Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Yesterday's Today

Yesterday Today
It has been 10 years (10 years!), and I still haven’t got my revenge…
It’s the morning of October 10, I look in the mirror, I see a beautiful girl ready for her first day in a new place. I was given a job at Taunton State Hospital. I will work night shifts on the main floor. I am super excited and need to leave for the first day. I walk out the door and it is colder than normal. I have training all day today, and then I start tomorrow with my first night shift.
I get to the hospital and swipe my card. I walk inside and get goosebumps, I don’t feel right. I think to myself, it’s just first day jitters. I walk to the front desk where they show me to my locker. I put my things in it and lock it. I walk out to meet my trainer, she is very tall and pale almost like she is sick. She introduces herself to me, her name is Hagatha Boris. She shows me around before we start training. As we are walking around I see a door that is covered in crime scene tape, I’m curious. I ask Hagatha but she doesn’t respond.
Hagatha and I make it back to the training room where I will train and take a final test to make sure I am perfect for the job. We start out with blood pressure. There is a nurse in there that is volunteering to be the practice dummy. I grab the cuff to fit her arm and start. As I finish I realize she has an abnormal blood pressure range. I address the problem, but she responds with a “That’s normal” in a salty tone.
The next thing we work on is taking blood for testing. I grab all the supplies and have her sit in the chair. As she sits there she is staring like she can see something. I clean the area where I was able to feel the vein. I stick the needle in and start taking the blood. My trainer was really impressed with how I did.
My trainer told me it was time to take the test so she handed me the five pages and a pencil. She sat on the computer while I took the test. In the middle of the test, the phone rang. She picked it up and answered it. There was a plane crash coming in and they needed all nurses to the floor. She looked at me and told me to get ready for lots of blood. I started to freak out. She told me to grab scrubs from the closet and to calm down. We started to sprint down the hallway.
We go to the doors at the right time. There were at least five ambulances lined up with more than one patient. The first patient I took from the ambulance started coding. I yelled for someone to push the patient. I jumped up on top of the cart and started immediate CPR. As the cart rolled through the doors all I could hear was screaming and yelling. The beeping of machines started to get to me. All I can remember is feeling like I had been hit by a train.
When I woke up I was in a room hooked up to IV’s. I looked up at the wall too see the number of my room, it was 219, then at the floor to see crime scene tape from earlier all over. They must have put me in here because every other room was taken. I started to panic, a nurse heard me and ran in. I started to ask questions, and out of the blue, I felt a pain again. The pain felt like I had gotten slapped.
The nurse looked me in the eyes and told me what had happened. So here it is, I guess when I felt that “getting hit by a train feeling”  I fell off of the cart and slammed my head on the floor. After hitting my head I went unconscious. They quickly called in more nurses to help get me up and out of the way. They took me into this room and hooked me up to IV’s. I mean I guess I should be thankful for the way they treat me. After they told me, I was fine to go home, I grabbed my stuff and quickly got out of there.
I got into my car and put down my mirror. I looked at my face to find a big swollen bruise. That wasn’t the weird thing though, there were three perfect scratches down my cheek that matched a pair of nails. I was confused, so I put up my mirror and went home. That night I sat on my laptop researching the hospital and its history. I came across a website with an article about a Mother and Daughter dying in the same room, Room 219.
What I’m about to tell you may just kill you inside. Ten years ago tomorrow, there was a mass shooting in an apartment building. The police were called and they had to transfer a 10 year-old and her mother to the hospital. The little girl was shot in the arm and leg, the mother wasn’t as lucky. She was shot in the chest three times. They were able to keep her alive long enough for the girl to say goodbye. The little girl stayed in the hospital for a few days. She started to become different. She went crazy without her mother. Demented actually, she would sneak anything into her room to injure herself. After two days she killed herself. She wrote a note to her nurse saying, “I can’t go on without her, but trust me I will be back.”
When the nurse came into the room a few minutes later, there was blood everywhere. The girl tore every IV she had in, out of her body. She purposely made the needles cut her skin and veins when pulling them out so she would bleed out. This was a planned attempt of suicide, but how normally the cameras are watched and no one ever gets away with something like this. The nurse hadn’t realised the note until now. As she read the note she panicked.
The nurse came running out of the room. She told the front desk to call 911. She quickly made it to the head administrator of the hospital and showed her the note. They took it very seriously. This is why the room to this day was caution taped.
I finish reading the article and decide to go to bed. I didn’t get a single hour of sleep. I laid there tossing and turning. The only thing I could think about was that girl, and that note. That note was the biggest thing that scared me. Tomorrow will be 10 years, and she said she would be back. I work a night shift tomorrow, 8 p.m - 8 a.m. As I lie there thinking about tomorrow, I start to feel sick. I quickly get up and puke. I can’t call in sick so I get up and brush my teeth.
I walk out to my kitchen and start my Keurig. I was going to need a lot of coffee and spark to make it through my day. I looked through the fridge to find food. There wasn’t much like normal. So I just ate leftover pizza. I sat on the couch and turned on the tv. There was a big story on the news about a shooting. What was new; one happened every night? Sometimes more than one, this was normal for where I lived.
The news went on and on for another 30 minutes before something interesting came on. First of all, you can now buy a single person Casey’s pizza for $5! That isn’t what caught my attention fully though. They had a story about the ten-year anniversary of the mother and daughter's death. There were pictures of the girl’s body lying in the bed completely covered in blood. I sat staring at the t.v scared that something was going to happen.
I shut off the t.v, set and alarm on my phone, laid down and took a nap. I woke up to the tone of ducks quacking. It was 5:00, I got up and showered. I got out and turned on some music. I clipped my towel up while I got ready. I started by blow drying my hair, which I hated doing. I plugged in my flat iron and started to straighten my hair. It took me five minutes to do my hair. I went out to the kitchen and put some water and spark into a shaker cup. I mixed it together and took a huge chug, it was so sour I choked it down.
I went back into the bathroom, I looked like a hot mess express, so I threw on some basic makeup. I went into my room, and to my closet. I searched through the 40 or more pairs of scrubs I owned and found a matching pair. I of course grabbed my favorite pair. They were pink Mossy Oak camo, then I put on my brand new Nike tennis shoes. I looked at the clock, it said 6:45. I needed to leave. I grabbed my purse and my shaker cup as I ran out of the house. I got to my car and hooked my badge to my new lanyard.
I pulled out of the driveway. I drove and got onto the interstate. It would take me about 45 minutes to get to work. Knowing how I drive it would only take about 25-30 minutes. Let’s just say I like to go 75-80 on the interstate not 70. I got to work in 30 minutes. As I got out of my car, I got the chills. This must be a normal thing coming into this place. I was really nervous, especially knowing that something could happen tonight.
I walk to the entrance and swipe my card. I was in, I felt like throwing up, but I was in. As I trudged to my locker, I kept getting a feeling something was watching me. I unlocked my locker, threw my purse in and finished my spark. I put my clip on correctly and was ready for the night. I walked to the E.R  to start with my first patient. I get to the E.R and am rushed right away by a girl and mother from a shooting. They predict the girl being ten. She had been shot in the shoulder and foot. Her mom on the other hand was shot in the spine right below where her ribcage ends three times.
As they put  IV’s in the little girl, everything started to turn. I heard the daughter say I love you mommy, goodbye. The mother’s machine made its final beep, the daughter got up and kissed her mother’s forehead. The nurses started to cry, I walked over to the little girl and held her tight in my arms. The girl was put into her own room and was plugged into IV’s. She slept for three hours before waking up.
I brought her some soup and jello. She asked for chocolate and Mt. Dew. The doctor approved so her wish was my command. I gave her the food, and she became instantly happy. I walked out of her room and checked my watch. It as going on 11:10. I walked back into her room and sat until my watch read 11:11. I told her to make a wish, she sat there with her hands together. She looked up at me and gave me a big hug. I started to tear up.
I went to the front desk where I signed some paperwork. I walked through the hallways to check on patients. I walked into the little girl’s room to find blood all over and the girl on the floor dead with her IV cords around her neck. There was a note on the bed saying “I told you I was going to be back, but you didn’t seem to believe me”. I ran out of the room crying. The front desk called 911. I went back into the room and sat next to the little girl. I felt something around my neck and I couldn’t breathe. I was struggling to catch my breath I knew i wouldn’t be able to survive so I just let go. The police showed up to two bodies dead on the floor.

From this day forward weird things happen on that one special day, the day that I died doing the thing that I loved the most. I wish I could keep doing what I loved. Who knows; maybe I will be back. They always come back.

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