Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Villisca Axe Murder

“Herman, get up; you have to get ready for school!”said my mother, Sarah Moore. I rolled over and got out of bed, I looked outside and it was raining. I hate rain so much its so annoying, and it keeps me up at night. I walked downstairs and poured some cereal, my siblings Katherine, Boyd, and Paul were yelling at each other and fighting. I’m the oldest one so my parents make me stop the fighting all the time. Anyways it’s about time for the school bus to show up so I tell my siblings to hurry up and get ready. The bus shows up it says in bold print on the side “Villisca Community School”.
I usually sit by my best friend Lena which is good friends with all my other siblings. Leni and I get in a good talk about how dumb our last homework assignment was and how we weren't ever going to use it in the real world. I ride the worst bus out of the three buses we have. The seats are all tore and ripped up, they even have graffiti on them saying like “Harold loves Angel” it’s stupid. However if you hate someone and want to get something bad about them around to the school, you just write it down on the seats. Finally, the bus gets to school and we all get off and head to our classrooms. Our day is going fast so far, it’s already halfway done. Right now I’m heading to the cafeteria to eat what the school says is “food”. I get my tray and walk through the doorway get my food, and sit down at a table. Lena sat down right next to me and asked if she and her sister Ina could stay the night today. I told her that I would ask my parents after school, and if they say yes, you can walk to my house. After lunch nothing else was really interesting for the school day.
I got back on the bus and sat with Lena like usual. I told her she probably can’t stay tonight but tomorrow she could. Lena said that would be just fine. When I got off the bus stop I told my siblings to line up so I could see if they were all here. When I counted all of them we headed back to the house. Our house was always really creepy at times, but over the past four years I've lived here nothing has happened.  I’m walking down the sidewalk and keep feeling like someone is watching me and following me. I look behind me but I just keep on seeing my siblings and no one else. I walk inside my house and decide to go straight upstairs to my room. I lay down and turn on my old televison. The Incredible Hulk is on, it’s my favorite show on T.V.
After watching that for a bit, I went downstairs and went to go ask if Lena and Ina can stay the night. None of my parents were home, so I went to our home, phone and called Lena. I told her that my parents weren't home just yet, she couldn't come over. Finally, my parents showed up, and I asked them if Lena and Ina could come over. They finally agreed after I started to beg. My siblings and I ran over to Lena’s house and knocked. Her mom came to the door; we asked if they could still come over. Her parents said yes. When we got back, our cellar door was open, so I went over to it and thought the wind opened it. After looking around for a bit, I shut it. We all went up to our room and started playing board games; we were all having a great time until I looked outside and our cellar door was open again. I walked outside to go shut it, it was freezing out. I got to the cellar, and the lights were on. I decided I should go turn off the lights. When I got down there at our dirty moldy cellar, I heard the cellar doors shut. I turned off the lights and ran up the stairs and jumped out. My siblings were all just laughing; then I knew it was a prank. I laughed too, and I went back upstairs and started to play our board game again. Then I saw there was a man or something shaped like one in the distance. It was holding something behind the tree like an axe or knife. I thought nothing of it and kept on playing. It was almost time to go to sleep, but this storm was keeping us all up. My parents finally walked up to my room and told us to go to sleep.  I woke up to a creaking sound my bedroom door was open. Then I turned and went back to my bed where I would fall asleep again. We all woke up to a terrible scream. I ran down stairs to see a thing or a man fighting my dad. I look at where my mom sleeps there’s blood on the covers. Shes dead. My dad was still fighting the thing; I was trying to get what was going on but I couldn’t find out. Then it hit me, this man or thing is trying to kill us. I told the kids to come down stairs with me to the the cellar. The door was open to the cellar, the thing must of came up through the cellar. Lena tripped going down the old stairs. I picked her up and kept on going. When we got to the the second door to the cellar, I shut the door and locked it. I heard another scream, my dad’s voice. Then it was cut short with a body hitting the floor. I heard walking then then the first door of the cellar opening, then banging on the second. Finally the thing got through, it was holding an axe. I knew who it was: Frank Jones. He was the owner of the store on the corner of the street; he is troubled. Lena in tears, begged him to stop. That’s when I fainted.


That night every family member of the Moore family died. Their guest also died. They never found  

the killer. To this day the ghosts of this family and friends haunt and live in that house. People now 

can visit the place and if you pay extra, you can stay the night, even in the cellar.

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  1. I thought this was an interesting story. I liked how you kind of kept it interesting. I think it could have some more flow to make it easier to read. Over all I thought you wrote this really well.