Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Today is the day that we go into space we had been training for two years and we were very experienced as we stepped on to the spaceship they started the countdown 60 59 58 57...
we all were in our seats and ready to go, 1 2 3… we blasted off into the air we were laying on our backs as we went up we saw that we were out of the atmosphere. The sun got brighter and we could see the of the stars in the distance. Our mission was to go to another green planet to see it was able to harbor human life and to do some test for resources.
We had a garden in the back of the ship for food because the trip the planet was going to take 6 years to get there and we had engine the run on byproducts of the pigs that we feed with our plantes. I had been four years since I had recorded a video log, we are ran very low on food our last crop had been ruined by the pigs they got out of the pen and eat all of the food while we all were sleeping. When we woke up we saw what the pig had done we killed it and eat its meat and then put the rest in deep freeze, and used all of the uneatable part in the fuel tanks.
We can now see the planet it looked just like earth water plant life clouds it had been so long since i've seen anything like it. We started to go through the atmosphere we were going into the ocean. We hit the water we were all in camber so we did not hit the front of the ship
the ship floated to the top of the water our ship had a little fuel left and there was an island near by when we got there it was just like earth green plants sand and rock but it was time to test some things first we tested if the air was ok the breath oxygen had a lot higher levels than earth we all took off our helmets the air was fine. Next we tested gravity it was a little higher than earth. As we put away the testing equipment there was a small rodent looking creature eating some grass it was blue with purple stripes going across its back. As we got closer the creature didn't seem to care if fact it started to walk to us. As it got closer we could see the large teeth hanging out of its mouth and we saw it was eating a corpse not grass.
It jumped up on me I threw it off then kicked it. 117 pulled out his pistol and shot in the head and it flew back and hit a rock. We picked up the body and brought it back to the ship I put it in the testing chamber and went back outside but this time with bigger guns. we went a while without seeing anything we were on top of a large hill and we saw a huge tree fall than we saw a huge monster standing on his back legs it had scales and bright red eyes it was the size of a small house. It was chasing something and that something we coming this way  it was just like the creature from earlier but huge we must have found a baby it ran right through us and then the big thing  it stopped in front us almost like it was thinking. It took a huge snap me than roared its teeth were like huge steak knifes I pulled out my pistol and shot it straight in the nose it roared again we all ran there was a cave right next to us. The thing was big but it was very slow. We got to the cave we hit the back wall it shoved it head into the cave he hit his head to hard and the top of the cave fell in on its head and it was killed but now we were stuck in here 117 took out a frag grenade pulled the pin and stuck it in a rock then ran back to the wall of the cave. Rock flew all over the place and there was a little bit of an opening there but it wasn't big we all crawled through the hole we saw the massive body of the creature lying there i pulled out my knife and cut a chunk of fresh out of the side of the creature than 120 cut deeper to see what the creature eat before chasing us into the cave there was one rodent thing and lots of bones. It was getting to be night time but we had to test the water to see if it was safe to drink I went inside to grab a jar so I could bring it back to the ship. The water tested safe to drink and it didn't even have to be filtered we hooked up a hose to the ship and put the other end in the water  now we had running water in the ship. We were running low on power  lucky us there was a big oil spill right off the shore another hose came out off the side of the ship. Our suits made us sink to the bottom I took the hose and drilled it into the rock that the oil was coming out of. The ship had more power than it ever had, whatever we put in the ship it was a lot stronger than the oil that we had on earth. It help a lot that our ship could run on a lot of things.
It was getting to be night time we all went into it was pitch black because there was no moon on this planet I went to get a pair of night vision goggles. I Put them on looked outside and saw five black creature sitting right outside of the door they didn't have any eyes that I could see they walked on all fours and they had a huge blade on the end of their long tail. The biggest one came up to the door and opened its mouth for a smaller mouth to come out and shoot a little beam aicd the aicd started to melt through the door I ran to get one of the guns I shot and it bounced right off of the creature and hit a rock behind it 117  ran and got a flamethrower and incinerated all five of them  in one shot. We fixed the hole with the leftover shell of the night creatures the night was only four hours so it was all ready day.
earth had sent us a radio message that had asked if the planet was able to harbor human life. We sent the message that
“That the air is breathable and the water is drinkable and there is food but all the life hear wants to kill you.”

We planted food and waited for years and years for the rest of our race to come and save us the creature seemed to hate the armor on the door of the ship so nothing attacked  the ship. to be continued.

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  1. I thought this ppow was pretty good. All there was were some spelling errors here and there.