Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Girl Who Disapeared

It was November 1, 2012 when the girl I once knew dropped everything and left.
She was talking with her friends smiling and laughing, when she received a text on her mobile saying, “Why is it when I try so hard to find you, but when I do you run? I mean, your streak has to end someday,” she read.
Immediately, a frown spread across her face. Her friends became silent and alarmed as she started shouting bringing unwanted attention to herself.  Her name was Arrow Carmadella, she had bright green eyes and black as night hair, she also had something heavy being carried upon her shoulders. I never knew how much a smile could hide until I saw how fast Arrow’s mood changed from carefree to, utterly terrified. She dropped her bag and ran off, no one ever hearing from her again. No one saw her for almost three years to say the least.      
It was October 23, 2015 when Arrow appeared at my house knocking on my window at 2:35 in the morning just like she used too. I jumped in surprise as I saw those bright emerald eyes staring into mine as if she were searching my soul for any hidden secrets. The girl everyone was friends with, the girl who disappeared, the girl who I had dated for six years was staring me down wondering if I would be of use to her.
“Arthur,” she asked, “please help me.”
Arrow’s body went limp and she collapsed on my roof.
“Arrow!” I shouted in disbelief that she was here in front of me.
I hurriedly took out the screen of my window and I pulled her through, and laid her on the floor. I turned on the light to see a small pool of blood gather around her. I felt myself go weak not knowing what to do at the sight of blood; the fact that Arrow had appeared was not helping. I started shouting for my parents screaming and crying wanting them to get to my room sooner. My mother and my father came running into my room to see me crying and staring at the now empty space on my floor with no blood.
I was grasping at my blankets trying to register what had just happened, Arrow isn't around anymore.  Mother and Father were standing there pale; tears brimming mother’s eyes about to spill down her face. She turned and whispered something to father, he nodded and ran out. Father appeared again and had an orange bottle and opened it, but then I blacked out.
I opened my eyes to a light breeze rustling the curtains making me shiver; I rubbed the sleep from my eyes yawning. I wracked my brain trying to think of last night's events making my head hurt. I remembered, that Arrow had appeared last night at my window. Tears immediately sprung to my eyes, as I remembered the blood and her pale lifeless body just lying there on my floor, it was devastating to see. I got out of bed, got dressed and brushed my teeth.
I walked down the stairs glancing at the pictures on the walls of my family, every picture worthy moment hung neatly on the banister. I reached the bottom of the stairs and my parents warily looked up from the table. The tears welling up in Mother’s eyes were threatening to spill once again. “Wow,” I thought, “does the sight of me upset her that much?” I looked down avoiding the serious gaze upon my father’s face. Is this what I get for something happening that I can’t control?
I mean I’m their only son they shouldn't act as if I’m something disgraceful to them! I averted my eyes quickly as I made my way to the table waiting for the arguing to begin.
Only minutes had passed, but it felt like hours until Father finally said, “Arthur, you do know that if you have another one of those fits you are going to have to go back to therapy right?”
I nodded, waiting for something more to happen like yelling maybe even hitting but it never came. I looked up from the “interesting” tablecloth and made eye contact with dad, his almost black eyes looking at me disappointedly. He nodded as if saying “you may go” but he really meant leave, so I wouldn’t see him at his weakest.
“Maybe, just maybe, they aren’t disappointed in me, but instead they are disappointed by the fact that I’m more n’ likely to go back to therapy.” I thought to myself hoping I was right.
I walked out the front door with my bag walking with my head down like I always do when I go to school. I felt a familiar presence next to me, so I looked up to see the beautiful green eyes that I had admired so much. I stopped dead in my tracks.
“What are you doing Arthur?” she asked, “We’re going to be late if we don’t hurry.”
“Why are you here? You left without blinking an eye. Why’d you leave, Arrow please, tell me!” I said shouting slightly towards the end.
“Arthur, what are you talking about?” said someone other than Arrow.
It was Jason my best friend.
Jason looked worried but I didn’t care I wanted to know why I’m seeing her like this. It’s ruining me, making me not want to move, it’s tricking me into believing she is back after three years.
“Arthur, snap out of it! What’s wrong with you?” he yelled shaking me slightly.
“I don’t know Jason, I keep seeing…her…” I said, “I don’t understand why this is happening.”
It was quiet, Jason looked at me like there was a battle inside him, deciding what he should say to the boy who is seeing his girlfriend that disappeared almost three years ago.
“Listen, man I think you need to move on it’s been three years she’s gone.” Jason said obviously wanting to leave so he wouldn’t upset me further.
I looked at him sharply, “course he doesn’t understand.” I thought, “why doesn’t he try to understand that I had dated her for six years.”
Jason quickly turned away regretting what he said not wanting to look me in the eyes. Walking away was difficult for me, I was stopping myself from blowing up on him not wanting to drive the wedge deeper making our friendship gap even more.
Jason grabbed my shoulder as I walked away, “Look Arthur, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to say it, it just slipped out.”
I turned, “Jason, please just stop, you said it, it’s done, and it can’t be taken back now, leave it be I’ll get over it, just like I will Arrow.” I whispered.
Jason’s hand fell to his side as I shrugged it off and continued on my way to school hoping I wouldn’t get any more scenes of Arrow.
I reached the school just as the warning bell rang out through the courtyard.
“Great.” I sighed, “Guess, I’m not going to class today.”
Considering my first class was all the way across campus I was inevitably late.
As I made my way through the football field to the concessions stand Arrow appeared in front of me staring curiously.
“What are you doing Arthur? You’ve never cut class before, what happened?” She asked.
“Arrow, what do you want with me all the sudden you’re gone and you can’t come back. I know this now.” I said.
“I want justice.” She said and then disappeared.

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