Tuesday, January 19, 2016


“Jack wake up, Jack wake up!” shouts Brian.
“Alright alright I’m up, jeez,” says Jack
So today we are going to a hunting resort in Canada. It's 3:30 A.M. and we are leaving for the airport right now. Last night we got all of our stuff ready so we could just leave right away. My Mom and Dad say their goodbyes. and we left. We arrive at the airport at 5:00 A.M. We abord on Jack's private jet. We Take off around 6:00 then it's 6 hours in the plane to Saskatchewan Canada. We get to the Cabin and get everything set up for the morning. In the morning we are going on a small plane to this 20,000 square acres of private property.  Once we take off we get just under the clouds and sea all the black bears and terrain the plane engine explodes and the planes starts to glide. Then it starts to spin faster and faster. Jack unbuckles his seatbelt grabbed a parachute and jumps out of the plane and Brian can't unbuckle his. Then a few moments pass and he sees this body of water that the plane is nose diving in and then SPLASH!! Brain  lands in the water Brain finds a knife and cuts his seatbelt grabs his bag, and both rifles and swims out. The water is freezing cold and Brain swims for about 10 minutes to the shore. He takes off all his clothes and dries out. He tries to scream for help but he is so froze he can’t. He sits there trying to think what just happened. Brian gets all of his stuff and tries to get his blood pumping so u gathers all of his stuff to a dry area where there is no snow. Brain approaches a fallen down oak tree. he lays his stuff down in the sunshine for a few hours while Brian digs a hole under the tree a few feet and makes a trench under the tree. He can put his damp clothes back on now that it's starting to get in the low 70’s. Brain remembers that Jack has a walkie talkie and Brian knew that he had one so he rushed over to his stuff and tries to call him but there's no answer. After a little while he tries to get some brush for bedding in the trench. Brain just ries to rest and he will just keep trying the walkie talkie. So when it gets to about 7:00 p.m. the temperature starts to drop and brian's know how to start a friction fire so he starts with a straight stick and twists in as he applies pressure on another flat piece of wood. For 10 minutes he was getting just smoke the a few more spins and the is a coal. He picks up the coal and puts into some dry dead grass and leaves and it catches on fire instantly. Once the bundle of brush is well lit he puts in in the middle of a teepee made of sticks and more dead brush. Before Brain knows it he has a good fire going the he puts some bigger logs on then he applies green brush to create lots of smoke so he can get rescued. But for the whole night nothing happens or comes by. Brain is really hungry and is getting an upset stomach. So tries to just get some sleep. The next morning there is some frost on the ground but there's a lot of coals still in fire pit. Right away he starts the fire back up and gets more logs and kindling. Then he pulls out his Remington Whitetail Pro 243 lever action rifle. With a 5x16 power zoom. Brians got is sighted in at 150 yards. he has 2 boxes of bullets. In his backpack he has several change of clothes, His grandfather's lucky Smith and Wesson K -22 revolver. candles, rope, tarp, knife's, cutting kit, flare gun, several packs of add water dinners. and several big game calls.  In the plane survival pack the is, canned soup. blow up water craft, compass, matches, flashlight. Orange flag. In the big duffle bag the is a tent,bedding,  lantern, gas stove, map, a bowie knife. He walks over to his trench and packs up everything. Once he has everything he starts to walk the way he think Jack is at. not to long after traveling. There is a lot of wild game here. Brain pulled out The revolver and shoots a squirrel from the tree to his right. When he goes to retrieve the squirrel. He sees somebody walking towards the direction he came from. so he goes and investigates the person and it looks to be Jack so he stands up and there's a gun shot off in the distance and there person walking drops dead. Brain stands there with disbelief and runs over to the shoot person and he rolls him over and it's Jack. Another gunshot goes off and the bullet hits the rock right behind him. Brain gets up drops the big duffle bag and sprints out of there. A he’s running he runs up on a group of German soldiers and he comes to a sudden stop and hids in the bush pulls his rifle out and aims and one of the soldiers heads and squeezes the trigger click its not, loaded. The soldiers start to walk away. Brain gasped with disbelief. he starts to move silently. and calls on the walkie talkie and somebody answers. State your name and location, Then Brian says, Brain I'm a hunter that's in trouble, Bang. and bullet hits brian's left shoulder he drops down to the ground and crawls away. The sniper keeps on shooting at the rock Brian is behind, brian loads his gun and peeks out this crack it the rock and tries to find it, The sniper is on a ridge 150 yards to the left of me sitting on a fallen down tree. Brian lays down crawls to the side of the rock just enough to get his rifle on the outside of the builder and sets up. Brain, carefully aims at the soldier. Brain shoots the soldier dead. Brain rolls over to the side and throws up. And starts to cry. after 5 minutes of crying and yelling the group of soldiers come back and start shooting at Brain, Brian aims at one. Bang, the soldier drops. then brain aims at another one bang that soldier drops. Brain aims at on Bang he misses and is under fire. One german  runs up behind the boulder with his knife and tries to stab him but he dodges it, pulls out his grandpa's revolver and shoots the soldier. Brain picks up his Assault rifle and unloads on the soldiers. on soldiers comes around  and flanks brain but brain ran to the other side of the boulder and runs over to a dead soldier and picks up a grenade, pulls the pin and throws it at there feet and boom!! Brain, puts another magazine in the assault rifle and shoots all the soldiers again. Brain quickly puts on one of their uniforms and grabbed A rifle and lots of magazines and starts running down to where they came from and more trucks of troops come up. Brain very quickly lays down and plays dead. once the soldiers hop out the run right by him, once there aways over the hill Brain shoot the driver and runs and gets in there truck and drives to the nearest Canadian city.

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