Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Into the Woods

It was the last day of summer vacation, and what better way to spend the last day with your best friend at the mall? Summer vacation went by in a blink of an eye. Saydee and I had to go shopping for some new school clothes. Once we arrived at the mall, we ran in because it was raining. When we walked in the doors, there was an unusual-looking man in the doorway. It looked like he had been waiting there for.
We continued walking because we figured he was waiting for somebody else while they were parking their car. Our first store that we went to was Buckle. We went to Buckle because we needed to get some new jeans for school. As we walked in, I saw a mannequin that looked just like me. Saydee exclaimed, Kendel, that mannequin looks exactly like you!”
I told Saydee that we needed to leave the mall right away. I was very shaken up because somebody had to have been watching us. I was just wanting to get home safely, When we got to the car, the man was standing right by the driver’s side door! The man jumped out from the side of the car and pushed me out in the road. A car was coming towards my direction, and I was still laying in the road. The car swerved to the side, and Saydee jumped out to pull me to the side. By the time Saydee pulled me to the side, the man had already vanished.
We realized we have somebody stalking us. I yelled, “Saydee, we have to get back in the mall and get help!”
This was the most terrifying thing we have ever gone through. When we got inside, Saydee grabbed everybody’s attention by yelling, “Please, somebody help us!”
The workers rushed over and called the police. The police arrived in a few minutes. The police arrived, and we told them everything that had happened. We told the police to go out to our car and check if the car was safe. The police had told us that the car was completely safe. The man must not have had much time to react so he vanished.
The police went to the security cameras and told us to pick out the man. Once we picked out the man, one of the men drove Saydee and I home. The police told us that they would take us inside and check the house to see if it was clear to go in. When the police entered my house, everything seemed to be put in place from where we left it. Saydee and I decided that it would be best if she stayed at my house tonight since my parents were going to be gone. I couldn’t stay at my house all alone after all of this.
It was a long day, so we decided it would be best to just lie down and watch a movie. While we were watching the movie, all the power went out. I said, “I’m sure the power will be back on soon.”
I tried texting my other friend, Mckenna, to see if her power was out too, but I didn’t have any service. We were both starting to freak out, but we wanted to stay calm. A couple minutes later, a brick was thrown through the window that had written on it, “You shouldn’t have told the cops”. Saydee yelled, “ Kendall, we have to get out of here!”
I grabbed a piece of large glass from the broken window and ran out the door. We ran as fast as we could to the woods. It was the only place where we could get out of sight. We ran deep into the woods.
Once we felt safe, we stopped and tried to make a plan. As I was in the middle of my plan Saydee said, “Hey Kendall, looks over there. It looks like a shed.”
We walked over to the shed and went in. We got inside and turned on the lantern that was in there. There were computers everywhere that had cameras everywhere in my house. My cell-phone was also being tracked, and it would give away my location. There were pictures of me hanging on the walls everywhere in that shed. This guy had been stalking me for months. He had been hiding out in the woods watching me and my family.
We had to find a way to get out of these woods and get to town, or at least get cell service. When we started running, the man jumped out of the woods. We ran the opposite direction until we reached the road. The man was still chasing us. When we hit the end of the wood, I pulled out my phone. We had cell service so I called 911.
After I got off the phone, I turned around and saw the man on top of Saydee beating her up. I started screaming for help. The police cars show up, and the man sprinted away. The cops got out of the car and ran after him. I saw them running away until I noticed Saydee still laying on the ground. She wasn’t moving. The medics rushed over and said she wasn’t breathing. The pushing hard on her chest and gave her a mask. Three minutes later she came back.

I was so relieved. I don’t know what I would do without my best friend. As the medics were carrying her to the ambulance, I saw the cops bringing back the man in cuffs. They finally got the guy. There was going to be nobody watching us anymore, and we can finally live without having to feel like somebody was watching us. We can go back to the life we used to live.

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