Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Champ

It started off with in a little home in New York. The Hope family was having a regular Saturday. There was Ronda Hope, the mom; Dave Hope, the dad; James Hope, the older brother; and Billy Hope, the younger brother. James was 17, and Billy was 13. There mom was in the kitchen making lunch. James was in his room playing video games, while Billy was downstairs blaring the music and training for boxing. A year has passed since Billy had started training and today Billy is going to a real trainer because he wants to get real and be a real boxer when he grows up. James is out looking at colleges, so the house is Billy’s. He invites his friends over, and they go in James’s room and play his video games. Then his friends had to go home because Billy has to go to the gym and train. Just in time to because James would be getting home any minute now. When Billy got back home, he ate supper and went to bed. Six years has passed, and Billy is in college now. He hates it, he can't train for his boxing there. then he decided to build a boxing setup in his room. The next day he got a call from his mom saying that his trainer got him a fight. Billy was so excited, he couldn't believe it. He started packing and he was going to be home by that night. He got home that night and talked to his family for a while and then went to bed. The next morning he was at the gym, and he was going to train all day, so he could be ready by tomorrow. 
The next day came; Billy couldn't believe his first fight. When it was time for the fight, Billy was amped. He started off the round with them both landing some punches. By the fourth round, Billy had ended it with a knockout. After the fight there were some scouts sent to watch the other guy, but they liked Billy better. By the next morning, Billy had a deal; he was going to the big leagues. He and his family moved to New York, so it was better for Billy. When they moved to New York Billy started getting fights all over, but what he really wanted to do was fight for the lightweight championship. He asked his trainer to set it up, but he wouldn't he said “you need more training”. That night Billy went to celebrate the win; he had tonight and he meet a girl, her name was Mo.
That girl later became his wife, and they had a kid named Layla. Billy got a manager his name was Jordan. It was Billy's first managed fight today and it was in a few hours. Billy was in the locker room getting ready while they set up the ring. It was time for Billy's fight, during the fight  Billy got hit hard a couple of times in his eye and it started to bleed badly. He had knocked out the guy in the tenth round. When he got home he went right to bed because he was tired. The next morning he woke up and his mouth was bleeding. He came outside and Layla wanted Billy to jump on the trampoline with her so he did. That night Billy had a interview about how his childhood life was and how he made it this far to be a undefeated champ. After that Billy and his wife went home to play games with Layla. The next day Billy had another fight and it was going to be a hard he was going up against the number 2 ranked person in the world. He had lost the fight by 3 points. Then he decided to take a break and go on a vacation with his family. When they were just driving down the road Billy had the radio on and he heard Alex Roman the number one fighter in the world say he wants to fight Billy Hope. So Billy turned the car around and went back to fight Alex. That night he was in the locker room listening to music and getting his wraps on. When they were done putting on his wraps on his wife came in the locker room. His manager told her to give him a talk so he had something to fight for. So when she talked to him he was ready to go and he was confident he was going to win. when it was ready for the fight Alex Romon swaggered into the room. Billy Hope the announcer called, Billy went into the room ready. When the fight began it was a even match through the whole round. Round two Billy's eye started to bleed really bad. When that round was over they had to work on his eye in the corner. The next round Billy came back swinging. He had landed a right hook and broke his nose, but Alex kept fighting. When that round was over his trainer told Billy to protect his eye and play some defence. Two rounds have passed and Alex was winning. It had come down to this last round. The clock was winding down 5,4,3,2 Billy lands an uppercut, and to his surprise Alex went down Billy had won. After the fight Billy and Mo went into the locker room and talked; after Mo left Billy went to take a shower. After that he went to his interview and talked about the fight. When the interview was done Billy and Mo went back home. Before they could get to there car Alex was waiting there; he just wanted to congratulate him on  the fight. After that they went home to go to bed the next morning; he got up and ate breakfast and then he had to fight some beginner boxer because he thought he could beat Billy. Billy had knocked him out in the first round. Billy appreciated the money though. After that Mo wanted Billy to quit boxing because they had all the money they need. So he retired and got even more money. A couple months passed and they were living good, one day Billy’s manager asked him something.

He asked, “Would you like to get back into boxing”? Billy was interested in boxing again but his wife wouldn't let him. Billy was talking about more money but his wife said they already had enough money. The next day Billy’s daughter asked if they could make some upgrades to her school. Layla wanted to have a lot of technology at her school, so they bought  i pads,computers,and a lot of other things. When it was finished Layla loved her school she never wanted to leave. After that they just moved on and lived a happy rich life.  

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