Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Time to Move On

We all have that one friend that we have known ever since we were four. Chloe and Cassidy have been friends ever since they can remember, and they aren’t just friends. They are more like sisters. They do everything together such as taking summer vacations together, shopping together, and being involved in the same sports. The longest they have ever been part from each other is a week.
Chloe and Cassidy first met when they went to preschool together. There weren’t many kids in their class. Their school is one of the smallest schools around. The school is in trouble and starting to take a turn for the worst. If the school did end up closing, they would be going to the same school because they wouldn’t be able to be apart from each other at different schools. Their parents are also very good friends, so that’s why Cassidy and Chloe have gotten so much closer through the years.
It was the last day of Chloe and Cassidy’s sophomore year of school. They have been planning a vacation for the whole year that they will be going on in two weeks. The vacation is going to be a two-week vacation to Florida. They will be spending time at the beach and relaxing. The girls were so excited because this is going to be the best vacation that they have ever gone on.
At the end of the week, Chloe got a call from Cassidy. Chloe thought Cassidy was just calling her to get the final details of the vacation. Instead, Cassidy was crying over the phone. She was very worried and knew that whatever she was about to hear wasn’t going to be good. Cassidy said with a lot of pain in her voice, “ Chloe I am so scared. I just found out my dad has cancer, and he only has a month to live. The cancer is taking over his whole body. There is nothing the doctors can do to help him.”
Chloe couldn’t believe what she had just heard over the phone. She replied, “ I am sorry!
I just want you to know that he was a great person and a lovely friend to many people.”
Cassidy thanked her and hung up the phone. They found out he wasn’t going to be healthy enough to travel all the way to Florida. The cancer has taken a turn for the worst.
She felt very bad, but Chloe wasn’t upset at all because she knows that Cassidy has to be there to support her father. She needs to spend as much time as she can with her father because they know that his days may come to an end. Now the vacation that was supposed to be Chloe and Cassidy’s families have turned into just Chloe’s family. Despite the fact that Cassidy’s family can’t go along, Chloe is still going to have fun.  She is hoping that everything will be fine with Cassidy’s family because their families are very close.
It was the day that Chloe leaves for the vacation. They were boarding the plane to Florida. When she got on the plane, she checked her phone, and it said she had one missed call from Cassidy. Chloe took her seat and called her back. When Cassidy picked up the phone, it sounded like she had been crying. Cassidy yelled at Chloe, “He’s gone! He lost his battle to cancer last night. What am I going to do? I need you here with me to get through this.”
Chloe didn’t say anything because she was in disbelief. She had tears running down her face. She felt so bad for her best friend because she knows how bad it must hurt to lose a father who made such a big impact in her life. Chloe said in tears, “ I am so sorry. I wish I could be there for you.”
She wished she could say more, but she couldn’t take the pain anymore. Chloe hung up the phone. She rushed to where her parents were sitting and sat in her mother’s arms crying. Her parents had an idea already of what happened, so they didn’t even bother asking what was wrong.
A couple days had passed. Chloe has been taking time to relax on the beach and take away all the stress. She constantly was thinking about Cassidy, but she was happy to find out that Cassidy’s mom was flying her into Florida so she could spend time with her. She was hoping Chloe would cheer Cassidy up. There was going to be no special funeral for the father, so after the private burial, she would be flown into Florida.
Cassidy was getting flown into Florida today and Chloe was so excited. She felt like she hadn’t seen her in forever. This is the longest time they have ever been apart from each other. Before Cassidy arrived at the hotel, Chloe was going to go on a boat out to the ocean. In the middle of the ocean she got to swim with dolphins and go scuba diving. Swimming with the dolphins was the most amazing thing she has ever done. They were all getting a little tired so they thought it was a good time to go back. It would give them time to clean up and get some rest.
When they arrived back at the hotel Chloe checked her phone. No calls and no messages from Cassidy. She thought this was unusual because the plane was supposed to land very soon. Chloe was going to wait about another 15 minutes to see if anything happened. While she was waiting she turned on the T.V. The news popped up, and it said there was a plane that crashed with hundreds dead. The news reporter said that the plane was on its way to Florida!
Chloe’s heart was beating so fast. She ran to her parents yelling, “Mom, Dad, hurry and come watch the news!”
Chloe could tell by the look on her parent’s face that it was no good. She then knew that it was the plane that her best friend was on. She broke down into tears. She couldn’t believe this was happening. She was praying and praying that Cassidy was not one of the hundreds that were dead. Chloe’s family called Cassidy’s mom.
By the time she had anytime to talk, she could already hear Cassidy’s mom crying. Cassidy’s mom said, “Cassidy’s plane had never landed. The police found her body on the ground. Her body was found with no pulse. Why is this happening?”
Chloe couldn’t believe that her best friend was gone. She didn’t understand why this had to happen to Cassidy. First it was Cassidy’s dad and then Cassidy. All she could think was that if they would have just stayed back to support Cassidy’s family of the loss of a loved one, then they wouldn’t have even been on this vacation. Cassidy wouldn’t even have to worry about flying all the way out to Florida, and she wouldn’t have ended up dead. Chloe’s family realized that it was time to go home because this vacation was going to be no longer enjoyable. They wanted to make it back for the funeral.

A couple days later was the funeral. At the funeral Cassidy’s mom asked Chloe to speak. She knew it was going to be hard, but she had to do it for the sake of Cassidy’s mom. It was a good way for her to say her last words about her best friend and let her go. She knew that Cassidy was in a better place and reunited with her father. This made Chloe realize that it is time to move on and realize that Cassidy and everything else will be okay.

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