Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Triangle Trip

It all started the day my friends and I got are waverunner license. Michael, Dakota, and I have been planning this trip for four years now. The trip was about going to the Bermuda Triangle, and make our way across the whole triangle. My friends and I will make our way down to Florida, and from there we will make our way to the Bahamas.
When we got to the Bahamas we all bought some waverunners, and a trailer to haul all three, we also bought a truck to pull the trailer. We all stayed there in the Bahamas for a couple of nights. We ate a big breakfast and headed to the docks to unload the waverunners, After we got them in the water we jumped on and took a cruise around the island. We all filled up with gas and took off, we got to the Bermuda triangle by 11:00 a.m. We drove through slowly, stopping some place to snorkel down and see all the planes and ships. I swam down to a plane and looked in, and there was an electric eel sitting in there. The eel swam out of the plane fast and came up to me and stung me. I swam back to my waverunner, and got on it and laid down on the seat and took a nap. I awoke to a screaming my friends were yelling my name there were two sharks surrounding their waverunners. I got my harpoon gun out and shot a shark right in the back fin. The shark swam off quickly taking my spear guns arrow, I reloaded it and shot the other one in the body. It acted fast and jumped up out of the water and took a chunk out of my waverunner. My waverunner was slower sinking so I had to load up all my gear on my friend’s waverunner. We took as much gas as we could from mine, Then it sank. By the time night was rolling in, there were rough waves, hitting our waverunners making it difficult to stay level. We flipped one of our wave runners and lost some of our gear. We were checking our weather trackers and there was a big storm coming in. We had to make supporters to the sides of the wave runners so we could keep them running without flipping them over.
By the time this storm got to us, we were preparing for it. The waves were rough and it was hard to keep the waverunner steady. I fell off one and was floating around in big waves.  
I yelled, “Help!” to my friends. I was then sucked underwater. I blacked out. I woke to my friends yelling my name.
Michael said, “Dakota flipped his waverunner, and will not run anymore!” We all piled on Michael’s wave runner and were extremely cold. I was checking my weather tracker and their was a hurricane coming. We needed to get somewhere safe quickly. We saw an island in the distance. We decided to try and make it to the island. We were driving fast to the island and the waverunner quit. suddenly. We had to get a life raft out. Luckily, when we pulled the string the on the life rafe, it aired up immediately. We were only a mile out from the island. We were rowing very fast to the island. We hit a reef, and the life raft started sinking. We grabbed our gear and starting swimming. We had many cuts and bruises from the reef and finally made it to the island. The water made us very cold and we used the raft as a blanket.
The next morning we made a fire and dried out our clothes. The rain had stopped and it only sprinkled all day. It was still hard to keep the fire going. We managed to keep the firing going and we made a shelter out of sticks and leaves.
I said, “Michael and Dakota, we need to make a plan to get rescued off the island.”
Michael replied, “Sounds good, but we need resources to make a bigger fire.”
Dakota said, “I agree, I will go get the wood.”
I was looking for supplies when I found footprints from another person. I followed the footprints to a cave. I yelled to Michael and Dakota, “I found something!”
Michael and Dakota came running. Michael asked, “What is it?”
I replied, “Look, it’s a cave! We can use this as a shelter. Also, I found footprints leading to this cave. Do you think someone is here or do you think the footprints have been here a while?”
Dakota replied, “Let’s go inside the cave. If we don’t find anything, we can good we can make it our own shelter.”
Michael exclaimed, “I think that the footprints are very resonate because the rain would have washed them away.”
I went in the cave with them and we saw parts of a plane which had the aviator cap with it. We grabbed leaves and sticks and make a makeshift bed in the cave. We made a fire in the cave. Dakota made a signal on the beach which said SOS out of logs. We were sleeping that night and heard some rustling in the bushes around the cave. We got out and saw an old lady standing their with an aviator suit on.
I asked her, “Who are you?”
She said, “My name is Amelia Earhart.”
We all jumped to our feet and yelled, “Didn’t you die in a plane crash?”
She replied, “I was really injured and lost my arm.”
She brought us back to the hut that she made. She had more of the plane there. We asked her if she wanted us to help her rebuild her plane.
She said, “I have no motor. It is no use.”
We made a signal fire the next day and in one week the helicopter found us and took us home. Amelia had died from infection in her arm.

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