Wednesday, December 2, 2015

My Backflip

It is 2015, and school has just started. I went to the Shelby park with Kyler. I always wanted to be able to do a backflip. When he showed me where he learned how to backflip, and before I was able to do a backflip off the side at the pool. So then I got stretched out and then I man up and did it. I was really happy, but it was sloppy, so then I just kept working on it. Once I mastered it off the slide, I would go on lower things. But one thing I really needed to work on was jumping up and not outwards. I did that once on flat ground and hurt my ankle, but I man’d back up and did it some more on the rubber. Then we would do obstacle courses that involved backflips and somersaults. That was pretty fun, Then I had to go back up to his house, but I wanted to try it one last time, and I jumped out so far that I did a back handspring. Two hours later we come back and just tried to do it off diffrent things.
        First Football Game 2015
It’s Thursday night and my team is getting amped for our first game. I sat by Gavyn on the bus, and Leland and Ethan sat beside us. Of course, we were listening to pump up music, so all of us weren't talking. I had a nervous feeling in my gut, but I was more excited than scared, I knew that we would do well because everyone is pumped and excited since we destroyed Riverside last year. This year it was a little different; they had two good players. There's this big fast lineman who could run the ball and could hit hard. And they're tight end was good too. First play we receive the ball and get up to about our 40. The play was a 25 stretch. I handed the ball to Seth and he picked up about 3 yards. Then it was a pass play. I booted out to the right side and threw the ball to Clayton but the cornerback popped it out of his grip, then it 3rd down.We do a 38 sweep with Ethan. and he runs all the way to there 20. Then on first down it was a QB keep to the outside. I ran as fast as I could, read the blocks and scored a Touchdown. To get the 2 point conversion the play was a 37 to lucas. he cuts up the 6 hole and gets the 2 point conversion. We kick off to them we get them down about at the there 30. They did a QB keep and the big guy was blocking so I got mad, got low and drilled him. I was actually surprised that I knocked him on his butt. And clayton got the tackle. A couple more plays go on then its turn over we get the ball and do a 22 dive well Seth and I saw that the 2 hole was blocked so we both read it and changed it to a 21. He goes hard but gets hit hard by the Christian Martins. Then coach calls a timeout . He talks to us and tells us to do a boot left. So I bust out to the left and aim for Jeaden but he couldn't get there in time. the times is about at 3:00 in the first quarter. we do a 37 to Lucas and he gets us all the way down to there 20. I run over to coach and get the play. we did a 26 stretch to seth and get the to be first and goal. We give the ball to him again and he scores. Ethan gets the 2 point conversion. we kick off to them and the get a few plays in then it's half time. we told coach what was working and what wasn't working. So coach but Ethan in at QB and I got put in as a Z back. I don't get the ball that much that quarter, but Lucas scores a TD. Then its 4th quarter and I come off the field so we can get everyone into play. And it was really fun watching  Lucas and Seth run the ball and Jeaden hit people hard.
Bird Hunting
At my place there are these pigeons, and they are big. Leland and I decide that we want to shoot them. I used a Remington 11-87 semi auto shotgun and Leland used a .22, Leland saw the first pigeon on a grain bin he sights up his rifle and takes his time, BANG! Leland shot the bird and it falls off the bin flopping. Then Spud runs and grabs it. “Nice shot” I said to Leland. Then we go into the timber and wait for pretty much anything. Lee and I are hiding behind these logs when these 2 pigeons come flying up. I wasn't ready the first time  the fly by but the second time there flew right at us I aimed right in front of them. Bang! I shoot 1 bird out of the air and lands about 15 yards in front of us.  the other bird flies away for about 5 minutes then comes back. BANG! I shot that one out of there air to and landed really close to the first pigeon. Then I go out there  to pick up the birds When leland sees a Blue Jay coming in hot so I stay still and it lands in the tree in front of me. I get my gun ready,aim at it then tick, I'm all out of ammo. Leland walks up to a tree sets up and shoots the bird with my grandpas bolt action 77/22.
Deer hunting 2013
This is my first year ever to hunt deer in Iowa. Cause I've just been hunting bunnies and birds my childhood years and it was getting old sometimes. So I go to bed around at 8:30 but I stay awake until like 10. I woke up at 5:00 and eat toast and make sure everything is ready and I got everything. So Brad comes to get me and we head out to the blind way out in the country. We’re in the blind for about 3 hours and  saw nothing then we meet up with the group and we walked a field and saw some deer from a far distance but then we had lunch. We go back out to this farm that had a lot of trees. and I sat at the edge of the tree line and the other group pushed all the deer towards us and there was about 30 deer walking straight towards us and then it was just a firefight. In the end we only shot six deer but it was still really fun.


  1. This was a good PPOW Jackson. I really liked the football stories. I like how you put a variety of different things in the PPOW. At the beginning though you forgot to tab your first paragraph. I also have a question, how come you named the story The Backflip why not like 2015?

  2. I liked this PPow because it had me in it. It told about all the stories that i was there to see. The birds that we shot where minuses. I don't get why you called it the backflip. All this happend in 2015