Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Long Lost

*Sixteen years ago today I was born. I had a twin but she got taken away.
Nobody ever told me about her.*
“I have a week left until I get my car just a couple more days. I can wait this out. Why can't you just tell me what kind of car I’m getting, it’s my birthday?” I said looking at my best friend, Tori.
“Elizabeth if I tell you your mom won't trust me to tell you stuff like this anymore.” she replied as I eagerly looked at her. Tori and I walked downstairs. I went outside so we could get in Tori’s car. My mom had to tell her something. She was in the house for about eighteen minutes when she came out of the house she was crying.  I tried to ask what was wrong but she never told me.
As Tori and I got in the car and left. I tried to ask again. She said I would soon figure out what she needed to tell.
“Tori what are you talking about?” I asked because I was worried about her. We pulled up to the Movie Theater about ten minutes later. We were going to the a scary movie I was so excited. We walked in, got our tickets, then snacks. We met up with the rest of our friends when we walked into the theater.
*Later That Night*
“You didn't tell me the movie would get over this late.” I whispered to Tori as we sneaked into my room through the roof.
“Elizabeth if you never get out of your house, you’re never going to have any fun!” She judgmentally said to me.
“I get out all the time, but let’s just get into my room before my mom finds out we’re getting home at...” Elizabeth Checks her phone. “three in the morning!”
We got inside and my mom's light turned on she asked what the noise was.
“Ummm nothing mom we’re just grabbing something before bed.” I said as I went into the bathroom.
I had gotten ready for bed, as I walked through my bedroom door and saw a wrapped birthday present. Tori, she was gone I have know idea where she could have gone. I saw my favorite jacket of hers on her table and there was a note under it.
“Dear Elizabeth,
I know we have been friends since kindergarten, but I need to tell you something. Your mom had told me a secret before we saw the movie with everyone. You, have a sister. Your mom just found out about her, three weeks ago. I know you probably won't believe me but you need to leave and find her. She knows about you. She’s a foster kid she’s ran away from five homes in the past year. One day she finally found out that she had a sister. Your mother, went to find her while she was away at a press conference with your father. Your father never knew she went to see her but now is your chance if you don't do this soon you’ll never see her… ever.
      Good Luck on your travels see you soon,
*That's how I found out.*
I knew I had to go see her I will work out a plan and leave tonight. There’s no looking back once I’ve started. I need to do this not just for me, but for her.
*I just worked out the plan I’m leaving in half an hour at 4:30*
I found my new truck, it’s the same thing I’ve wanted for years. I can't think about this too much. I grabbed my wallet the jacket and the keys to the truck. Then I left, I couldn't stop thinking about my parents, and my sister. I’ve always wanted a sister but I didn't want to find out like this.
To stop thinking about it I went to Casey’s. On the table I found Tori’s necklace, we sat at that table every morning that we came here. It was in the shape of an arrow, pointed toward the maps. Knowing Tori, she would pick the last one. I picked it up got my monster, pastry and pack of gum. I went to the checkout and got my gas, then I looked at my map.
I saw New York circled, Tori and I had always wanted to go. I never knew I would be going without her. I knew what it meant I had to do so I put the car in drive and started heading to New York.
*1 and 30 minutes later*
She must have known I would got through Des Moines. We go there every year for Adventure Land and Adventure Bay. We were supposed to go in two weeks but she’s, gone. I keep thinking to myself that she will be there with my sister, if she’s not I don't know how I will be able to go on without her I’ve known her my whole life I can't lose her now. Not like this.
*I thought to myself about her being there I knew she had to be.*
I drove my Adventureland and by the sign I saw something on the ground it was a not e“Elizabeth I will see you on 3.” that's when I knew I would see her again. Every time we came here we called the ferris-wheel three because we always sat on the third cart. I bought my ticket to get in and ran to the Ferris-Wheel as fast as I could. I saw her. I saw Tori she was in line three people away. I ran up behind her and I was with her. I wasn't going to be on 17 hour drive by myself. As soon as we started talking we were called to get on cart three. She must have known we would get on this cart.
“How did you get here so fast?” I questioned Tori
“I drove just like you??? What else do you think I would have done? I just got a cab and left after I wrote the note.” She said questioningly. I wanted to know how she knew all of this and just left it’s not like her to just drop everything and leave.
“Why did you leave?” I asked
“You deserve to meet her before something happens and you will never have met her!” she exclaimed. We got in my truck after stopping and getting funnel cake. Tori said we had to start to go otherwise my parents would catch up. It was 6:03 and my parents wake up at 5:30 every morning. I left thirty minutes before they woke. They probably didn’t check in my room to see if we were still up till, six though. I started the engine and we left to New York City.
*15 hours later*
It was 9:19 now we needed to stop and get some rest before we got to New York. We had four hours to go when we woke the next morning. We went to the closest gas station to the Hotel for breakfast. I went to the closest table to the checkout and sat down to eat before we left. The next place we stopped was a ghost town it was two hours away from New York. There was nobody, nothing, no civilization and we had to get gas. We were three blocks into the town when we ran out of gas. We didn't have any service on our phones then I said,
“Tori what are we going to do to get out of this place there’s noth-” and all the sudden I was knocked out.
“Elizabeth…. Elizabeth!” I heard a faint scream. I knew it was Tori it’s her voice, that’s the way she screams. I need to find her. I had a blindfold on my face I wouldn't be able to look around. As I thought to myself I thought I was going to die, I would be found trying to find her. Then I thought about how if my parents didn't want me to know about her they wouldn't have told Tori. That's when I found out it was them they knocked me kidnapped me, they don't want me to find her. My mom didn't tell Tori, Tori overheard my parents talking and they must have her told her to just to keep her mouth shut. That’s why she was crying when she came out to the car. I never knew that my parents would do that sort of thing. I wish I was in New York.
“ELIZABETH!!!” I heard aloud scream it sounded like it was right next to me. I could see now it was Tori she found me I don't know how she found me, but she did.
“Tori what's going on I don't understand any of this why would my parents do this? Are they even my parents? Tori what should I even believe? Are we safe? We HAVE to leave. I  can't live like this running from the only people I’ve ever been taught to love. Why would they do this to us I don't understand.” As I finally stopped talking Tori untied me.
“You will find out everything soon enough. Trust me , and only me!” She said as we were leaving the room we found seven sets of keys we took every last one of them.
*35 minutes later*
We walked out of the building, got in my truck. Then remembered the gas. We forgot all about then I saw my mom and dad’s car sitting behind an old abandoned gas station. There was no gas at the station but there was in the car. We popped all the tires took the spare tires, the gas and left without them noticing us. As soon as we put the gas in I asked Tori to answer my questions.
“The only reason your parents don't want you to find out about your sister is because your not their daughter. The only person you can trust or believe right now is me.” Tori said as I started to drive away from the town.

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  1. At first I thought this PPOW was bad but then I got further into the PPOW and it got way better. The one thing I think she needed to do is make it longer not end it were she did.