Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Survival of the fittest (Part 2 of 4)

Survival of the fittest (Part 2 of 4)

It was a bright winter day and we were on our way to Canada. Gavyn, Jarrett, Marshall, Jeadan, Michael, and I.  It was because we won a basketball tournament, and we were on are way to Canada for the tour of their hockey team. It was a long trip.  A few days before it was time to go, the news said Alaska was attacked by Russians and that they were on their way to attack Canada.  Jarrett said that the Canadian army would push them far from the hockey arena where we will play some famous hockey players who will teach us how to play the game of Hockey. Then maybe we will go back and teach some of our friends how to play the game of hockey.  On the way up there, we saw a bunch of American humvees with big guns on top heading towards Canada.  We thought they were just going to a different military base so we calmed down and played some basketball on the bus with a little hoop that Gavin's mom got him for the trip. When he pulled it out everyone must of had the same idea because we started to play a mini game of basketball.  It was Michael and Jarrett vs Marshall and Gavyn.
I was sitting out the first round but it was me vs Jaedan in the second round.  I won it.  I bragged about it the whole way to Minnesota it was fun but then Jaedan freaked out and tried to attack people on the bus.  It was funny especially when Michael threw him over a seat because Jaedan was sitting on him and I, because Michael was fed up with and decided to throw him over the seat. The bus driver told Jaedan to go up to the front.  We all laughed and played some more basketball because we got bored.
When we got to Minneapolis we stopped for the night.  I went to my great uncles where we got to target shoot with him.  I played halo with my cousin.  We played online against each other.  I was pretty good but she was better than me.  In the morning the bus came and got me and I went to the next rest place in north dakota because the bus driver was told us that was the next place where we would meet the next hockey professional and we would get to meet him before we got to the Arena.  We did not know which hockey player we were going to pick up in North Dakota.  We wondered if this was his first time going to Canada because a few players were from the USA.
As we drove to North Dakota to pick up the player whose name we still did not know, we stopped almost 5 or 6 times because the bus was almost out of gas and we needed a to go to the bathroom.  we bought some movies to watch on our computers.  It was fun until michael decided to get the little basketball and throw at everyone.  It was a little fun because we played a weird game of  dodgeball.  It was really cool until a ball almost hit the bus driver then we stopped playing.  I liked the part when Michael got Jaedan right in the face.  It was really funny.  Jaedan would not talk to anyone for a little bit after that. When we stopped at our next stop we grab lunch of pizza.  We were on the road for about an hour before we got to North Dakota.  We stopped at a gas station and heard that the army was holding Russia in Alaska but has not pushed them back yet.
“That is good” said Jarrett
“yeah” I said
“I hope the hockey player is still going to teach us hockey” Marshall replied.
I think Marshall is worried about the whole invasion on Alaska I said to Michael he just needs to think about something else besides the invasion of Alaska.
“yeah” michael agreed
“hey let’s go explore the forest behind the gas station” I said  
“Ok” agreed everyone
“well I dont know if we should” said Marshall
“ I think we should” said Jaedan
everyone has to agree” michael exclaimed
“ok” I said
“ well let’s take a vote” said Gavyn.
“fine” said jeadan
who thinks we should go into the forest in the back of the gas station say I protested Jaedan
3 people voted yes and 3 voted no
well this is impossible exclaimed Jaedan  
“time to get back on the bus” said Frank the bus driver
As we were driving to the player's house we were stopped by police asking where we where heading and as the police said we could go the military zoomed past us in a blur.  We drove to the Canadian border the military then stopped us asked us where we were going.  Frank said to the hockey stadium.  As he said that a big explosion happened in the front of the bus.  I blacked out as I heard people yelling and shooting guns.


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