Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The Best Friend Life

Brittany Miller has long brunette hair and has amber brown eyes. She has flawless skin and never wears makeup. She always smells like flowers. She is 17 years old almost 18 years old.  She is a senior in high school. She is worried about what she is going to do after high school and she doesn’t know if she is going to be a teacher or a daycare worker, all she knows is that she wants to work with little kids.  She has her first day of school tomorrow and she doesn’t know how well she will do on her senior year.  Her best friend Carly Richard also a senior. She has medium blonde hair and her eyes are sky blue. She also has pretty pink lips. They have been best friends since pre-school. They are so excited to graduate together this year. Carly is kind of a drama queen. Carly calls Brittney.
“Hey girl hey!” said Carly.
“Hi Carly!” said Brittney, excitedly.
“What’s wrong?” said Carly.
“Nothing, I’m just tired, but my mom didn’t leave me any money though!” said Brittney
“Boo hoo! Wanna hang out?” said Carly.
“Sure I don’t have anything else to do! Just joking I really want to hang out.” said Brittney.
“Where do you want to hang out at? My house? Your house? Dexter’s House?” said Carly.
“WHAT? Why Dexter’s house? And why would we go there?” said Brittney.
“Because he is having a party and he invited us!” said Carly.
“ Or do you mean YOU!” said Brittney.
“No he invited you first!” said Carly.
“Oh I don’t think I want to… We should just hang out and get our nails done or something?” said Brittney.
“Ok I’ll be right over!!! Bye” said Carly
“Ok bye!” said Brittney
As Brittany was straightening her hair she the doorbell rang.
“Ding-dong!! HELLO is anyone home?” said Carly.
“Yes I’m coming!! Just finishing up my hair. Just open the door!” Brittany said as Carly was opening up the door.                                  
“Hey girl hey!!!” said Carly
“Will you please stop saying the you sound like Ashton!!” said Brittney Ashton Banks is a head cheerleader at our school and she's may seem nice but she just rude. Also she is dating the quarterback Luke Davison. Luke’s best friend Dexter is who Brittany has a crush on.
“Maybe I want to sound like Ashton she really pretty!” said Carly
“Yeah but, she is just down right rude!”
“Good point but she has always been nice to me though.”
“Yeah maybe to you but she has always had something against me or something. I’ve always been nice to her. When were in like kindergarden we were friend. I remember that she had to have the pink marker. She was so picky.”
“Oh yeah I remember! I hated you then.”
“Yeah why did you hate me?”
See, what happened was that one time Brittany took Carly’s hair bow and Carly flipped out and she almost killed Brittany. Brittany said sorry and got into trouble but, Carly also got in trouble they both had to stay in for recess for 2 months. As the 2 months past Carly and Brittany became best friends and the have been ever since. They have had sleep over and went on vacation with each over and now they are going to graduate together.   
“I don’t even remember!” said Carly she did remember she just did want to say anything.
“So, what do u want to do?” Said Brittany
“We should go to the mall!”
“But, Ashton’s always at the mall!”
“Yeah but, we always have fun at the mall!”
“You're right let's go to the mall!”
Brittany and Carly are at the mall and Brittany saw Dexter and Luke in a sporting store. Brittany freaks out and starts jumping up and down but, doesn’t say anything.
“What, what are you freaking out about?” said Carly. Brittany just point and Carly realizes what she was freaking out about and starts freaking out too.
“Wait we are going to draw attention to ourselves!” says Brittany.
“Good point! What do we do then?” said Carly.
“I don’t know what we do, just keep shopping then.”
“Ok what store should we go to first? I think we should go into Ulta Beauty.”
“Yeah I need some lip gloss and some mascratera. Then we should go to Famous Footwear.”
“Yeah I love shoes! How much did your mom give you to spend?”
“She gave me her debit card and she said I can spend whatever is left on it!! My mom said that there's like $300 left and I can spend it on whatever I want! My dad gave me $400 to spend so I have $700 dollars to spend! How did you get?” said Brittany.
“I only got $500 to spend! I’m so jealous!” said Carly.
“Well at least you have some.”

“Yeah I know.”

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  1. This was a great story, I love the expression you used. I think you should add more on to it and tell us what they spend on the money. Maybe something crazy or different then what they would normally buy.