Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Apocalypse Part 2

October 14, 2015
            I have been sitting at home, wondering what happened to Evan. I was really worried. He was my best friend. I couldn’t bare to see him like that. His flesh was tearing off, bleeding all over the place. I was so scared. When I was sitting by the window, I saw something or someone walking on the street towards my house. When it got closer, I saw someone that looked a lot like Evan. When he got really close, I saw it was Evan. I ran outside to Evan, and I started yelling his name, but like at the building, he couldn’t hear me. When I got right next to him, Evan started looking at me weirdly. Right after that, he started coming towards me. He kept trying to grab my arm, but I kept pulling it away. After that, I ran as fast as I could to get away from him.

October 18, 2015
            I still couldn’t believe that Evan was like that. After I saw him like that, I got in my car, and I drove to my cousin Jarod’s house. Jarod had a wife (Beth) and a little girl (McKinley). Evan was one of my best friends. I was sitting at Jarod’s watching the news with Beth, while a breaking news story popped up. It showed a bunch of police officers surrounding someone, but I couldn’t see whom it was. When the police officers moved out of the way; I saw someone that look the way Evan did when I found him. Then out of nowhere, one of the policemen fired their gun at the person’s chest. I looked away. I looked back, thinking it was over, but the thing got up again. Beth and I  were shocked.

            I kept saying to myself “He wouldn’t be alive right now, how could this happen.”

The policemen were shocked too. They were so shocked that the policemen kept shooting
and shooting at the thing, but it wasn’t dying. Then one policeman shot the thing in the head; then it dropped. They waited for five minutes, waiting to see if it got up, but it didn’t. After that, I turned the TV off right away.

October 23, 2015
            I was still so scared of what I saw on the news.
            I kept wondering, “Was that even real? Was it just someone trying to get attention? Was it a joke or was it real?”
Beth showed Jarod a video of what happened on the news, and he was freaking out.
He was really worried, so we boarded up the window, and he also put a bunch of locks on the door, so nothing could get in. I told my parents and my brother that I was at Jarod’s house. Later that day, my parents and my brother came there too.
            “Did you guys see that video on the news,”  I kept asking them.
“Yes” they answered.
            “What should we do?”
            “We should just stay here for now” they answer worriedly.

October 28, 2015

            The past few days have been so boring because there is nothing to do at Jarod’s house. I begged my parents if they could get my Xbox one from home, but they refused to go get it. When they said no; I just sat there, doing nothing. When I was sleeping, my parents came in, got me up, and asked if I wanted to go with them to go back to the house. I said yes, and I turned all the locks to the door, and ran out to the car. We drove down to our house, got to essentials, like my Xbox one with all the games, my dogs, oh and of course, food. We also got all of our clothes, put them in bags, and then we left. When we got back to Jarod’s house, we got all of the stuff out of the car, and took it into the house. I hooked up my Xbox one and started playing right away, but first I had to let the dogs out for a little bit. Later that day, while I was playing my Xbox, I heard whimpering outside. I went outside to look, but I couldn’t see anything, but I could still hear the noise. I went to the shed, and the sound kept getting louder. I saw something in the corner, kneeling down, so I went to check it out. When I got over there, and I saw one of things that was on that video. It got up, and on the ground, was one of dogs, Charlie. Charlie was the best dog I had, and I couldn’t believe that, that thing got her. My other dog, Sadie, came in and started barking like crazy. I grabbed a hammer, and I took out my anger on that zombie thing. I kept hitting it, and hitting it, until in didn’t get up. I ran back to the house with Sadie. When I got inside: I started crying. 


  1. this is a really good short story!!!!!!!

  2. Good short story Marshall. I like the part where you Xbox is the most important thing.