Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Apocalypse

It was a Tuesday afternoon, and it was a dark day. Everyone was in school just like  normal. Mr. Ross was talking about his blog like normal. Then everyone started to shake until they realized that it was the ground. Mr. Ross Christmas cards all started falling off the wall. Mr. Ross was screaming at everyone telling them to stay calm. He quickly went to the news website and put the live broadcast on. While they were watching the lady said there was a disease that spread way too fast to stop it and it was making people turn to. Mr. Ross turned it off.
He slowly walked to the front of the room, “Ladies and Gentlemen there has been a disease.”
“What kind of disease yells Jaedan interrupting as usual.” Well if you would let me finish I would tell you, there has been a disease that is turning people into... into... into Zombies. The whole class started to burst into tears except a couple of people. These people were the most mentally tough kids in the class they were the grinders.
These kids were Ethan, Leland, Gavyn, Jaedan, Lucas and Nickolas. Each kid was on the list for a reason. Ethan was the planner, and he was the leader. Leland was the gun specialist, Gavyn was the guns, Jaedan was the driver, Lucas was the guy that scares the zombies away with his look, but also to kept Tristin in line because she gets a little crazy sometimes, and finally the brains Nickolas. While everyone was sobbing and letting go, the team was staring at eachother. The looks they were giving each other weren’t looks of despair they were looks of courage. The team huddled up and started to discuss, they were talking about who would do what and then they said on 3, BEAST SQUAD ASSEMBLE.
“Alright gang they will meet back at my house in 1 hour. Just remember be safe.” Said Ethan proudly. Nickolas just went with Ethan because he didn’t need to grab anything and the safehouse was at Ethan's house. Jaedan ran home grabbed the spare keys to the Beast Mobile and he changed into his Beast outfit. Leland went and grabbed his Beast gun and put on his Beast outfit, Gavyn ran home and put his Beast steroids shot in his arm and put his Beast outfit on, and finally Lucas he came with Nick and Ethan because he always has Beast face on. I mean he scares a little more than just zombies away.
Everyone gathered around at Ethan’s house as planned. “You guys ready.” Shouted Luch. They all left out of Ethan’s garage door, Jaedan had the Beast mobile parked out front. None of us thought it would fit but he squeezed in there. They left Avoca, it wasn’t very safe there. They drove by the school and they saw a couple of their dear friends get captured and put into a black van. It's like they wanted to run tests on them or use them as hostages. It was to late, at least that's  all they thought.
As they were passing through Hancock they saw Jackson trying kill a pack of zombies by himself with only a bat. “Pull Over”! Screamed Leland. Jaedan sped up.
“Don’t pull over. It’s not worth it he is already done.” Said Nick in a very serious voice. As the boys passed him he was getting eaten by them stupid zombies.
“Why does this have to happen” said Ethan sadly. As they continue to Hancock we pass tons of people or as they call them now zombies. It was really sad to see all this happen, but that is beyond the situation. It’s done and now they were in it. They arrive at Ethan’s grandparents house in Hancock. “You guys ready?” Gavyn Announced.
“Yes sir”. Yelled the rest of the gang. The Squad walked in the grandparents house, only to find no one there. We looked in the garage, the car wasn’t there. They left the grandparents house. They were all disappointed because what they were looking for wasn’t there.
There is the pack that we are going to have to fight. Leland grabs the 22 pistol and unloads the whole clip. They are all dead. “What a rush.” Shouts Leland.
“WooHoo.” Screams Ethan.
“What rush.” Whispers Nick trying not to show his excitement. The gang moves, they run across a road block. Across that road block was a whole herd of zombies. Leland gets out and starts unloading ammo. Gavyn tried to grab a weapon behind Leland. Leland turns around to get some more ammo, when he turns he trips on pebble and drops the gun as it shoots gavyn right in the place it counts. Gavyn sits there in despair. Nickolas says, “Leave Gavyn he isn’t worth anything anymore.” Everyone looks at Nickolas.
“What are you thinking Nickolas, you are the biggest I don’t even know what to call.” As Ethan was finishing his sentence Lucas was loading the 12 gauge. At least it will be quick and easy. Luch shoves Ethan out of the way and takes the shot Nickolas just fell right over. They all started to look depressed. It had to be done though. 2 down, we all get back in the car they start driving. When they got to South Dakota we hit empty. They had to leave the Beast Mobile. With out the Beast Mobile they have no weapons except the ones they can carry on our back.
They stumbled across a whole bunch. I couldn’t even count. There were just too many.  They all say our goodbyes and they just did what we had to do.

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