Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The Night Before Christmas

The Night before Christmas

It started off with a little family living in the country. It was 2 days until christmas and the kids were excited. Before I tell you that story we have to get to know the family. There were two kids a mother and a father. The two kids are Lisa and James. They were excited for the family to get there. They would be here the next day. For the entire day, they were thinking of what they want for christmas. The next day had came and their family got there. They had got all the presents in order, and started on the christmas dinner. When they got done fixing the dinner they put it all on the table and called everybody to come and eat. While they were eating, the kids were fighting with each other. It got to the point where they were throwing food at each other,when Steve, the dad; said “this is a great dinner”,”really mine’s kind of dry” said the uncle. After they were done eating, they went to put up the christmas tree. They would have put it up earlier but they wanted to wait till the whole family was there. The kids were fighting when they were putting up the christmas tree too. After they were done putting up the christmas tree James went up to his and took out his letter to Santa. After looking at it for a while he ripped up in threw it out the window. When he threw it out the window the wind picked up and blew it into the sky. When he went back down stairs the sky had gone black and gray. James didn't think anything of it and went to go play. As soon as he got to his cousins the power went out. Then everybody met in the living room to get flashlights and blankets and then went back to playing, Everything after that went smooth,Karen,the mom; was in the kitchen baking cookies for santa.When the cookies were done she put them on the plate with some milk. When that was done she called everybody back into the living room around the fire. The started to tell christmas stories until they heard a bang on the roof. They just thought it was just a branch or something so they went back to telling stories. Then they heard the bang again so they went to check outside. When they got outside they saw giant hoof marks on the ground. They thought it was just a horse or something so they went around the house. The hoof marks were all over the yard and around the house. There was something spelled out in the back yard in hoof marks. I did the best I could trying to see what it said, I think it says KRAMPUS. We went back inside and asked has anyone heard of the name KRAMPUS. “Oh dear” said the grandma. After she said that Lisa asked her mom “when is santa getting here”? Then they heard the noise again. When they heard the noise the grandma said St. Nicholas is not coming this year,it is his shadow that is coming. “What's the shadow of St. Nicholas”? James asked. His name is KRAMPUS. After she said that there was a bang in the attic. When we went to go check it out we saw it. it was a horned red eyed devil. When i looked at it you could see your worst nightmare, things you couldn't even imagine. Then all i could see is black then nothing. The next thing I knew I was laying on the couch. I looked over and i could see his face in the fireplace.Then I am being shocked awake by my family. They ask me what I was dreaming about so I told them. I have a foggy memory about the dream but i did my beast. I remember my friend hanging off the front door horizontally, her nails digging into the wooden frame as a giant, fur-covered beast with red eyes and giant fangs pulled her outside into the cold December night. Then I could see that thing or whatever it was ripping her apart limb by limb piece by piece. Then I could see him look up at me with his red demonic eyes and go back to ripping her apart. That's all i could remember so i got up and got a cup of coffee. Later we got a knock on the door and we got a letter. It said KRAMPUS in big letters in the front. The letter had said “i’m coming for you all of you maybe you should have been good for goodness sake. Then Lisa let out a big scream. She was being drug outside into the cold. we all ran after her but it was to late she was already gone. Then James is gone and nobody can find him. Everybody ran into the house to see if James was in there. When the grandma looked out the window she saw james running to the house, she let him in and locked the door. While it was fine downstairs for a while it was not fine in the attic. The uncle had gone to look for James in the attic. He had heard a noise and thought it was James. When he got up to the attic and saw nothing. when he was up there he decided to check things out. He had found a box ripped open and something in there. Inside the box there was a note it said “you're next” then saw a dark furry beast in the corner. Then he saw nothing the felt nothing. After that downstairs the people that were left heard a deep voice. It was saying I can only take two lives on christmas. You guys are very lucky and let this come as a warning. Don't make me come next year or it will be worse. Haven't you guys heard santa claus is comin to town. I would pay more attention to that song next year if you do not want to see me next year and see my brother the one who gives you presents and does not come into your house and kill. Let this be a lesson always be nice to your loved ones.              


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