Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Campfire, A Scream, and a Lie

It all started with my parents’ stupid idea to go on a camping trip, which seemed fine with

my other siblings. But definitely not me. I was the kind of person who liked to stay inside and

have WIFI and air conditioning. One good part about this trip was that I could take a friend.

I instantly knew that I was going to bring my friend Addison Kidman. Addison was the kind of

person whom you could tell anything to without her judging you, which was a great quality to

have in a friend. Addison’s and my friendship started in kindergarten when she asked to borrow

my pencil, which then became us gossiping about who’s light up shoes were ugly and

what show-and-tell toy wasn’t cool. She was also a rebel. She was the kind of girl who didn’t

care what others thought of her. She was nice to everyone she met. When she got in trouble she

makes a joke out of it.

The day before we were going to leave for the stupid camping trip, my mom wanted my

brother, sister, and I to pack. I decided to pack all the essentials. My phone, chargers, and

headphones. I knew that Addison and I would have a great time. We would probably stay inside

the camper most of the time since we both didn’t like the outdoors. The only things that we were

excited about were the campfires. We loved fires.

It was the day that we had to leave for the trip. Addison came over to my house early, and

after we got everything packed we all got in the car and left. When we were on our way there,

my parents and siblings decided that it’d be cool to start singing. Addison and I sat in the very

back of our suburban, listening to music, waiting to get to the campsite. We were not ready to be

exposed to the outdoors. We made the most of being in the suburban for the short amount of time

we were.

When we got to the campsite, Addison and I immediately went into the room part of our

camper. We started playing our music and went and got some drinks from the fridge. We also

grabbed some chips while we were there. We went back into the rooms and started talking about

school and homework and how it would be starting soon and how we were not ready to deal with

all of the drama. All of a sudden, we heard some loud noises outside, like someone was planting

something like a bomb on the other side of our camper by the shower house. Addison and I

stopped the music and went into the living room. All of my family was sitting in there playing

LIFE.  As soon as it got dark, we went outside and we went to have a campfire.

We were all around the campfire. It was quiet outside, almost too quiet for the

McAdam’s family. My brother and sister were making s'mores, while my mom and dad were

reading their books for their college classes that they taught. Addison and I were just sitting

there, looking at the fire, still scared about what we had heard earlier. We wanted to go inside,

but my parents insisted that we stay outside. We decided to make s’mores with the rest of the

family,and engage in their conversation. As soon as Addison got done with her third s’more, she

had to go to the bathroom. As soon as she left, it got quiet again. We heard a couple noises come

from inside the camper, then a scream. My mom and dad instantly got up, and ran into the

camper. They came out, tears in their eyes, and hands covered in blood. They told me to go

inside, and to make my little siblings stay outside. There she was, dead Addison Kidman. She

had a knife in her stomach. I instantly dropped to my knees, and wish that it would’ve been me

instead of her.What would we tell her parents? All of a sudden, my other friend, Ellie came and

saw Addison.Ellie wasn’t that close with Addison, and I just sat there and looked at Ellie. Ellie

and I weren’t that good of friends either, since second grade when she stole my whole box of

sixty-four crayons. I had a bad feeling about her, and I started questioning her.

“What are you doing here.”

“I don’t know, I just saw that you guys were here and I was bored.”

“How did you see we were here?”

“Uhm, I don’t know.”

That’s when I started to get mad. I started yelling, and I went outside and just started

running. I ran down to the the spot by the lake where Addison and I always used to play a long

time ago, and I started thinking. Why was Ellie here? Could she be the one that killed Addison? I

ran back, and Ellie was still there. I looked at the knife, and I had to pull it out. I couldn’t stand

looking at my dead friend with a knife in her stomach. I examined it, and saw fingerprints from

the clammy hand that held it earlier. I looked at Ellie and put the knife in a bag.

“Get out, Ellie.”

“Jeez, what’s wrong Chloe?

“Can you not see me dead friend! I want you out!”
“It obviously wasn’t me. But whatever. Bye.”

After that I told my parents  I was going to take the suburban to the police station to take

the knife to see who killed my friend. They said that was fine. I was so mad. I wanted to get

there so fast. As soon as I got there, I started trembling. I had a breakdown. I ran inside and

showed the person at the front desk the knife.

“Someone killed my best friend with this knife. I want to see who it was.”

Without questioning, the lady took the knife back and said it’s be awhile for the results to

come back in. I told her I was fine with that, and to take all the time they needed. It took a long

time, but while they were doing that I was looking through my phone and all of the pictures

Addison and I had together, and thinking that less than an hour ago we were eating s’mores


“Chloe McAdams, will you please come to my office please.”

It was a sheriff. I was guessing that they were done investigating for tonight on this. The

sheriff told me she’d need to visit my camper and talk to everyone that was there and get

their fingerprints. I called my parents and they came in with the other cop that went to

get my family and Ellie. We all had to get our fingerprints tested to see if they matched

the one on the knife. And that took more time. Finally, they came back into the waiting room and

told us to follow them. I was wondering how my siblings felt, they were only six and four, and

they already had to go to the police station. We went into this boardroom place and we were told

to sit down. I sat on the opposite side of my family and Ellie, mad at the world for what had

happened. The sheriff started talking, and we were all quiet.

“So one of you in this room is going to go to prison for a long time because of what you

did tonight. Now I’m going to narrow it down, the little ones didn’t do it. Next ones

eliminated are Mom and Dad. And last but not least, Chloe. The whole McAdams family is


I immediately looked at Ellie, I started running towards her, so furious that she did

something like that. What did Addison ever do to her? My parents grabbed me and held me back.

“What did she ever do to you!”  I screamed.

Ellie was crying now, bawling actually. Handcuffs around her wrists, getting everything

taken from her. I was happy she was going to be in jail. I hope no one could ever forgive her for

what she had done to Addison. I had one more question to ask her before she left though.

“Why’d you lie.”

“I figured it’d be best, I didn’t want to go to jail.”

“Then why’d you do it?”

“I was jealous. I always wanted to be your best friend. But instead it was all about

Addison. No one ever knew about Ellie Henningsen. I didn’t even get asked to homecoming or

to prom. I felt like I was just another option, and I didn’t want to be that anymore.”

I was tired of her lies. I told the cops to take her away. They paid for us to stay at a

nearby Hilton, and they gave me a cash reward of a thousand dollars. I knew what I was going

to do with it. I was going to give it to Addison’s mom, since she was single and probably

couldn’t afford everything on her own. After everything seemed to just get settled, the funeral


   2 Months Later…

Things have slowed down. I have a new friend whose name is Marissa. Marissa reminds

me of Addison, that’s why we get along so well. Everyone seems closer now in my junior class.

We realized now that you have to pick closely who your friends are. Sometimes we’ll all go out

to her grave and talk to her. Even Marissa does. If Addison was here, she’d like Marissa. That’s

why Marissa is my new Addison.

The End.

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