Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Parents are Spies

My parents always told me to never go in the basement, so I never did, but it did make me very curious. My parents were always gone a lot because of their job. They were usually gone for a long time, so one day I decided that I was going to see what was in the basement. I turned the light on, and opened the door, then slowly started walking down the stairs. I was afraid of what I was going to find. I got to the bottom, and I saw a bunch of computers and trackers. It looked like a bunch of things a spy would use.
“Who are my parents?” I asked myself.
I turned on all the computers and everything, then I heard my parents talking, it was coming from a walkie talkie. They were on a mission.
“Is this why they are gone so much”? I found myself talking to myself.
I could not believe my parents were spies. This is why they were gone so much, and never want me in the basement. This was crazy, how could they keep this a secret?
I was going to go back upstairs, but I heard the door shut. I could hear my parents talking. If they find me down here I don't know what they will do to me. I found a place to hide, then I heard them walking down the stairs. I heard them talking about where they were going to go next, but it was a big mission and could not do it alone, and they were going to need to find help. That is when I popped out and told them that I wanted to be a spy too.
“It must run in the family,” I said excitedly.
My parents were not to fond of this idea, but I told them that I would work as hard as I possibly could. They finally gave in and said that I would have to start training as soon as I could. Training was going to begin the next day. I went to bed that night thinking about how hard the training was going to be, but I knew that it would all be worth it.
It was time for training, and I did not know how it was going to be. We started with just a regular workout, it was not very hard. Then after that the real spy workout came. They turned on lasers and I had to try to get through them. They set off loud noises and traps. I passed everything. I guess being a spy is in my blood. I asked my parents about the mission that they said they needed help on. They told me it was very dangerous and that they needed lots of help. I told them that I was ready, and I wanted to go. I could tell that they were debating whether to let me go or not, but they told me that I did really well with my training. They said that they would think about it and would tell me in the morning.
I got up the next day and ran downstairs to hear what my parents were going to say. I got to the kitchen and they handed me a pen. I asked what it was for and they told me to press the button. It was a laser pen. This meant that I get to join my parents. They said the spy mission is very dangerous. I wondered what it was going to be like. They said to get packed because we are headed to South America. I had never even been out of the state, now I am flying out of the country. I knew being a spy was going to be fun.
I asked my parents how we were going to get to South America, and they told me that the people they worked for had a private plane. We got to South America and went into a lab. It was very different than a usual lab and had a bunch of gadgets. It was time to start my first mission.
*20 years later*
I was living in the same house that my parents had when I was younger. I had added a lock to the basement door. My parents moved out and retired from being spies. Everyone in the spy industry had told me how good they were. They also said how I was just like them. I decided that I would keep the job as a spy. Now it is 20 years later and I had children of my own. I knew how I found out my parents were spies and I did not want them to figure out the same way because the job of being a spy is dangerous. They were twins a girl and a boy who were fifteen, and that is why I had to add the lock to the door. The girl's name was Carly and she had long, blonde hair. The boy’s name was Nathan and he had short, blonde hair.
I was gone one day and I came back to the kids in the basement. I was thinking of a plan of what to tell them. I walked down to the basement and they had found everything. I decided that I would tell them the truth. They asked just like I did if they could become a spy. I didn’t know what to say, I thought that it would be unfair if I wouldn't let them become spies because my parents let me when I was that age.
I told them they could, and they asked me how I became a spy. I told them the whole story, and why I put the lock on the door. I found myself in the same situation as my parents were in. I told them about their Grandma and Grandpa about how they were spies too.


  1. This was a very well written story and I enjoyed it a lot. I liked how you told right away that the parents were spies and didn't make you wait. I liked how once the parents found out that she knew they took her on their missions. The ending was nice how the girl had her own kids and she became a spy and told her kids.

  2. Wow I didn't know that. Very interesting story Kinsey.