Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Mysterious Day

Mysterious Day

It was a cold morning in the town of Roseville, and the leaves were falling. Kimberly had woken up early for school. She quickly got dressed and ran down the stairs. She then sat down at the table as her father made her breakfast. Today was her first day at her new school since her family moved to get a fresh start. Her father made her some waffles and she ate them all. Once she finished ,she got up,  grabbed her bag, and headed out the door.
When she got to school and got out of the car she started feeling a bit nervous. She said her goodbyes to her dad and baby sister and shut the door. The bell rang, and she ran through school, not knowing where to go. Once she found the right class she walked in as the room fell silent. All eyes were on her as she walked to the teacher.
“Class we have a new student. Her name is Kimberly Jones, and she moved here all the way from..” The teacher pauses as she waits for Kimberly to finish her sentence.
“North Carolina,” Kimberly finished as everyone stared at her.
“Would you like to tell us about yourself?” Asked the teacher. Kimberly walks in front of the class and looked at everyone as she began to speak.
“Well I have two sisters, one is younger and her name is Mckenna and the older one is named Maybelle,” She pauses. “And umm, I like to ride horses and play sports. My mother passed away a few weeks ago, and that’s why we moved over here.. to get a fresh start with things.” She stops and looks at the teacher.
“Well you get to sit next to Brinley, in the back row.” The teacher says as she points to a desk. Kimberly walks over and sits down.
“My name is Mrs. Hover by the way.” And with that she started to teach.
As the day went by Kimberly followed Brinley to all her classes, and she became good friends with her. As the bell rang for their dismissal she waited for the bus to come. After about ten minutes the bus arrived and a few people got on. She sat alone in front and did her homework when something hit her on the head. She dropped her homework and felt her head. She felt dizzy, so she stood up and told the bus driver.
The bus driver told her that she would be alright, so Kimberly sat back down and looked out the window. Eventually the bus stopped at her house and she got off. She was still dizzy and started walking towards the trees. She didn’t know where she was going by then and stopped and leaned against a tree. She started crying and buried her face in her hands.
She woke up a  few hours later and was confused. She grabbed her stuff and walked towards a river. She still didn’t know where she was or how far away home was.  She set her stuff down and took her shoes off. She set her shoes aside and stuck her feet in the water.  She looked up, thinking about her mom. After a few minutes she slipped her shoes back on and got up. She started walking towards a house, thinking it was hers. Once she got closer she realized it wasn’t her house. She went up to the door and knocked. She waited for a bit and was about to leave when she heard the door open.
“Hello?” A soft voice spoke. Kimberly looked at the young girl, it was Brinley.
“Sorry..I am just a bit lost,” Kimberly said looking down at her shoes.
“Come in, come in.” Brinley said as she opened the door wider. Kimberly walked in and looked around.
“Nice house.” Kimberly complimented
“Thank you,” Brinley said “Where do you live anyways?” She asked
“River Road, a bit out of town of course since I’m all the way out here,” Kimberly giggled.
“I know where that is… actually not far from here,” Said Brinley.
“Mind helping me get there?” Asked Kimberly
“Sure, come on!” Smiled Brinley.
And with that the girls took off out the door, running through trees and jumping over branches. As they ran a bit longer Kimberly noticed they weren’t heading anywhere near town. She slowly stopped and looked around.
“Umm.. where are we going Brinley?” She asked a bit scared. Brinley stopped ahead of her.
“I don’t know what you mean.. Your house is right there.” She said as she pointed. Kimberly started to get dizzy again and fell to the ground. Brinley became worried and ran to Kimberly’s house. She banged on the doors until someone opened it.
“What’s the matter young lady?” Kimberly’s dad asked.
“Kimberly.. She fainted.” Brinley stopped, still worried. Kimberly’s dad ran outside as Brinley led him to Kimberly. He picked her up and drove her to the hospital. Once they got there she rushed inside. A couple doctors took Kimberly into an empty room and laid her down on the bed. After a few hours Kimberly woke up and looked around. She started breathing heavily because the last time she was in a hospital, her mom passed away.  
“Hello?” Kimberly asked. No one answered, she panicked more and soon there was a loud beeping noise, and everything went black.

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  1. That was a god story! Are you going to keep the story going? You should!