Wednesday, December 2, 2015


So I was just in my garden digging and something shines in my eye and then I realize it is
gold I grab it and go back in my house. I went to a pawn shop to see if it was real they said it
was. So I started digging and after a while I had so much gold I could build a mansion so the
pawn shop bought all that gold for $$100,000,000,000$$ and then I traveled the world with my
best friends Christian, Lucas, Dakota, Michael, Ethan Mccoy , Jaedan,Leland and the other
            I bought my friends and I houses and cars wherever we went. We went to NYC for
Michael because he likes the knicks .We went to jamaica for leland I bought him a nice house  
We went to Cuba for Christian and I can’t get into details but you know what they say what
happens in Cuba stays in Cuba. Then we went to Brazil for Dakota and then we bought Dakota a beach house and we went scuba diving.  Ethan Mccoy went to Mexico and then I bought him a house. Ethan Hoepner went wanted to go to California and we went to Disneyland. I bought Jaedan a house in Oregon.
              These are the things we did  in NYC we went to Times square and I bought Michael a house their so on new year's eve we can watch the ball drop in his living room. What we did in Cuba we went to Morro Castle and messed around there then we went to Jose Marti Park now we got in trouble in the castle because apparently we can't play with the swords we got kicked out but it is okay because we got to go to the water park. We went to a National Park in Oregon. I moved to Oregon to and bought a tree house and lived there. We went hiking in the mountains and skied. Then we went to this store and got some stuff and then there was this guy and I passed it was Billy I couldn't believe it. He was my roommate in college and then he joined the group he said he was on a vacation here with his girlfriend/ soon to be wife Shaniqua. His wedding is in ten days and he hasn't had his bachelor party yet so we decided we should have it for him I am the best man.

            So I was planning the party we start out at in California and went to the biggest paintball arena in the world we had the best guns and equipment but not all the skill. We were all on a team we got beat the first time then the second round we ran to this castle and made a plan or plan was to snipe them in trees and on the castle. The other team was about 100 yards away we planned on firing when they were about 40 to 50 yards away but they stopped and took base there. So we had to go to them we planned on sneaking up as close to them and getting a good shot off. We were about 50 yards away when the spotted us and the plan did not work so we had to shoot uphill because they were on top of a hill. We lost a lot of people and I and my friend Christian were the only ones left when they had everyone left which is twenty to two.We had to run away and hide to make a plan this one was to have them come and find us then we fire at them we thought we were going to lose but our plan worked and we shot all of them in about ten minutes. Now it is the last round in the paintball game it is all tied up 1-1 we were nervous but we thought we can do it. Our plan this round was to split up in two groups Lelands group was Ethan Hoepner, Ethan Mccoy, and Jaedan. Now my group was Michael, Christian, Lucas, and Dakota. We planned on traveling to there base and surround and take them out. We know there would be snipers on the roof so we have to take them out first. We got to there base and started surrounding it and we had it all surrounded and started shooting when there were some in trees that shot all of Lelands group before my group shot them down. We got all of the people outside of the base now we have to go in we know there will be people waiting for us at the door so we snuck in the back side door. We already shot half the group all we needed was 10 more people we went in the through the door and shot right away excepted there so no one there. We went in the house and there was no one in the base we were all shocked so we walked out side of the base and there they were they were hiding in the shed outside of the base they ended up winning the paintball battle but it is ok. After the paintball battle we went out to eat at buffalo wild wings and watched the Chiefs Broncos game the Chiefs won at the last minute in overtime with a field goal. After we ate we went to the super bowl the Chiefs against the NYG. We got to the superbowl and had front row seats the first quarter the Chiefs were losing by 21 points Odell Beckham had all the passing points. Then the second quarter the Chiefs were only losing by 14. Then it was halftime and we got some stuff to eat. Then the third quarter the chiefs were losing by 7 points. It was very intense but I knew the Chiefs  could win it. The fourth quarter was intense it was back and forth there was four seconds left and the chiefs had the ball on their own forty yard line they threw it to Dwayne Bowe he caught it in the endzone. it was all going to be tied up afte this field goal the field goal was good. It went into overtime the Chiefs get the ball first. The Chiefs scored the NY Giants ended up not scoring and that was the game the Chiefs have won the Super Bowl first time since 1969 the fans jump on the field to celebrate the victory. It was the best time we had the whole trip. The stats of the players were Jamal Charles had over 200 rushing yards. Dwayne Bowe had over 500 yards that game that was the most yards in the NFL history for a wide receiver.

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