Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Camping with my Friends 2

Camping with my Friends 2
Previously on Camping with my Friends….
We went to walk on trails and we just got to the camp site.
“Mom, we’re going to walk on the trails. Is that okay?” I asked my mom.
“Sure, but be back at 7:30” demanded my mom.
“Okay see you then!” I said to my mom.
We went to trial, and decided which one to walk down, and we chose the scariest one, I think. They were walking until it got dark, and it was almost 7. Then we heard a noise in the bushes, and I about jumped into Alexis’ arms. I’m a complete chicken when it comes to scary stuff. In the bush it was only a bunny; yet is scared me half to death. We decided to walk back, ,and when we got back. My mom had hamburgers ,and potatoes chips. We ate ,and then we went down to look at the lake. I almost got pushed in by Alyssa because she’s evil, but I “love” her. We all were putting all our feet in the water. Then, we played dare or double dog dare. We did that because then we had to pick dare no matter what.
“I dare you to jump in the water,” I said to Kelsi.
“No, please don’t make me!” complained Kelsi.
“Fine, but then I get to push you in-” then I was interrupted by Kelsi.
“No way! I will never let you push me in,” said Kelsi.
“Then, jump on in Kelsi!” said Alexis as I agreed.
“FINE!” Kelsi yelled very angry.
Kelsi jumped in the water ,and said it was actually a little bit warm ,and that she dared me to jump in next. I didn’t even put up a fight. I just stood up ,and jumped in. Kelsi was mad because she thought, I would be mad, but I wasn’t. Next up, was Alexis to dare someone. She chose Alyssa.
“Alyssa I dare you to jump in the water with the rest of them,” Alexis said with an evil grin on her face.
“No, Alexis please don’t make me!” said Alyssa.
“No jump in now!” said Alexis.
“Hey, I’m older than you!” complained Alyssa.
“Only by 2 minutes!” said Alexis.
“Still!” yelled Alyssa.
I finally jumped into the conversation. “Hey it’s only a game. We are supposed to be having fun not fighting,” I said kinda sad.
“Yeah guys. You guys should make up ,and how about you both jumping in together?” proposed Kelsi.
“Yeah, I guess I was kind of mean. I’m sorry Alyssa.” said Alexis.
“I’m really sorry too. I was being mean also. I’m sorry,” said Alyssa.
“Okay. Do you want to jump in together?” said Alexis.
“How about Kelsi ,and I get out ,and all jump in together?” I questioned.
“Yeah let’s do that!” said Kelsi.
Kelsi ,and I get out of the water ,and we lined up so we know where to stand. We all jump in. Alexis thought it was cold, but it wasn’t. We went back up to the camp ,and my mom didn’t know why we were all wet. She looked at us like we were crazy.
“Mom, can you drive us up to the bath house thing, place?” I asked my mom.
“Yeah sure, Chloe, get your pj’s and go to the car,” ordered my mom.
We all grabbed our stuff. We headed up to the bath house. When we were done us, girls sat around the fire and made s’mores. Then we decide to go to bed.
The next morning, we wanted to walk on more trails and walk around the lake. We got up, and had cereal and then we packed a bag with some sandwiches and other stuff. We were off with our walk. We started by going down the trail we did last time.
Later that night….
We were back at the camp ,and decide to go swimming again. My mom said that we “had to take Chloe with us”.
“I can’t wait to go swimming!” said Chloe annoyingly.
“Alexis, why did you go all gorilla on Alyssa?” I asked Alexis.
“I don’t know! I just got mad because I thought she would be ok with just jumping in ,but no you had to fight. But, that’s behind us now, so let’s talk about something else. Okay?” exclaimed Alexis.
“Okay! So, what should we talk about?” I asked everyone.

Well, we walked ,and talked about tons of different things. Random thing actually. After that, we went swimming more, rented paddle boats, messed with the fire a little, roasted hot dogs, and told scary ghost stories.We also skipped rocks, my mom rented a boat ,and we went water skiing and tubing. We took lots of pictures, Kelsi ,and I scared Alyssa, and Alexis. Kelsi recorded the whole thing.  That was the weekend camping with my friends!

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  1. I really like this story because I was in it, and because I liked the plot, and how you made us go on all the adventures. You didn't forget to include me, and Alyssa fighting, and you made it very realistic!