Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Survival of the Fittest Part 3 of 4

I wake up I see my friends on the ground and the soldiers that stopped were running around yelling and shooting their guns up at the trees I was confused so I just laid there and covered my ears I was there almost and hour when I heard the shooting stopped. I saw that gavyn was awake too. We crawled over the glass to our other friends who were still knocked out. Then we heard footsteps coming from the trees behind them so we crawled to a tree and waited to see what the noise was. it was a man with a gun he looked american but we could not tell until he ran over to the other american who were dead. so we stumbled over to our friends. The soldier heard us and whipped around with his gun aimed at us we stopped then kneed down to make sure our friends were ok. the man then ran over to us and helped pick up our friends and put them beside a wall of sandbags where there were gunshots going through them. Sand is still falling out of the bags because of the battle that had happened. Gavyn and I are still really weak form being thrown out of the bus. So we laid down next to our friends and we tried to stay awake but we are to weak and we start to drift into a sleep. When we woke up again jeadan was looking confused like he didnt know were he was, I remember every that happen. After an hour michael and marshall woke up and when that happened only Jarret was knocked out. The military private was talking to Gavyn and I he said his name was Freddy Jones. Freddy said that he and 2 other guys ran into the woods after the russians. When they ran away Freddy came back to check on the other men. Just before we went to check on Jeadan we heard shooting. Freddy jumped up and said I NEED YOUR HELP!!!!!! He threw us a handgun. Gavyn and I looked at each other not knowing what to do. He asked if we have ever shot a gun. Gavyn had shot a pellet gun before but it did not end so well. I said I had shot an AR-15 before. Fredddy thought that was good so he picked up a gun off the ground and said it was a M4 Carbine Rifle. Freddy then handed gavyn a Lebedev PL-14 pistol. he gave Jeadan a mini moose. Then Freddy ran into the woods after his friends. we followed him, freddy was really fast so we started to walk. I think Gavyn  could tell I was worried so he started to talk. It made me less worried. we started to run again when we heard more shooting. we saw some buildings so we went to hide in there. that's when we saw a dead guy in there. he must have died a little bit ago since his gun was still smoking. we moved forward until we saw Freddy. he told us to take cover by the wall. he said that the russians were heading this way. I moved to the side of where they would be running though. gavyn aims his gun at the door where they will be coming from. I sat behind the wall waiting for the first gun shot to be fired. freddy ran over to me to make sure I was ready. I told him i was ready but not really knowing what I was saying. he said we would be the two youngest people fighting for our country. I thought that was pretty cool but before I could say that gavyn was shooting like a madman. freddy looked up to see what had happen. gavyn killed a guy. freddy had started shooting. so I ran over to gavyn to see if he was ok. he was fine just confused on how to reload.  I did it for him. when I did he got up and started shooting at the door again. I got up and started shooting too. in about 10 minutes freddy jumped over his cover and went to the wall. when he did that jeadan came sprinting into the open. freddy looked over his shoulder and a guy shot at Jaedan.  he was shot in the arm. jaedan was blown back onto the ground. freddy pulled out his 45 Gov't m1911 and shot the guy in the head. jaedan was groaning as we ran over to him. as freddy cleared the building we heard a few more shots so we carried jaedan over to a building with only the front and right side walls. we put Jaedan down, he was bleeding super bad. I felt like throwing up but instead I ran to go help Freddy. We left gavyn to help with the blood. When I got into the building I looked around for freddy. When he popped around the corner he hit me in the face with his gun. I was knocked out. When I came to michael had a gun and was walking around with it. Freddy was next to me waiting for me to wake up. I got up slowly and grabbed the canteen that he had. When I was done drinking I got up and walked over to my gun and grabbed it not even knowing what I was doing. I Then walked over to Jeadan to see if he was still ok he they had wrapped his hole left side of his body in bandages. All of a sudden a big explosion happen in the trees where jaedan was shot. We heard people coming out of the forest freddy told us to run into the trees behind us and get far away from this place and to run to the military base 40 miles from here. We grab what we need then rush into the woods. We get maybe run 2 miles before we stop to rest. Then we walk in a few miles we walked maybe 7 to 8 miles then it is dark we camped there for the night then In the morning we get a map out and see how far we had to go. We thought 35 to 40 miles to go we start walking and within a hour Jeadan fell to the ground. We ran over to him he was losing blood Marshall grabbed to First aid box we had and wrapped his shoulder the best we could. Then started walking again gavyn said he would carry him a few miles when we stopped to rest we wrapped him again when we were almost done Marshall said he saw something moving this way from the woods we jumped to the ground gavyn had his gun ready like he's done this before or something. It was a man we thought it was Freddy so we walked up to him asking what took him so long it The man spun around and tried to hit us Michael and Gavyn jumped on him and he hit his head on a rock. They got up and walked over to our group we thought that we had to bring him with us. We couldn’t just leave him here to die so we dragged him with us to the military base where Freddy told us to be after we found that man we wondered how Freddy was doing AS we talked I got worried that he could have died trying to save us.



  1. This story was quite unique. It was interesting and action packed, which keeps readers at bay.

  2. It was full of action but I didn't read the first two so the started didn't really make any sense, and there were no paragraphs in the whole thing. but over all it was pretty good.