Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Today all over the news a nuclear plant named Chernobyl had blown up in the Ukraine. Workers made a mistake while working, and the plant exploded. Most of the workers and people around the plant died. Few lived, and were taken to America for radiation testing and experimenting.
Other than that Michael Mantell was living a normal day. Going to work then coming home to relax and make dinner for himself. He made himself a hot dog and some fries. Michael flicked on the T.V. to see what was on. Everything on the news was still about Chernobyl. Turns out that they were taking the radiation people to Omaha, Nebraska for testing. Michael then went on to watch some other shows and eventually fell asleep.
The next morning Michael woke up at 6 in the morning to get ready for work, but he heard a loud bang outside. He went to check it out through his window, and saw a car on fire in a ditch. He quickly threw on some shoes and sprinted outside to see if anyone was out there that needed help. Michael ran around the car but saw no one and no one, was in the car. Michael looked back at his house and saw his door open; he knew he closed it, but he figured maybe the wind blew it open.
Michael then ran inside and called the police, and they were on their way. Michael then heard the loud pound from upstairs, and what sounded like footsteps. Michael was scared to even look at the staircase. He grabbed a knife from his kitchen drawer and started to make his way up the staircase. He heard a rustling noise coming from his bedroom, he started to walk slowly towards his room. Once Michael got close enough to see the open door, there was something in his room. He watched it walk by.
Michael knew that was something wrong with this person. They were cut up, or they had a serious disease that made them look half dead.
“Hello?’’ Michael asked the person.
The head of the person flicked right at Michael, and he looked horrendously at it and saw a bite mark and a chunk of flesh ripped out of its neck. It started to run at Michael and he stabbed the thing multiple times before it finally fell to the ground, dead. Michael ran down the stairs and looked outside to see if the police were here yet, but no one was outside. Michael could see the city from his attic so he ran up to the attic to see if he could see anything.
Michael was then stunned and couldn’t move at the sight of the city full of flames and explosions, it was pure chaos. Michael quickly ran to the T.V. he had and turned on the news.
“Here in Omaha one of the radiation experiments broke out and is now infecting people! Stay inside and wait for Military word! Chaos is breaking out so do not come to the city!” the news reporter yelled loudly.
The cameraman yelled something that Michael couldn't understand and behind the news reporter was a thing that looked just like the one in his house. The thing tried to bite her but she pushed until it got close enough and bit her arm.
The cameraman dropped the camera, and the camera showed a ton of things chasing him. Michael knew he needed to get out of this area and get help. Michael looked out his window and didn’t see any of those things. Michael then ran and got some clothes in a bag and a good outfit on. Michael then ran downstairs and grabbed a knife from the drawer again. Michael then walked out the door and got into his car.
Once he threw his bag in the back and got into the driver's seat, he realised he forgot his keys and phone, he quickly sprinted in and grabbed them. He came back out to see a person being chased by those things. Michael yelled at them to get into the car, and Michael started the car, once they hopped in Michael started speeding off.
“Thank you so much.” said the man panting.
“Who are you?” Michael asked.
“My name’s Dave, you?”
“I’m Michael.” Both were scared out of their minds not knowing what to talk about.
“Do you know where we should be going” Michael asked
“The radio said that we need to be headed to the Military base for protection, and the only way to get there is to, uh, go through the city.” replied Dave
Michael then knew something was not right and was scared. Michael started driving and they were both quiet. Michael was driving when he started to arrive to the city, he saw so many of those things roaming around. Michael slowly drove by them and tried to get through but then he got blocked off by cars. Michael had no room to turn around and Dave knew that. They both quietly got out of the car and walked over behind a cement wall.
“What do we do now?” Dave asked sounding really scared
“We are going to have to find another car or someone.
Michael then walked slowly back to his car to grab his bag and other belongings. Dave followed as Michael started creeping around. Michael and Dave were walking when one of the things saw them. It started running at them when Michael and Dave were walking, it came up behind dave and bit him right on the shoulder. It took Dave to the ground and Michael started running.
Michael eventually got far enough and then saw so many of the things that he was starting to think there was nowhere to go. Then Michael looked around and saw the hospital, he instantly thought that people would have to be there. Michael ran across the street and into the building. Once he got inside he saw some blood on the ground and some lights not working. He slowly walked around and checked some rooms.
When Michael walked to the storage room, he saw about 10 people, all of them had a gun and stared right at him with their guns pointed. He instantly put his hands up.
“Who are you!” said one of the people
“Im.. Im Michael Mantell”
They all looked at each other then asked, “Have you been bitten?”
Michael replied, “No, No I haven’t”
“Let him come with us guys, more people more loot” said a man behind them.

The End of Part 1

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