Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So today is the day that my parents and I go on vacation to Montana. We put our luggage on the storage lockers above our seats. I sat closest to the window, which I liked because I could see the land below. Once we got comfortable and the plane took off, it started to storm. I pulled out my laptop and started to play a game for about 30 mins until there was a loud thunderbolt and the plane shook very suddenly. Next thing I see is the wing to the plane on fire and the plane going towards the ground very fast. Then I blacked out.
When I woke up, I was in the wreckage of the plane and there was no one else. The plane was split in half. I looked around for some type of phone or anything that could contact someone. All I found was some luggage with some stuff in them. I took the food and drinks just in case, and after that I went to go look around for people around the plane. I kept on yelling help, but no one replied. I lost most hope on finding anyone and decided to sit down.
After sitting down and thinking about where anyone could be it started to become dark. The plane was not on fire anymore, so I crawled in the half of the plane with most of the seats and looked around a bit. There wasn’t much besides some loose metal and a few shirts and suit cases. I sat in one of the chairs and just stared because I had no clue on what to do. I then started to freak out because I knew that they might not find me.
I got up from the seat and looked at the sun. It was starting to go down. I was looking for some sticks to cover the broken side of the plane. I got a few bigger sticks and some leaves to cover up the broken side a little bit. After that it was dark out, so I sat down with a shirt covering me like a blanket. I was scared about some animals attacking or hiding around the plane and I tried to go to sleep.
I started to doze off when I heard some movement around the back of the plane. I hid tightly into the foot space of the seat I was in and put the shirt over me and hoped whatever it was would pass by. Then at that moment I realized it could be people searching. I yelled hello but no one replied, and there was still noise, so I knew it wasn’t people. I sat in that same spot for a while and eventually started to fall asleep.
When I woke up, I knew I needed to make a more covered up entrance because I don’t want any animals coming in while I’m sleeping. I went out to look for a bunch of sticks and brought them back. Some sticks were not tall enough to fit so I put them aside. After I made the sticks shaped correctly they covered most of the plane entrance. Once I put some leaves and stuff on the sticks, I sat down and rested for a bit. I counted how many candy bars and drinks I had left and then I got up and went to the other half of the plane.
When I walked into the other half I saw some more luggages with some stuff so I took anything important and kept looking. There was nothing good but a box of bandages and a box of cigarettes with a lighter on it which I took. The rest of the day I put everything in the side of the plane I slept on and made it more closed so animals can not get in. It started to become dark when I heard a bush nearby rustling. I stood still in the plane and watched the bush. Nearly a minute later a wolf came out of the bush and I instantly hid behind one of the seats. I heard the footsteps of the wolf outside but I stayed still and didn't make a sound. About 10 minutes later I didn’t hear any footsteps so I got up and went outside the plane to look. After I looked around the plane there didn’t seem to be anyone or anything.
The next morning it started to rain and I quickly ran outside and grabbed the extra sticks. I had that lighter from earlier so I was somewhat positive about the night. Since the night before there was a wolf I grabbed a piece of scrap metal and started sharpening a stick so I could have some self defence against animals. The process took a while but it became sharp enough to kill or injure an animal.
I only have 2 candy bars left and 3 water bottles. It’s been 2 and a half days and I will need more food. I’m still hoping I’ll be rescued anytime now, but the hopes aren't high.
The sun is going down and nothing happened throughout the day so I hoped nothing would happen during the night. Once it became dark I fell asleep quickly and had nothing disturb me through the night.
In the morning I ate one of the 2 candy bars and had some water. Then I decided to get a fire set up for a signal for people to see. It took me about an hour to find enough materials to get the fire set up and to last a while. I went around the area a little bit and grabbed some things I could use for the fire. While looking for things I saw a turkey walking around. I grabbed my spear and walked up to a bush near the turkey. He was moving somewhat slow and I slowly walked up behind it when suddenly I stepped on a leaf and it started to run. I started to sprint after it and once I got close enough to it I stabbed the turkey and it stopped moving. I then bent over and started to pant from sprinting after the turkey. Once I gained some energy back I looked down at the turkey to make sure it was dead.
I picked up the turkey and started to bring it back to the plane. After I got back to the plane I pulled the turkey off the spear and grabbed another stick. I walked over to the plane and started to make the stick into a knife like edge. After it became flat I walked back over to the turkey and started to skin it. The skinning took a while but once all of the feathers were off of it I quickly set up a fire and started lighting the fire. Once I started the fire I set the spear behind a rock, somewhat above the fire and put the turkey back on it. I had to put some more leaves and sticks on the fire to keep it alive. The fire also had a lot of smoke going into the air so I hoped that people would see it and come rescue me. About a half an hour later the turkey started to become warm and I was hungry. Once the turkey was brown and looked cooked I pulled the spear away from the fire and walked into the plane. Once I sat down I set the turkey meat on one of the plane seats and I felt it to see how hot it is.  It was warm but not enough to hurt my hand so I grabbed my knife shaped stick and started to cut it open. Once it was cut I could see the meat and I instantly started cutting some off and I ate it.
While eating there was a thudding noise in the distance and I didn't know what it was so I ran over into the plane and waited as the sound got closer. A few minutes later the sound was loud and sounded like a helicopter. I quickly ran outside and looked up and saw the helicopter. I started jumping and waving my hands in the air. The Helicopter slowly started going down and I was happy that I was finally rescued. The plane landed the pilot and the passenger quickly got out to help me. They asked if anyone else was with me and I said no. The pilot quickly got me on the helicopter and the passenger grabbed a walkie talkie and told them where and how many people. Then we started flying away.

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