something to make it scary. Keep it going and add more adventures that the friends do. I thought it was a really goo story. Also, I like the part were they found the trampoline. If you make another story you should make that they like club house or something. Over all great adventure story!