Wednesday, December 2, 2015


Twas the night before it all started I was sitting my room watching tv and than I heard a
loud scream from the town alarm. than my dad came in my room and told to turn the tv to
channel seven when i saw it my jaw dropped there had been a massive nuclear explosion had
happened in florida and was powerful enough to destroy the us. i got up and run down stairs into
the basement with my family and my dad brought down a little tv so we could watch the news the news reporter said everyone to say in a safe place but even then it was a low chance of  living after the blast. I heard a loud rumble and the walls started to shake and crack and rumble fell through the ceiling as it started to collapse. When it collapsed I was trap under part of the ceiling.

I pushed it off and saw the thick layer of ash covering everything in sight. Most of my house was gone and there was no sign of my family. Started look for any food or water. I found a couple of my dad's mre’s but no water I also found one of my old backpack with one ripped strap I put all of the food in there. I walked around for a while but there was nothing. I had not seen any people. I saw something in a garage at least what was left of it, it was a car.
There was someone beside it as I got  closer I saw that there was something wrong with him. he seemed to be trying to get something but I didn't know what than i saw a metal bar come and hit the man right in the nose he fell back and I saw two small kids come out and hit the man again I went got closer they finally saw me

 They got closer than they saw I wasn’t all messed up like the guy had hit I could tell they were twins because they almost looked the same the one with the little bit darker hair said his name was Johnny and the other was Jimmy I told them my name. They brought me into what was left of the house they had a little fort set up there was a fire that had almost died  out and a little pile of food. They told me that the thing that they hit was some kind of diseased human. They said that he was their neighbor  and that he was an older person, but I saw fast person not an old guy.
It was starting to become night and the fire was out. but there was a car pressed up against the wall of the garage but jim said they couldn't start it but they had jumper cables  I thought I could get it started but there was no way. I doug through some of the drawers and I found a flashlight. I started looking through their garage I saw an old lawn mower battery tucked in the corner. I asked John if he knew where his lawn mower would be he said “It's in the back.”
I went into the back yard and saw a shed with a  missing wall and a lawn mower pushed on its side. It took all of to push it right up and push it to the car. I put the jumper cables on the mower and the car. The mower started so I got off of the mower and opened the door to the car surprisingly the keys were still in the car. I started it and I heard a small rumble but the car didn't start. I got out and looked in the gas tank but there was no gas.
I started the search gas john and Jim went one way and I went the other. I went to house behind where we just were. It was about half an hour until I heard a loud scream. I run over there and saw three of those weird humans had Jim on the ground I pushed one off and John hit it with a big stick. Jim was running away john hit another one and then ran but there was a gas can behind them and we needed it the people were slow so I just ran past grabbed the gas and ran. I got back and they were both sitting down I showed them the gas. I went over to the car and put the gas in then opened the door and turned the key a small rumble and then it started.
I told jim and john to get in the car. there was a gas station down the street. I Didn't know how to drive because I was to young but I saw my parents drive so  I Kind of knew. we made it to the station. There was a lot of those people there  John was looking through the back seat and he found a flare and a flare gun. We had stopped about half a  block away. I shot it at the side of the building and all of the all of the people ran over to it. We sanuk into the building and there was food everywhere but there was a credit sitting on the counter so now we can get more gas. As we walked out one the people saw and then the whole group was alerted. We ran to the car we all got in and drove off. We drove for a while we were on a road in the middle of nowhere but I saw something off in the distance. It was a gas station. We got there and there was only one person there and john hit it with a rock that he picked up off the edge of the road it hit it right in the head. As I filled up the car they went in the gas station and they all kinds of stuff  food knifes and there was even a gun under the front desk and there was a bunch of ammo in the back of the store. we packed the car with food and water and than we left.
The next place the we stopped was a small town with a gun store in it as we went in the gun store I shot two and john hit the person behind the desk and he fell over as we were looking through the gun the person behind the desk had crawled over to jim and bite his shoe he kick it off until john and I came over the shot it. Jim got up and he was bleeding out of his shoe. we put a wire fence in between the front seat the back so that jim wouldn't hurt us or be near the food  by this time we had reached the border between the U.S.A. and Canada right when we crossed there was a little farm that we stayed at until I write the next page.


  1. This ppow was really great. I thought It had a lot of run on sentences and uncapitalized words in it. In all, the ppow was something you wanted to read more of after reading one or two paragraphs.