Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Star Wars: The Battle of Sullust

Running as fast as I can, the roar behind me became louder. The boisterous sounds of a conflicting aircrafts above filled the area. Tie Fighters, Tie Interceptors, A-wings, and X-wings fought above. I continued to bolt and didn’t stop. My grasp was on a A280 blaster rifle. The planet of Sullust was a very warm one, and lava filled the grounds everywhere. A volcano exploded beside my face, blasting me to my side. I soon heard gunshots firing from behind me. I could tell that the shots were aimed towards me. None of them had hit me, of course because if one of those bucket heads were ever to hit me, I’d leave the Rebellion immediately.
My body grew from the ground, and I instantly dove behind a large molten rock. Storm troopers from afar continued their preposterous aim at me. I slid from the side, and shot two of them. The low-class soldiers fell instantly. I could see a third trooper peaking from behind a rock, also. I yanked the Ion Grenade from my belt and vaulted it over yonder. The grenade (clearly) exploded and eliminated the trooper. I hoisted myself off the rock and resumed my journey to the Rebel base. When about 50 yards out, I spotted something to my right. The sight was horrifying. What appeared in front of me was none other than two giant AT-AT walkers making their way into the battlefield. Behind them, followed hundreds of Imperial soldiers.
I leaped over the 24-inch wide creek in front of me. The creek was stuffed to the top with scorching lava. I couldn’t tell how deep the creek was, and frankly didn’t care, as long as I got over it. I realize that the walker had seen me move because the giant took aim at me. It fired blasting five yards from my feet. This sent me airborne, leaving the ground behind me. I flipped over and landed on my back. My head instantly ached, and I was “seeing doubles” of everything around me. The walker took aim yet again and was waiting for my response. I got up and wobbled into the base that was no longer very far away. I walked inside and laid up against a wall. My head spun, and my stomach turned. When I finally did get ahold of my sight, I saw that the base I had landed in was no longer a rebel base. The base was greeted by a Imperial Shuttle. The shuttle was landed and the hanger was open. A quickly notice a line of storm troopers walking on the skywalks above.
The sight of dead friendly Rebels overtook me. I turned to my side and began violently vomiting all over the place. The sounds of my wrenching were heard by nearby troopers. They quickly hurried over to me. I told myself that this was the end and that I had at least gone out swinging. The trooper wasn’t one you would normally see. His/Her suit was completely black, and a jump pack rested upon his/her shoulders. A group of normal troopers followed behind him/her, as if the soldier had authority.
“Take him in for questioning. He seems to be concussed, and is an easy target. Make him sleep for awhile first. He will be no good to us if he can’t remember any information.” the male soldier said. When he spoke, he spoke with confidence.
“Yes, Commander.” said one of the troopers out of the group of five. The came over to me and hoisted me upon their shoulders;. More vomit came from my mouth and onto the floor. The soldiers ignored it, and began carrying me somewhere, It didn’t take me long to fall asleep during the bumpy, painful, and gut-wrenching ride.
When I awoke I found myself tied against a metal pole. My hands were behind my back, and my rifle was nowhere to be seen. I quickly scanned the room with my blurry vision. I was in some kind of a control room. There weren’t any troopers around, either. My head ached and pounded. It felt as if someone had smashed it with a baseball bat. My hearing cut in and out, but what I could hear, the battle was still raging. Chills of fear ran down my body. They were going to torture me, I just knew it. Ever since the revival of the Empire they’ve been killing people just to figure out Rebel plots to defeat them yet again. All of these thoughts were running through my mind until the door to my left slid open. A man who was wearing imperial officer armor walked towards me.
“Why hello there, Captain.” he said grinning. He saw the disgust and surprise on my face and began to talk again. The cloth in my mouth kept me from spitting in his face.
“You seem surprised. We know you are, Captain Webz. In fact, we’re happy you so kindly joined us here today.” he declared. I managed to spit the rag from my mouth and onto my chin. I didn’t hesitate to speak.
You’ll have to kill me before I give you any information about the Rebellion. You hear me? You guys are pathetic!” I screamed at him.
“Oh, yes, so pathetic that we’ve managed to come to your beautiful and toasty planet of Sullest and turn it into our own personal ruins. Rebel scum,” he responded. I screamed and vaulted my legs toward his. I wrapped my legs around his ankle, and made him crumble to the floor. I kicked him in the nose then wiggled the keys from his belt with my feet. I tossed the keys towards my hands. I grabbed the keys with my fingers and began cutting the rope with them. I got one of my hands free, when the officer leaped toward me. When he did, I threw my right hand around his throat. He collapsed to the ground, where I launched a fist into his right eye. I put my fist back behind my back, and began cutting my other hand. I got it free and leaped onto the Officer.
“I’ll be needing this,” I say as I pull the DH-17 blaster pistol from his belt. The man groaned as I got off of him and wobbled out the door.
Through the doors, I found. myself in the hanger. The Imperial Shuttle that once rested there was now gone. I walked over to a tie fighter and climbed the ladder to get into it. When I reach the top, I found a Imperial Pilot already preparing himself for flight. I fire my blaster into his helmet and yanked him out of the aircraft. I load myself inside of the fighter and fired it up. As I flew the fighter out of the base, I had one instinct. Go home, but instead, I looped back toward the battle and towards the giant walkers in the battlefield.


  1. I thought that the danger and emergency in the battle was very well written. I really understood that the Rebels were suffering as the Imperial Army assaulted them. I especially liked the part where the main character was being interrogated because it seemed very realistic as to what something like that would be like in an actual war where the stakes are that high.

  2. I thought this story was very funny. Those were some good times.