Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Creeper November ppow

The Creeper
Once upon a time in a little white house in the middle of nowhere it was a little dark scary town and they had a 2 hour drive to school. They always had to get up at 4:30 to get ready and get to school. The school wasn't very big it had like 5 teachers at the most if they are lucky. It is a little school house with a couple rooms it was a white little one with the paint coming off and all the windows and doors broke. Sometimes when the wind blew the whole thing would shake. Well that's enough about the school lets get to the creepy stuff. So one morning we got up for school and decided to play outside till our mom was ready. We seen a black chevy impala on the street with really dark windows. That was not normal at all and on top of that the bus didn't come for a while he took a really long time to get here. When the bus got here we all piled in. When we left the car started following us we were all scared but didn't know what to do. The bus driver sped up and so did the car so we all just tried to ignore it, it did not work out too well. Because the younger kids were to scared they wanted to find a payphone to call and tell mom but the bus driver wouldn't he was speeding trying to get away from him. We finally arrived at school.
10…..9….8….7...6...5…4...3...2...1 RING!!!!! we are leaving school and headed for the 2 hour drive back home i think the little ones forgot about the creep but it still roams around in my head. We got on the bus and were heading home when we got to the highway we seen the black car again following us still, we begin to wonder what they want from us we can't find out who they are either because the windows are so dark. We got home and he stayed outside we forgot to tell our mom because she was at work until 1:00 am so we kinda forgot by than and since it was dark when she got here the person had all of the lights off and she couldn't find out who it was. Early in the morning the car was still there our mom  knocked on the window and he jumped up and started his car then he took off our mom said he was an older bald man with a scar all the way down his face and had a fake leg. We haven't seen him for a while since our mom knocked on his window I think that scared him or something. Because a couple days passed and it was a good thing we haven't seen him but after the couple days he was at the school waiting for something than later that day we got let out of school early but the buses couldn't take us home and the guy said our mom told him to pick us up i didn't know to believe him or not so we all just got in and we didn't know were we were heading all i know is that it wasn't the way to our house so i asked him where we were going and he said shut up and be patient he was a creepy looking dude so i just shut up.
10……….9……...8……..7…….6…...5…..4….3...2..1. He counts down for us to shut up because the little ones were crying because they were scared. All of us wanted to go home but he wouldn't answer us and he turned music up loud so he didn't have to hear us so the little ones started screaming as loud as they can and he eventually turned around and yelled what do you guys want from me!!!!! we all said to go home. He stayed turned around and just looked at us then he turned around and took us home our mom wasn't home and the weird part is that he stayed out there again we wanted to notify the police but we didn't have anything to get a hold of them with. So we just stared out the windows at him and he shut his car off and got out he started pacing around his car like he had to use the bathroom or something it was weird then he started jogging around the car after a while of that he started sprinting and then he got into his car and started it and drove away than we turned the t.v on and seen him on the news for murder so we were all even more scared than we were.
He supposedly killed 13 people and they haven't caught him yet we all thought we were the next victims. We wondered why he let us go without killing us or harming us if he was a murderer wouldn't he of just killed us if he was so violent so we all got weapons and waited for the car to show back up because mom would not be here for a while than we seen a white car pull up that looked like a police car and they knocked so we answered it and he asked if our mom was here and if we have seen the guy and we told the policeman everything we knew so he sent a policeman in till our mom got home. The car showed up and the cop pulled his gun out and started firing at him he stayed there like he wanted to die he started laughing at him the policeman died and then the guy started running to the house so we slammed the door and locked it we heard the window brake so we grabbed mom's shotgun and went out the back door to the garage and was hiding behind all of the hay we heard the hay move but we didn't care we stayed silent and he went back to his car and left but he stopped in the alley.
We left and went back into the house and there he was in my room looking through everything we didn't have the gun so we picked up something and threw it at him. He didn't even flinch i think hes unstopable we told him to get out of our house and he laughed at us………...his laugh is scary so we all ran back out to the garage and grabbed the gun when we got back in he wasn't there so we were scared about that and ran away trying to find help but we did not and it was really scary because he was chasing us he wasn't very fast but he was scary when he was running because he was pretty buff and had a mean looking face it was even scaryer that we new he killed 13 people. We knew if he caught us he would kill us, that’s why we are not letting him catch us. We were running as fast as we could trying to find cars or something but there was none we were gonners i thought but no matter how much i wanted to turn around and shoot him i couldn’t. He stopped to catch his breath so we found a bush that had a rock over it, when you went passed the bush it was like a cave there was a lot of room and you could sit straight up and it was warm in there so we stayed in here till 1:00 am so we could have our mom help us. We were tired and fell asleep in there we woke up and cops were everywhere so we walked back home the car was gone and no sighting of the man our mom was standing outside crying because she thought she lost us but she did not.
All of the cops were surprised that we got away from him because he was supposedly the most dangerous guy in the world. The cops took us to the station and asked us a bunch of questions about what happened so we told him everything. They asked how we got away and we told them where we were hiding. They gave us blankets and moved us to a different state and we were happy here we were our mom found a big house a couple miles away from school and found a new boyfriend a couple years later she got married to him and we were all happy that our family was going well. We had a deal to not bring up what happen in the old house because it brought back back memories and the young ones already dream about it and wake up screaming. We had problems getting friends but it was worth it when we did. I joined the football team and became a HB because i was so fast…...HA...HA..HA I wonder why I was so fast.
We had a lot of fun our football team went undefeated and won the trophy. The other kids were playing soccer, I was the only one in football maybe because the rest are girls. Well back to the story. 10……….9……...8……..7…….6…...5…..4....3...2..1 RING!!!!!!! the bell goes off time to go home when we see a black chevy impala (here we go again I call my mom to come get us).

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