Tuesday, January 19, 2016


It was a fine fall day in Silverton, Colorado. I couldn’t help, but look up at the clear sky as I was walking to school. I live about half a mile out of town, but I had to walk today because my aunt had to go to work early, so she couldn’t take me. As I was walking the sky started to cloud up, and soon it was pouring rain.
I ran the rest of the way to school, but still got completely soaked. As I ran inside I looked around for my best friend, Zahara. After walking around for a few minutes looking for her I found her in the lunchroom eating cereal.
“Hey,” I greeted Zahara.
“Hey Kia want some?” Zahara questioned pointing to her half eaten cereal.
“Um, I think I’m good thanks,” Kia answered.
Then the bell rang, and the girls jumped up to go to math.
“I’m so bored,” Zahara complained to Kia.
“Me too,” Kia agreed.
Just then the teacher Ms. Whitetail called on Zahara
“Um yes Ms. Whitetail,” Zahara answered nervously.
“Could you please give me the answer to the problem?” Ms. Whitetail questioned.
“Um yeah it’s um,” Zahara stalled.
“Ms. Winters I am going to have to move you away from Kia if you can’t pay attention.”
“Please give me one more chance I’ll pay attention,” Zahara begged.
“Alright one more chance,” Ms. Whitetail agreed.
Aftermath the two girls went to the science room, but not after stopping at their lockers and finding Tabitha one of their best friends. The girls stepped into the room right after the late bell rang.
“You're late!” Mr. Gilbert snapped at the girls, “But only by a second, so I will let you girls off, but just this once.”
“Thank you,” Kia, Zahara and Tabitha coresed. The girls went and sat down in their spots.
Just as Mr. Gilbert was finishing up Mrs. Mills the principal came on the intercom.
“I would like everyone to report to the gym immediately please. Everyone report to the gym” Mrs. Mills requested through the intercom.
Kia quickly went over to Zahara and Tabitha, and they rushed to the gym. Mrs. Mills was standing on the stage with a microphone in her hand.
“There is a freak snowstorm coming from the North, and it will hit at any second.” Right on cue the students could hear snow and hail pounding on the roof. Mrs. Mills simply carried on talking ignoring the snow. “I am sorry to inform you that it will not be safe for you to travel home, and you will all have to stay here until it stops. The weathermen believe that it won't stop until around six tomorrow morning, but for now carry on like it’s a normal day. With a sigh Kia turned to say bye to Zahara.
“See you at lunch.”
“See ya.”
Kia and Tabitha went off to English. English was Kia’s least favorite class, but she loved the teacher Mrs. Rosson.
“Good morning class,” greeted Mrs. Rosson.
“Good morning,” the class coarsed back.   
After Mrs. Rosson finished teaching she gave the class the rest of the time to talk or work on homework, so Kia turned to Tabitha
“Hey Tabby,”
“Hey,” Tabby replies with a smile turning to face Kia.
“Can you believe that we might have to stay the night at the school” Tabitha complains.
“Where are we going to sleep?” Kia wonders.
“I hope we get to sleep by our friends,” Tabitha states.
“Me too,” agrees Kia.
After English the girls finish their normal school day and walk to the gym. As they walk in they hear Mrs. Mills tell everyone to go to their advisory teachers. So Kia walked over to Mr. Raisbeck and sat down next to her friend Maybelle.
“We are going to sleep over their by the green mats,” Mr. Raisbeck informed the students while pointing at the mats. Kia and Maybelle stood up and walked over to the mats and stood in a circle with the rest of their advisory.
“There aren't enough mats for everyone so you are going to have to partner up,” Mr. Raisbeck stated. “You have free time now.”
So Kia and Maybelle pulled their mat a little ways away, sat down on it, and pulled out their laptops. After playing on their laptops and texting Zahara and Tabitha for a couple hours Mrs. Rosson got on the stage.
“I would like everyone to please go to the lunchroom to have supper the high school has just finished.” Mrs Rosson informed the hungry students.
The seventh and eighth graders started to leave the gym heading for the lunchroom. Once they were 

there Kia and Maybelle found their normal table, and sat down waiting for everyone else to come so 

they could get in line. Once everyone had got there, they went to the lunch line and got their food. 

After eating Kia, Maybelle, Tabitha, and Zahara messed around in the gym until they had to go to 


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