Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Murder Mystery

                                                              The Murder Mystery

       Ruby sat in her house on a boring Friday night. On Fridays she usually has something to do, but this time she didn’t. She lied on her bed on her stomach. Suddenly she heard her phone begin to ring. She climbed out of bed, and grabbed it off her dresser and lied back down.
“Hello?” asked Ruby.
“Hey Ruby, want to come over?” asked her friend Miranda.
“Yeah, I’ll be over in ten,” said Ruby as she hung up the phone, and she quickly packed a bag and grabbed her car keys. Ruby always goes to Miranda’s without telling her mom because they were such close friends that they didn’t need to ask for permission. In ten minutes Ruby had made it to Miranda’s. Ruby walked inside and went upstairs to Miranda’s bedroom. She knocked on her door and entered. As soon as she saw her they gave each other a big hug, even though they had just seen each other three hours ago at school. Ruby sat on the bed and dumped her bag at the edge of Miranda’s bed.
       An hour later Miranda and Ruby were relaxing on Miranda’s bed, scrolling through social media and gossiping about the school’s cutest couples. They were beginning to get bored, and they wanted something fun and exciting to do. Ruby shut her phone off and rolled onto her back on the bed and released a sigh.
            “What should we do?” Ruby asked.
“Do you want to pull a prank on my brother?” asked Miranda as she shut her phone off, and a wide grin spread across her face.                                                                                           Ruby and Miranda used to pull pranks on Miranda’s brother when they were younger, but her brother Chad went to college, and he was back for the weekend.
“Ok, you get the plastic wrap in the kitchen, and I’ll get the rest?” Miranda commanded.
“Ok, I’ll meet you back in here,” Ruby said while she was leaving the room and walking to the pantry.
       Ruby walked past the kitchen table and accidently knocked down the newspapers on the kitchen table. Ruby crouched down and began to pick up the papers. One of the newspaper headlines caught her eye: Missing Girl, Case Closed. Murder mysteries always caught Ruby’s attention, but only this time it did because the girl that was missing was in Ruby and Miranda’s grade. They weren’t that close of friends anymore, but they used to be in junior high. Her name was Carry. She had long blonde hair, ocean blue eyes, and she was tall and skinny.
       Carry had been missing since September 2nd of this year. Their whole school threw her a huge search party from where she was last seen. She was last seen at the flower garden late at night.                                                                                                                        Ruby picked up the newspaper, and she had long forgotten about the plastic wrap. She hurriedly ran to Miranda’s bedroom, and when she got their Miranda was preparing to prank her brother
“Miranda, have you seen this?” asked Ruby sadly.
“Seen what?”                                                                                                              Ruby gave the paper to Miranda and let her read the headline. Miranda let out a choked sob as she read the headline. Tears began to stream down her face. Ruby grabbed Miranda in a tight hug in an effort to comfort her best friend. Ruby began to feel her eyes sting, and then they began to water. They both cried trying to comfort each other as best as they could.
       It was now 11:00 pm. Ruby and Miranda sat on Miranda’s bed as Ruby silently read the article about why they had given up on finding Carry. Ruby read an article of the paper out loud. “-Carries footsteps were only seen in the garden, and then they suddenly vanished. The sheriff believes someone kidnapped her and took her in a car. The sheriff’s departments are trying their best on trying to find her, but it seems impossible with only little information-“ Ruby was done reading and she gazed up at Miranda.
“We should do something. We know Carry better than anyone. Lets go to her house, look in her room, and see if we can find anything?” Miranda asked ecstatically.
            “Do you think that’s a good idea? We don’t have all the information that the cops do.”
“Let’s do it. Come on! Let’s go! now.” Miranda commanded while putting her shoes and jacket on. Miranda didn’t need an answer. Ruby getting up and putting on her shoes and jacket was enough for an answer. It was 20 minutes later, and Ruby and Miranda pulled up in front of Carry’s house. It looked like her parents were home. They could see the orange glow of the lights through the window. They exited the car, and Ruby was beginning to feel like they shouldn’t be getting themselves involved.
“Miranda, are you sure that we should be doing this?” asked Ruby as she stopped in her tracks and faced Miranda.
“Do you want to find Carry or not?”
“Well of cour-” Ruby was cut off as Miranda cut in.
            “Okay, then it’s settled, if you want to find her then there’s no going back, especially not now.” Miranda sauntered back up to the house as Ruby took cautious steps to the door. Miranda rang the doorbell and waited a few seconds before Carry’s father opened the door.
“Hey girls, how can I help you so late at night?” Mr. Andrew announced looking down at his watch for the time.
“Sorry for such a late notice. We’re so sorry about Carry. May we talk inside?” Miranda said getting straight to the point without any excuses.
“Thanks for visiting girls, but Mrs. Andrew and I would like some time to ourselves tonight.” Mr. Andrew said closing the door in our faces.
“We’re going through the back, follow me.” Miranda said.
“What! No, this is getting out of hand! That’s trespassing!” Ruby responded.
“Fine! I’m going then!” Miranda yelled while walking to the back of the house to Carry’s window where the girls always go to get into her room.
“Wait Miranda, I’m coming!” Ruby yelled following right behind Miranda.
They quietly went to the back of Carry’s window. Her bedroom was on the first floor, so it wasn’t hard for them to sneak in. Miranda quietly pried open the window and got in the bedroom. Before Miranda snuck into the window she cautiously looked at her surroundings to make sure no one was looking. When she got in it was pitch black, Ruby pulled out her phone and turned on her flashlight.
       The girls looked around her room quietly. They weren’t sure what they were looking for exactly, but they knew they needed more information about her.
“I think I found something!” yelled Miranda as she stood over Carry’s desk. Ruby walked over to Miranda and peered over her shoulder.
“Look at this,” Miranda said pointing at a puzzle piece necklace.
“Ashley, her friend, has the other piece. Carry wore it all the time. She would never go without it.”
We both looked at each other, and we instantly knew who kidnapped Carry. Carry and Ashley had stopped being friends just recently. They just stopped talking, and the girls always tried to ask her why, but she never told them. Every time they did ask she would get mad and just close off. The girls headed towards Ashley’s house, and without knocking they barged straight through the front door and towards Ashley’s room. Ashley was sitting at her vanity, and she was brushing her hair.
“Where’s Carry?” Ruby yelled.
“What are you talking about?” Ashley asked in confusion.
“We know you have her! You got jealous that Carry started being our friend, so you went off and took her.”
“Prove it then!” Ashley yelled while standing up and crossing her arms and giving the girls a mean scowl.
They searched around her room, looking in her closet, bathroom, and anywhere else she might be. They weren’t having any luck until they saw her attic.
“Open your attic.” Miranda said while pointing towards it. She marched over to the attic and opened the door very slowly. Miranda looked in the crawl space and crawled in looking to find Carry.
“Do you see her?” Ruby asked, as she got ready to crawl in with her. She only had her head stuck in the attic. Ruby suddenly felt a push on her back, and she went tumbling into the attic with her friend. She looked to see Carry and Miranda hugging each other tightly. Ruby jerked her head back to the attic door. She could see Ashley smirking. She had a mean glint in her eyes. That’s when Ruby knew she would be trapped in there forever. They didn’t make a sound. They only took in the moment, silently thinking to themselves: Will we ever get out?



  1. This is a great story, I really like it. Are you going to continue it on how they get out?

  2. This is a great story, I really like it. Are you going to continue it on how they get out?