Tuesday, January 19, 2016


We were all sitting around the table, the whole family was here. Our grandma

said grace then we all started to eat. My cousins started arguing, because one of them

put mashed potatoes on their spoon and flung it across the table. It had hit the other

square in the nose. That had lead to them throwing more food and all the smaller kids

around the table joined in.  All of the adults got up and tried to stop their kids. Grandma

got up and yelled, “Enough!”  Everyone sat down.

All of the adults sat on the couch and the two recliners. All the kids sat around the

tree with all their presents in their laps. My youngest brother opened his presents. He

got two dinosaur toys, and he got a huge box of Legos. All the other kids ripped into

their presents. Everyone got want they wanted to get except the oldest kid there. She

was kind of strange. She was used to getting everything that she wanted, and she was

a little crazy. She got up and ran to the door, opened it and threw her presents out of

the open door. One landed in a snow drift right next to the drive, the others left thre

dents in my uncle's pickup truck. The whole family was up and watch her as she shoved

through the family and stomped upstairs into the spare bedroom where all of the coats

were. Her dad told everyone that she was going to be fine and to not worry about it. It

was getting to be nighttime, and everyone was getting ready to leave. We heard a loud

scream come from upstairs exactly where the oldest girl had gone. Everyone stopped in

their tracks.

All but one adult ran up stairs. All the kids sat around not really minding what was

happening. We had all gone through this before. She had been kidnapped herself

before, but it was always a good thing to check on her when she did this. We heard a

loud gasp come from upstairs. I ran up there and a couple of the little kids following me

up the  stairs.

On the bed there was a little jack in the box. As soon as I got up there to see the

handle on the side started to turn round and round. The top opened and a small

pedestal came out from the box.  There was a teddy bear on it. The lights started

flicker and in a second they went out. The whole family was scared out of their mind.

Everyone that had a phone pulled it out and turned on their flash lights. My dad had

gone down stairs to get a couple flashlights for the older kids that were there.

One of the little kids got away from the rest of the family. He had gone up stairs.

He was looking for something to play with when he saw the teddy bear on the bed. His

mom and dad ran up stairs. They saw their son  pick up the teddy bear. The bear

opened its mouth, showed its teeth and ate the little boy whole. The bear jumped on the

wall  next to the parents, crawled up on the ceiling and jumped out the opened window.

The rest of the family was on the stairs, and watched the bear jump out the window.

My grandma had called the police. The police got here and knocked on the door.

My grandma told them what was going on and what had happened. Both the policemen

started laughing and said that my grandma and our family was crazy. They both walked

back to their car. The whole family watched as a huge thing came crashing into their car

sending it into the side of our house. It had huge horns and bright glowing blue eyes.

Everyone ran to the basement. The parents picked up their kids and ran.

We heard banging from all directions. One of the many old clown dolls that my

grandma had in the basement opened its mouth and its bottom jaw broke apart.

Five more of the creepy clown dolls came alive. The first one bounced up and bit one of

my uncle's hands. The huge horned creature walked in the room. It was carrying a sack

in his hand. It threw it at my uncle’s feet. The bag moved, and the oldest girl crawled out

of the bag. All of the clowns stopped moving and their eyes stopped glowing. The

policemen appeared back and the little boy walked into the room. The teddy bear came

back and reverted back to normal.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

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