Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New kids

                                                              Anthony’s P.O.V
            I woke up to my sister screaming in the next room over. Jumping up, I rushed to open my door and into her room.
            “Anthony….”she whimpered out. She was sitting up in bed and panting.
            “Bella, are you sure you don’t want me to move back in here with you? “I asked walking over to her and sitting on her bed.
She nodded “I’m 15 now, it would be weird,” she said clinging to me “Do you want to talk about it? “I asked softly.
“Not yet, I know five years should be long enough to cope with it, but it just hurt so much.” She whispered, while silent tears strolled down her face. “ Its okay takes all the time you need. When you want to talk I’ll be there,” I said comforting her. “ We should probably go to bed. Tomorrow is the first day of school, we have to be at our best especially since we’re going to be the new kids.” I told her getting up, but she still had a hold of my sleeve. “Bella?” I questioned looking down at her.

“Can you play me a song?” She asked quietly, I sighed then smiled. “Of course Bella, I’ll always play for you,” I said and reached under her bed to grab it. She asks me to play the violin so after that I just keep it in her room. The violin was in the same condition it was when I had gotten it from mom and dad eight years ago. The same beautiful pearl white color it had along with the flour pure black strings. Taking the bow, I began to play a haunting melody. The song I played was called ”Akiss” composed by Avinash Baghel. It has always been on of her favorites. It was one I had mastered at the age of 12. People are always telling me that I’m a music prodigy and, offer me scholarships for when I can go to collage, but I decline every single one, knowing that my sister would be alone with that man still out there, besides I don’t want to be a music major, I want to do whatever Bella wants to do.

            I can’t leave her alone in this world; She’s so small and fragile. Looking over at Bella as the song started to end; I saw that she was smiling, but still awake, so I decided to play “ Ghost Song” by max Ablitzer. The song was beautiful, just like the last. Halfway through the song she had fallen asleep. Closing my eyes, I finished the song. “ Goodnight Bella,” I whispered softly after putting the violin away. I closed the door behind me and went in to my room. Sighing I laid back down on my bed and closed my eyes. Thinking about tomorrow I finally fell into the comfort of sleep.
                                                                 Arabella’s P.O.V
            As I woke up the world around me appeared. My book filled room with light blue walls had a walk in closet and its own bathroom. Of course my brother was in my room reading one of the many books. Anthony is always here when I wake up, last time he wasn’t here I had a panic attack, thinking that, that man was going to be here again. Smiling slightly, I sat up and yawned “ Good morning Anthony” I greeted him. He looked up and his mouth twitched up in to a smile. “Good morning Bella,’ He greeted back.” Did you sleep alright?” He asked. I nodded and got out of bed. “ So today is the first day of school, huh?” I asked.

“Yeah, will you be okay. We don’t have all of our classes together,” he replied “I’ll manage, I think” I said mumbling the last part. I heard him sigh and got up. “Bella I can change my schedule if you don’t want to be alone in class” he of fared. I shook my head “ You don’t need to do that you shouldn’t change your schedule just because I can’t handle it” I informed him “Besides you wouldn’t want to take dance classes” I informed him “ I don’t mind taking dance Bella” he argued.

            “You don’t even like dancing, Anthony, you don’t have to do something you don’t like for me” I said turning to face him. He sighed “Bella…”he sighed again. “Fine, But if I hear that something happened, I’m switching classes” he said I smiled and hugged him. “Thanks Anthony!” I explained, letting him go.” Bella, You should go get ready, its almost time to leave.” He told me, straightening out his uniform,. “Right, I’ll meet you downstairs” I said going into my bathroom. I took a shower and got dressed in my uniform. Bella, hurry up or we’ll be late” Anthony called up the stairs.
            “Hold on I’m coming” I called back hurriedly. Rushing to grab my bag I finally made it downstairs.

                                    TO BE COUNTINUED


  1. This is a very well written as well as creative. I liked how the character Anthony was so protective of his sister Arabella. Please continue writing this story.

  2. I really liked the story. Anthony was very protective of her sister Arabella.