Friday, December 11, 2015

Story of the Survivor

I was walking to my car as I felt a hand grab my arm. I held my breath, hoping it was my friend. I heard a deep voice but couldn’t make out what it said. I felt the grip get tighter and start to drag me. I fought back, but he was stronger. I was thrown into a van. The walls were filled with tools. That’s all I remember before he gave me a shot.
I awoke to this dark room with weird black walls that had blood on them. I was going to die, and the last person I was going to see is my killer. I saw an exit; I struggled to get up off of the floor. I started to run towards the door only to be pulled back by chains. The chains were on my wrists and ankles and were connected to the floor.
I screamed and screamed, but no one heard me. I mean no one not even the person who kidnapped me. I heard the creaking of the door, and he walked in. He changed the chains I was in. Now they were stronger. They were gold and were tighter than the last.
“Violet, what a pleasant surprise to see you!”  he said. “You were the hardest one to catch.”
“Who are you?” I asked and wanted an answer.
“Your worst nightmare,” he replied with a snarl. “Now, I’m gonna give you a chance to escape; I just won’t tell you when.”
That is gonna be easy, I thought. Who would take you into a dark room and let you escape easy. No one would. This is a trick. He is gonna follow my every move.
I fell asleep on the cold, hard concrete floor. I had dreams of my family at home. What are they doing now? How are the taking this? What is going to happen to them if I don’t come back?
I woke up to a loud bang. He threw a book in my direction. It read My List. It was full of names and some names were checked off. His kill list was in my hands. Why?
“Are you mad at all these people including me?”
“You broke my car! You ruined my life! Now you are going to pay, Violet!” he yelled at me and made me flinch.
“What? I have no clue what you are talking about.”
“You hit me and made me crash my car. I lost hearing in one ear, broke my arm, broke both my legs, and my car was totalled.”
“What crash?” I don’t know.
He threw a newspaper in my direction. It was about a crash that happened last year.
Car Crashes Updates
Car crash involving two people. One 34 year old female named Violet Duchannes and one 37 male named James Richmond. Violet got some brain damage and James broke his legs and left arm, lost hearing in his right ear. Both cars totalled. James’ car was hit by a Semi. He went on the other side of the road and hit Violet wiping them off the road. No picture has been taken yet. Update of this crash will appear when more information comes up.
“You were hit by a Semi not me. You hit me!” I yelled at him angrily.
“No! That’s not what it says,” James shouted back at me.
He grabbed the newspaper and read it. He threw it down and started pacing the room, mumbling something over and over again. Then he threw a key in my direction.
“Try to escape because you aren’t worth killing.”
I grabbed the key with my mouth and tried getting it into my hands. It was tough, but eventually I got my hands free. Now to start working on my feet. I got them free within seconds. The hard part was that I have to get into town, and I had no clue where I was. I looked out the window and all I could see was these big trees that they had been spray painted black.
He turned on the news, so I decided to sit and watch what was on the news. There was an FBI agent by the name of Aaron Hotchner. I heard of him, and he is the leader of the BAU. I’m joining the BAU, but I can’t with this psycho keeping me in this random place. My picture showed up on the screen, and he said that they are looking for me.
“Where am I?” I asked.
James kept staring off in the distance. “Somewhere.”
His voice sounded sad and distant. I stared at him for a few minutes before I heard sirens. He grabbed his gun, and he held it to my head; he tightened his grip and started to stare at the door.
“James Richmond!” an F.B.I. agent yelled.
“We know you have Violet Duchannes in there with you. Please come out,” another one yelled.
His grip started to loosen and he started to drop his gun. I grabbed his gun, and I ran towards the door; then I started to run outside. I threw the gun at the police when he attacked me from behind.

I woke up in the hospital and I saw a F.B.I. agent known as Aaron Hotchner. He told me that James was going to be in jail for a long time and I was going to be safe.

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