Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Time is Now

It’s that time again basketball is about to start. Greatest time of the year it’s about the end of fall. Leaves begin to fall off the trees and it’s getting a little colder. I am going into my 8th grade year. Clayton Brody and I all went to Walnut all our lives. Until now, we all went to Avoca last year and we didn’t know what to expect. Seventh grade was pretty good, but this year were doing it.
School just started we are starting to think about basketball Junior High basketball starts in a couple months. We are supposed to do big things this basketball season. Just thinking back to last year we were above average we but, we couldn’t really figure things out on the court. This year that is not going to happen because it’s time.
Football is over, basketball practices are beginning. Coach Pete is seeing big things out of this year, our team has been listed in the Viking Shield and the Avoca town newspaper. Coach Pete said that he hasn’t coached a team this good in a Coon’s age. All our returning starters are coming back and they have been working hard all summer. Coach Pete said” watch out the Vikes are coming for ya.”
First game Riverside, It’s coming tomorrow, game day is tomorrow. Should be pretty easy game we beat them by forty last year but you never know what to expect. Watched some film getting prepared for the bulldogs. Running through the offense going over what’s gonna go on tomorrow. It’s gameday and it’s time to dominate. It’s a home game thank god we don’t wanna embarrass them to bad on there own court.
I wake up this morning, and it’s time to dominate. I think that I have to focus on my school work and not getting into trouble because getting a detention on game day would be the worse. We’re getting to the last couple of periods and usually get some nerves, but not this season. It’s time to do work. We are scheduled to play the Riverside Bulldogs. They won about two games last year, but you don’t wanna go in thinking you don’t have to try to win. Well all my classes just got over and it’s time.
Seventh grade plays before eighth grade. so we have a game to get focused for the game. Well it’s finally game time. Our starters for this game Michael, Brody, Lucas, Clayton and I. Ethan and Lucas switch off usually depends who were playing and how big the other team is. We’ll were walking on the court and the game is about to start. Michael usually wins the tip, and he does this game too. First half is pretty good, were up 55 to 10. The second half is about to start and we gotta slow it down a bit. Well were 1-0 knocking off the Bulldogs 72-15.
Well that was a pretty easy win but our next game is a little bit tougher we play Underwood but it’s away and it’s never easy playing there. I am glad we do play in underwood because last year we played there, we played terrible but this time will be different. I am excited for this game and ready. We ran through some new plays and watched some film and it’s time.
We have one problem though Clayton may not start because he got a In school suspension the day before our game against underwood for throwing a piece of paper at Mr. Ross and he wasn’t to fond of what Clayton did. Well Coach got mad at him and ya he had to run a lot. Well so he didn’t practice and Lucas started over him.
It’s gameday against Underwood and we get through all the classes and it’s time to go. We arrive at Underwood and normal routine and then we get out there and tip off is about to start. All the adrenaline is running through and it is time go and we win tip comes to me I pass it Brody and he dunks it. So were up 2-0 to start right off the bat. First quarter gets over were up 25-20. Mid part of the second quarter I am pushing it in transition and I see Lucas in the corner I drive it in pass it behind my back in between some kids legs to Luke for the trey ball. Lucas catches shoots it from the cheap seats. We get to halftime and were down 45-30. Third quarter were creeping back up and fourth quarter we take the game over and win by 10. The final score was 65-55.
Were doing good and were undefeated. Were going through the weeks were doing pretty good we're winning but our next big game. We play Treynor home biggest game of the year and it’s home. Everybody’s gonna be there and were having it in the high school because not enough seats in elementary. I can’t wait for this game it’s a big game.
I wake up the morning of the game thinking today is the day. Classes or going good teachers are being nice. We get through all our classes and it’s go time boys. We go to the locker rooms get dressed for the game get pumped up. I walk out of the Locker rooms the atmosphere is electric fans cheering and it’s go time boys. We walk out on the court and I see all my friends from Treynor that I played summer ball with.
Tip off is about to start the crowd is roaring and it’s electric there. Michael loses the tip to Craig and right off the bat were losing 2-0 and then they pressed us and we find that were down 30-10 at half time and I can’t believe it. It’s like a scary dream that won’t go away. I just think no this is not how this is gonna turn out all the work we have put into this and no this not happening. In the lockeroom I tell the team what’s up and how were getting roasted out there. We come out after halftime and right away Lucas gets heated and starts going off the score is now 35-30. It gets into the fourth quarter and were tied 55-55. Craig starts going off and we can’t stop him we get down by 67-61 with one minute and half left. Then we became a team at the end and stopped them and we got some turnovers and won 63-62. To be continued.

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  1. I love how i'm in your story :). I like how you went through almost every game that we played this year, in detail too. I agree that it was fun, but we could've done better. I liked you're PPOW because it interests me in all ways.