Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Amusement Park

Once upon a time there was this girl named Callie, and she had a best friend named Jack.  Jack and Callie always went on adventures together and were almost inseparable.  They were always together, never spent a day without seeing each other.  Callie lived only about half a mile up the road from Jack’s house.
Every day after school, Callie would go to Jack’s house or vice versa, and they would do some kind of different adventure.  Jack was the oldest sibling out of his family; he has two young brothers named John and Jake.  Callie was the second oldest out of her siblings and had an older brother named Cale and a younger brother named Carson.  She was the only girl, and she grew up playing with tractors and always being outside.  Being around guys came naturally to her.
Callie’s mother didn’t see anything wrong in the way Callie was.  Like how she always wanted to be outside, wasn't scared to get her hands dirty, or hang out with all the guys.  At school Callie got made fun of, for example, they called her “Tomboy Cal.”  This didn’t seem to bother her?  She was outgoing and didn’t care what other people thought of her.  A lot of people enjoyed Callie’s humor and her existence.  At lunch she could sit by anybody and fit on in, she thought everybody needed to feel loved and never uncomfortable.  
Jack was the quiet, shy guy in school.  Didn’t say much to anybody, and Callie was his only friend who didn’t make fun of him.  His mother thought he needed to be more outgoing and needed to make more friends.  Jack doesn’t see anything wrong with the lifestyle he lives, therefore he shall stay the way he is.  
Jack and Callie are on an adventure, and they are walking along this creek with sticks poking any living thing they see. As they walk down, they come across things that they have never seen before.  Callie has shorts on with a sweatshirt, it’s mid fall.  A little bit chilly out but she thinks if you are on an adventure, you can’t get cold.  Jack has jeans on and regular t-shirt with his backpack on that he takes everywhere which holds “Everything you will ever need to survive.”  
Jack comes across this small creature with two legs and looks like a two legged caterpillar.  He takes his backpack off to get out his book with hundreds of insects in it.  He cannot find anything of the sort in it.  He decides to leave it there.  They keep walking and up ahead, they see a couple of large wooden piece of something sticking up in the air.  Callie wants to go see what it is, Jack, on the other side, doesn’t think it’s a good idea.  
They come across this broken down amusement park.  Jack wants to go home, he doesn't think it's safe.  He checks the time, it's almost nine-thirty.  Callie and Jack are to be home at nine every night regardless of what they are doing. Mother is probably worried sick.  They start on their way home.  Ten o’clock rolls around and they are finally home.   
Callie and Jack’s are all sitting in Callie’s kitchen. While their siblings were sleeping on the living room floor.  Jack’s mom jumps up and hugs them both.
“Where are you guys been?” yells Callie’s dad.  
“Well we were walking along the creek, and saw something ahead so we kept walking.” replies Callie.
“Did you have your phone on Jack?” Jack’s father asks.
“Well Callie was in a hurry and we didn’t stop, and I didn’t even think about it.  We are sorry!” Jack says.
“Well if it happens again there will be a consequence.  For now get ready for bed, you can bathe in the morning.” demands Callie’s mother.  
Jack and his family wake up his brothers, then head back home while Callie goes and brushes her teeth for bed.  Saturday rolls around and Callie wakes up and showers, then goes and eats breakfast.  Today Callie and her family has a team meeting for her older brother Cale’s soccer team, and Callie asked to stay home.  She gets some lunch and calls Jack to see if he wants to go back to the run down to the amusement park.  Jack calls his mother and asks, she says that he is to be home at seven o’clock sharp.
Callie and Jack start walking, thirty minutes of walking they arrive.  They come upon many run down roller coasters, carnival games, and eating places.  Callie thought it would be fun to climb on some of them, and predict on what happened to them.
“I don’t think it’s that good of an idea,” replied Jack.  “What if either of us fall and get hurt or something?”
“Well I guess so but we can be very careful and be sure neither of us fall!” hollars Callie.
Callie starts climbing first, Jack takes a while to think first, but he goes now.  Callie is going quick and Jack is still debating on whether he should go or not.  
“Hurry up, before you lose me,” says Callie.  
Before you know it Jack, falls down and Callie is standing a single wooden bar.  She starts walking towards Jack, he’s laying on the ground holding his stomach.  To be continued…

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