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December ppow Crazy fishing trip

Crazy fishing trip
Once upon a time. There was a lake in the middle of nowhere. That was known to have the biggest fish in the world in it. That was called the toxic eal me and my dad went there to try to catch it. We were driving for days so we brought our camper. We tried and tried every time we got a bite the line broke.
So we knew there was something big in there. So we went to the nearest fish shop and got more stuff and rigged our poles. And then we went back and started to fish again the only thing we caught was little catfish. So we tried to use something else for bait. And we kept getting bites like crazy that almost broke my pole.
And finally we caught a baby toxic eal it was pretty big. We had to wear gloves though because they were toxic. It started to try to wiggle away so I took a picture real fast. And if ones in there all of them are in there. So we kept fishing and we kept getting baby's until I got a huge bite. And my dad had to help me get it.
It was a dad toxic eal so we kept it and showed the DNR of the lake the fish was over 2,000 pounds and 150 feet long. We became rich since we got it and we bought a machine  and kept catching them. We bought the biggest fish tank in the world and put 3 of them in there. So we could keep them forever. And we made a lake that has a lot of them in there so that's where people go fishing all the time.
In our lake called the toxic eel pond. We had a lot of visitors and we even made a bait and tackle shop. With all of our money from that one fish. That seen first in the world. So we went fishing a little bit in our lake to. But it was far away in the country. We had to shut it down because no one was wearing gloves when they touched the fish.
So they were severely injured. And almost died when the hospital took them in the ambulance and did surgery on them. Most of them survived that's a good thing because if anyone died we would have to close it down when they just let us open it back up. We supplied the gloves so they didn't touch the eels and get hurt. It stayed open for a while we kept putting more fish in there so people would keep coming and visiting so we could get the place more famous. We got a lot of visitors during winter so they could go ice fishing. We made sure the ice was really thick though so they didn't fall through. It was about 2 and ½ feet of ice until we let people on it because they would take trucks and campers out there. I don't see why they weren't scared i wouldn't take my truck or camper out there.
We have been doing this for a couple years and only have had one fall through when they tried having a fire on the ice what some stupid people. It wasn't too bad though it was only the truck and 3 campers and one person that went in along with all of the other stuff on the lake. They all survived though but we haven't seen them back out here again. It was scary to even walk on it since that happen. It was all over the news and we only had 3 people come out since than and they now what happen the names were Kyler, Brock, and Gavyn they wanted to know if the could have a fire on the ice and we said no because what happen last time but as usual they didn't listen when do customers ever listen any more. They put on a bunch of waterproof coats and pants than an oxygen tanks i was wondering what they were doing they moved the cars and campers off of the ice and started the fire so they could go in the water me and my dad just stood back watching them in fear that they were going to die.
They said don't call anyone it's our mission we have a secret lab under the ice if you want to come down we will send up more stuff for you to put on we half to get our weapons and camp out isis will be here any minute but obviously on our way down there we got touched by the eels and it hurt like really bad when we got to the door though we took our stuff of and the water went away then it was just a big open room with a bunch of armour and guns. He took armour off the wall and through it to us we put it on and grabbed guns we took a submarine up to the top instead of using the air tanks and stuff like that.
It was fun i've never been in a submarine before we got to the top and built a big protection wall of cement and wood and sand to hide behind we also stalked guns and armour behind it with a bunch of ammo so if we needed stuff to use if we ran out of options we have an escape route to the lake so we can get down to shelter without dying and call for backup. So we could have more help, after like 30 minutes waiting we heard gunshots and got ready to fire i got one in the head and killed him it was pretty cool i liked doing this i think i might ask this guy to work for him. My dad killed a lot of people and Gavyn, Brock, and Kyler were really good they were throwing grenades than shooting them right before the hit the person so they didn't have time to throw it back. They would do it all at the same time so all you would hear is BOOM!! BOOM!!! BOOM!! and it was really loud i bet it really hurt for isis to, After a while we ran  out of stuff when there was still people left so we did the escape route and called for back up, our friends Joel and Brody showed saying this better be good cause we were in the middle of balling up. Brody pulled out a grenade and threw it at the guy while Joel shot it, it was pretty cool actually, i'd have to say them to are the best at the war because they worked really hard and did not stop shooting and when they ran out they both pulled out knives ran at them dodging the bullets, when they got to them they slit their throats and grabbed their guns to have ammo and weapons isis gave up and left they went back to islam. We were happy and thankful that Brody and Joel came along otherwise we would have been toast literally they would have blown us up.
It was pretty fun at the beginning of the fishing trip but i didn't know that isis was gonna come try to kill us. “Loyke what een the doo higgy mijeiger deed whe der”. My dad has a really weird accent I can not understand him most of the time because of it but I try as hard as i can to understand him. My dad is a really good war guy though he was pretty good but i'm still impressed with Joel and Brody. Joel, Brody, Gavyn, Brock, and Kyler were really good together they knew what to do and when to do it because they always practiced and been in different wars i'm pretty sure since they weren't scared. Since it was my first time in a war I was scared to shoot and i was cared to get shot at. Me and my dad made a good team though so they wanted us to join them and my dad said “mighty doo duck we gon gert een a wer son”.
He was really excited that the good people wanted us to join them because that rarely ever happens because they think they are better than everyone and don't like being friends with anyone besides the people that do there sports. My dad was never really the sporty type or mean type though so I don't see why he was good in a war. I asked my dad if there's something i don't know about him. He said “serry son bert yer papi feert in vietnerm”. Why didn't i ever know this dad? “becers I fert fer vietnerm. I got a blank look on my face and said “oh”. My dad said “serry boy bert I hed ter. I ignored him and went with Gavyn, Brock, Kyler, Joel, and Brody. My dad yelled “you gert berck her now!!” I replied “get back to america's side now!”. He didn't like that because he was on america’s side. He just fought for them because they held him hostage and told him they would kill his family if he didn't fight for them.

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