Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Story of My Life

I am Emily, and I am going to tell you several stories about my life. The first story I will be sharing happened to me on July 31, 2008, when I was six years old. My family and I want to the Badlands in South Dakota. When we arrived we grabbed our tickets and they had a path that went to the peek of one of the cliffs. There was a slight breeze that day and I was wearing my favorite red cowgirl hat. When we were at the top a breeze blew the hat off my head. I chased after it and because I was so small I went right under the safety fence. I grabbed my hat and right when I grabbed my hat a man grabbed the back of my shirt because I was leaning over the end of the cliff. As my mom was having a heart attack, I was being pulled back over. I got my hat and then my mom surprisingly let us stay a little longer, but I had to stay by her side.

The second story I will be sharing would be when I was five years old. We were living in the small town of Minden. Minden is actually in the Tri-Center distract, but they won’t have a bus come out to our house now that we live in the country, so now we go to Avoca. Any way my grandma lived in the country where we live now because she got sick and was needing more and more help around the house. We moved into the basement, and Cody and I are still down there now, but my mom and dad are now up stairs. We have just finished remodeling the outside and the entire upstairs. Around two years ago is when Cody and I were at school, and my dad came home and my grandma had died. She was in her favorite chair and the T.V. was still on. They had moved her body before Cody and I got home. When my grandpa found out we gave him all or her belonging the glass dolls, and craft stuff we divided up and we stayed and bought the home.
The third story that I will be sharing is the time I got my hearing aid. I was 11 or 12 years old when I got my hearing aid. I went to the hearing doctor, and I did the same thing I do every time: take test, clean my ear with a vacum, tell me I can’t hear perfect, Then they make me wait for half an hour. After that, they take me into the doctor's room and talk to my mom about all the choices we have, we ended up with the two year warranty, and we said no to the water proof, and we went with the basic style for the battery. Then I was told to turn my head they put a thing in my ear with a sting on it then injected pike foam like stuff in my ear. After, around 5 minutes they took it out and there was a model of my ear. The sent it to the factory and then I chose the color I had chosen a purl pink and a mint green color. After, we went to Mcdonald’s. We got a phone call that they didn’t have any of the colors I wanted, so we then after she listed the colors I chose the ruby red. In two weeks we came back, and the hearing aid was here. We went in did the normal test, and then they programed it for me I have three settings now normal, loud, and quiet. I still use my hearing aid every day, and now I can hear.

The fourth story is when I was one year old, and I had the first operation on my ear.  It was for tubes. I have this with were I don’t like being knocked out my medicine, so when ever I have surgery, and they knock me out, and I can’t move my body, I alway, try then get all worked up. Then I wake up with a bubble on my head. I am not kidding they put and band around your head with a hollow ball on it that goes around ear then you have to sleep with it on your head. when you wake up the next day depending on the surgery there will be a luffa like thing it covered in blood from your ear. My tube got put in, and I don’t remember a lot. Around a year later the tubes fell out. When we went to the doctor they just took them out. My other surgeries were when I had something with my ear drum, then I burst my rear drum, then I am so good I had to have my ear drum repositioned, and I somehow broke some bone in my ear. The last one was the worst because now if I rub behind my ear there it a weird feeling, and the stitches come a little loose. The worst part is when I wear sunglasses because sometimes they feel tilted on my head because my left ear is barely a millimeter lower than the right ear. Any way that is the story on my ear.
The final story I will share is when I found a love of horses. When I was eight years old when 

we were on vacation and went to a horse ranch. The first day we rode for two hours and I rode a 

horse named Chicken Nugget. The next day Cody and Mom went shopping while Dad and I went 

riding I rode Jack that day and my dad rode a horse named Kitty. Ever since I went riding I have 

always wanted a horse. Ever since we moved to the country and we bought cattle I never saw a 

reason that we couldn’t get a horse. I have eased up on nagging, but I still want a horse. One day I 

saw horse supplies in the barn and I got really excited, but after I asked my dad he said he was going 

to get me a horse, but then the horse was in bad condition so he didn’t get it. I will always want a 

horse, but for now I have cattle, cats, and a dog. The End

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  1. Emily, this is very good work. You really explain the big moments in your life. You explain why you have the earpiece. I believe a lot of people probably ask you that a lot.