Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Money

I was in the clover casino I just lost 5000, I decided to head over to the slot I put my quarters in and pulled down the lever. I didn't win so I put in more after that I turn and saw a girl waiting I turned and a big blast of ringing blow in my face confetti shooting out and falling down. I won I won I was screaming all my friends came over and looked shouting and yelling. we all calmed down and I looked to see four gentlemen walking with a 200 million dollar check and then I went and met with the owner and they tried talking me out of it and offering other things. I was raging because all I wanted was my d***  money.
The owner and his guards pulled guns on me and my girlfriend. I reacted fast opening the door and pushing my girlfriend out into the crowd of my friends. The owner shot me in the shoulder blood instantly covering my white suit in red. Michael busted through the door and tackle two guys into the bar counter. I moved fast running at the owner and body slammed him. He pulled a gold desert eagle on me and Michael slammed two whisky bottles on both side of his head knocking out instantly. I grabbed the desert eagle and shot holes in the safe the door open and I grabbed a duffle back not counting grabbing stacks of money. I told Michael to fill one we filled three bags of money and I grabbed a bag that had rubies and diamonds in it and threw over to gavyn who had just walked in with the others.
I said,  “I’ll explain.”  we walked down the stairs out the front doors as we were walking out the doors the guards stepped in front of us. All I saw was a fist zoom right past my face and the guards in front of me dropped twitching, then the other dropped. I looked back and michael said I gotcha back. We all jumped in our cars and I said meet me at my crib. We pulled up to my crib and went in we all dumped the cash on the table and I went down to my basement got my money counter out and went up we got done and my money counter counted 500 million dollars plus Gavyn’s rubies and diamonds worth 100 million.
We all met up the next morning at my house and all my friends came and we started dividing the money into groups. after we sorted it all out each of us got 120 million. We all hopped in our cars and all met up at a big car dealership. We all ordered our favorite car and left the dealership and met up at a clothes store we all bought suits and other stuff like nike jordan and other brands. We all bought shoes that we wanted and other things like hats and watches and necklaces. The rest of the day we all went to different stores and bought what we wanted.
When I got home I got a phone call from the clover casino they said that if I give half the money back they would leave me alone. I said no and hung up the phone, the instant I hung the phone up a guy busted through my beach view window. Jumped over my couch and the guy started firing his gun and all the feathers and stuffing from the coach flew and when I heard his clip drop on the floor I jumped over the coach and tackle him down and choked him out and then I ran to my safe and grabbed my 357 magnum and shot the guy who just jumped through my kitchen window and then a big blast happened at my door and a guy threw two tear gas canisters in through the broken window in the kitchen. The guy came in running with a gas mask and knives and tried stabbing me but the power of my gun knocked him back and laid him out I called the police but my phone said error so I put back and ran to my garage where I saw 4 guys trying to steal my cars. I slammed the door shut and jammed it shut, I was sprinting to my safe and grabbed my 12 gauge home protection and went to the garage door and then it blew open the door to my garage was in pieces and the 4 people plus 2 more came in they said knock knock and I turned around the corner and said nobody's home and shot all of them.
I went into my garage and shot the remaining people and then jumped in my 69 dodge charge and rammed through my garage door speeding out my driveway to the main road. I was about 20 miles from town and it took about a half hour to get their I slammed on the gas pedal I heard the roaring of the engine and my tires screeching leaving smoke and burnt rubber on the road.
After about 5 minutes of driving I came to a busy intersection, I flew right through it making people lay out their horns and a few people dropping some curse words. I looked in my mirror and saw a big truck following me and a few jeeps with guns on top I was about 5 minutes away from town. They were engaging on me, so I flipped up a switch that said nos on it I flipped the switch and I flew into my seat and the people behind me disappeared.
I was getting into town and heading to the police station when out of nowhere a car slammed into my rear end I looked back it was the jeep and a guy was crawling on my car so I hit gas and did a monster wheelie making the guy fall off the back. I got to the police station and I was escorted into the station and telling the chief what was happening.
The jeeps pulled out in front of the station and started firing the big machine guns on top of it was ripping everything apart and papers were flying everywhere. All the cops were jumping behind desk and walls, the guns stopped and I made a break for the roof when I got to the top I grabbed a 308 high power rifle. I went to the side of the building and set the guns bipod up and sighted in the bad guys, I aimed for the guys on the big machine guns and took them out then took out the others.
I walked down to the bottom again and checked the cars for any more bad people I then heard my girlfriend scream my name and kept telling help. I ran around the corner to see my girlfriend getting dragged by her hair and the owner of the casino was dragging her, I saw the gun pointed to her head. I yelled stop and then he turned and yelled you want her come and get her at my casino and another thing bring my MONEY!!!!, I looked at him and gave him a death stare, Right after that he jumped into a car and took off, I ran over to my car and started with a little struggle but it got up and going it started going faster and faster until I slammed on the brakes in front of the casino.
I saw him walk in and tie her up to a chair, I went in and shot all his guards guarding him and picked up a baseball bat with a piece of metal stuck in the end of it I walked after him he was stumbling and trying to run from me. I walked up slammed the bat into the side of his legs. I found a few jerry cans and dumped them all over the place and dumped the rest off it on him, I left a little trail of gas leading to him I untied my girlfriend and put her into the car.
I dropped the lighter and the whole place started on fire burning him, I quickly rushed my girlfriend to the hospital and got her fixed up and had a happily ever after ending.  

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