Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Shed

                                                            The Shed

“Sweetie time to get up!” My mother yelled at me from outside my door.
“I am already up mom!” I lied.
“Ok breakfast is in 5 minutes don’t forget your school uniform.”
I despised school because all my teachers hated me. Everyone else at school hated me to. You see I was the rich girl with no friends. My mom always thought I was a popular so I just let her believe it.
I got ready, and I was not wearing my uniform! I went down stairs, and of course my mom yelled at me, “Julia Piper Hagadorn go get your uniform on now!”
“No Mom I will never wear that uniform again! I want to go to a different school,” I tried to convince her, “I hate my school everyone hates me. I never smile at school mom I will not go to that school and plus I go to a different school now. I signed up for one that’s where I’m going right now to A-H-S-T-W. I will see you after school.”
I left the room and she was speechless I laughed as I got on my motorcycle.
It took me about 5 minutes to get to my new school, and as I walked in the door I loved it already. People were so nice they smiled at me, and some people even stopped to talk to me. I was so happy as I walked to the office. The principle stopped I don’t know how I knew it was her I just did.
She said, “Hello you must be Julia Hagadorn. I am happy you chose A-H-S-T-W.  Your cousin goes to school here, so you will fit right in if you’re like Tammy.” She laughed a little. “I’m sorry it’s just funny because you have every class with Tammy.”
“Well I should probably get to class Mrs.” I paused because I didn’t know her name.
“Mrs. Philips is my name, and Ms. Hagadorn?” She asked.
“Yes?” I asked her back.
“If you have any trouble you just come to me or go to the guidance consular Mrs. Merkel,” she paused, “have a great first day Ms. Hagadorn.”
I walked to the office and she gave me my schedule I tried to talk to her but it seemed to hard. I walked in the hall and people were running to class I walked into shop class. The teacher greeted me.
“Ah you must be Julia Hagadorn your seat is back there by your cousin.” he stopped just for a second, “ My name is Mr. Widrowicz but you can call me Mr. W.”
“Um I have never met Tammy before.” I said quietly.
Everyone stared at me in shock.
“Ms. Hagadorn please stand up.” He said very loudly.
A female in the back of the room stood up she had a black shirt on with a black pair of jeans and her hair in her face. She also had spiked bracelets all up her arms and she had on a chock chain the color black with spikes and a red amulet hanging from the middle of it. She was pretty but she had a deadly look in her eyes.
I walked to the back of the class and sat next to her she looked at me like she was sizing me up then she spoke. “Well well well so you’re Julia I love the black tank top, red coat, spiked bracelets, dog collar and black jeans.” She laughed a little, “We could be twins it’s a shame that we meet now after so long, it should have been earlier than our last year of school. What does your mom think about you going to this school?”
I didn’t know what to say. All I said was, “She found out when I was getting on my bike, and I left her before she could say anything.”
“Bike?” She asked me with a questioning look on her face.
“Ladies!” Mr. W yelled. “Shut up!”
Everybody looked at the teacher like he was crazy. I suddenly realized that everybody was ether afraid of or in love with Tammy, and the teacher quickly left the room because of the look on Tammy’s face. Everyone waited for her reaction. She bursted out laughing. Everyone joined after a little bit, well everyone but me.
“Tammy, I have a red Ducati and it has black flames on it,” I paused, “I got it for my 16th birthday.”
“That’s awesome! I wish I had one, but my mom said no.” She put her head down. “My mom doesn’t have a job.”
“You can have mine. I would be fine without it. I have another one that is black with red flames. Take your pick.” I wanted to be nice, and it would fit her.
“No I barely know you and you want to sell me your bike.” She was very serious about it.
“Ha! I wouldn’t sell it to you I would give it to you to ride until you could buy one I would still pay for it.” I laughed.
She hugged me. I was happy I could help out a family member. Even if I had just met her I knew we would be good friends.
“Sorry, I don’t usually hug people I’m just,” she took a deep breath, “ I’m happy.” She smiled a little.
The bell rang and everyone left shop class. I looked at my schedule. Math, awesome; I loved math. I was so excited math was always my best class.
After school was over, I got on my bike, and Tammy hoped on back of the bike and I drove off. We got to my house 20 minutes later because we stopped at the gas station and bought some candy and pop.
“Wow this is your house!” she said with a lot of excitement in her voice.
“Yep I have lived here my whole life come on inside I will show you around its not really that big on the inside and you will like my hang out area.” I showed her around the house.
“Well. all that’s left is for you to see my room and my hang out. First my room it’s not that big but I have a big closet and a lot of shoes.” I showed her around the closet. I was walking down the stairs with her when my mom walked in.
“Hi I’m tammy I’m your niece hope we get along great and my mom will come pick me up in about 1 hour so I will be out of your hair. J was just showing me around your beautiful house.” She had sounded so innocent that day.
“Yes you must be Tammy well I’m happy you like the house. Julia I will start supper. If you and Clella would like to you could have dinner with us.” She smiled a little
“Gladly.” Then we walked out of the room to the garage in the garage was a ford mustang that was red with blue mirrors and handles my dad loved America so much that the American flag was painted on the hood of the car.
“Wow is this your car?” she looked amazed.
“Nope its my dads he is home sleeping on the couch now probably well if you would follow me.”
I led her out of the garage out the door and into the garden we walked down the stone path past all the flowers and birds. As we walked a few birds landed on my shoulders.
“What?” Tammy looked scared as I laughed.
“Don’t worry they always do this birds love me I guess I’m just a crazy bird lady.” We walked over to an old shed I opened the door.
All Tammy could say was, “Wow!”

To Be Continued

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