Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Camping with my Friends Part 1

Camping with my Friends Part 1
It was a hot summer day, my three friends and I are going camping for my birthday. My birthday is in January, but we are celebrating it now. Kelsi, Alexis, Alyssa, and I are all getting ready to go. We were going to have a sleepover. We had lots of stuff planned. We are going to go swimming, pull an all-nighter, and we were camping for three days. We are going with my mom, Jason, and Chloe. We are so excited to go camping. My mom is driving the Tahoe and Jason is driving the truck to haul all the camping stuff. My mom is driving the Tahoe with all the kids, food, pillows and blankets. We still had to go to pick my friends up.
Kelsi decided to call me.
“Hello,” I answered.
“Hey! When are you coming over here to pick me up?” asked Kelsi.
“After we pick up Alexis and Alyssa. Can you hold on one second I have another call?” I said.
“Sure,” giggled Kelsi.
I look at my phone, pushed a button and Alexis started talking.
“Hello?” I said.
“Hi!” said Alexis excitedly.
“Hi what do you need?” I said.
“I was wondering when you were coming to pick us up? I’m so excited to go camping!” said Alexis excitedly.
“Right now! I can’t wait! We are going to have so much fun! Can I add Kelsi to this call?” I said curiously.
“Yeah, then we can all talk about how much fun we are going to have on this trip,” said Alexis.
“Ok hold on one second,” I said. I switch to the call with Kelsi
“Hey I’m going to add you to Alexis’s and I’s phone call so we can all talk! Is that ok?” I questioned.
“I don’t mind. I want to talk to Alexis and Alyssa anyway,” said Kelsi.
“Okay. Awesome!” I said.
So the girls and I talked about what they wanted to do when camping. We finally ended the call and we showed up at Alyssa’s and Alexis’s house, and I ran up to the door to get them. They ran out and they were so happy. We get all the stuff packed up in the Tahoe and get in the car and we were off to pick up Kelsi. We pick up Kelsi and pack everything up and we are off.
“I’m so excited!” said Alexis.
“I feel the same way! So, what should we do first when we get there?” questioned Mackenzie. “I think we should put up the tents, then decide where everyone is sleeping and set up where we want to sleep.”
“I think that is a great idea!” agreed Alexis.
“We’re sleeping in tents?” asked Kelsi.
“Yeah we don’t have a camper or anything like that,” replied Mackenzie. “Mom, where are we camping anyway?”
“We are camping in Yellow Smoke Park in Denison,” answered my mom.
“How far is that? I want to be there now!”
“Half and hour there but, we need to stop to get stuff to drink because I wasn’t sure what everyone wanted so we will just stop and pick some out! Is that ok with you guys?” asked my mom. We pull up to Walmart and had to wait for Jason so, the girls and I went inside to look around and mess around a little. We go inside and we go to look at some cloths and we see some cute cloth and some ugly clothes. We all find something we like, then we just act like we are wearing silly stuff like footie pajamas. Then we see my mom and Jason walk into the store and we go to them.
“So, Mom what kind of stuff do we need, to drink I mean?” I questioned.
“We only need as much as we can drink, got it!” ordered my mom.
“Ok but, how much are we talkin’ here? Like two cases of pop or like other drinks? Can we get one case of what we all like or nah?” I asked.
“Sure but, we have to agree a little bit ok?” said my mom.
“Ok,” I said agreeingly. We got to the pop aisle and we ran to the pop to decide what we wanted.
“I’m know what I’m getting,” I say as fast as a decide. “Mountain Dew but, duh of course I was going to get that! Kelsi what are you going to get?”
“I think I’m going to Dr. Pepper is what I’m choosing, what about you Alyssa? Kelsi asked Alyssa.
“I choose sweet tea because I love it! answered Alyssa. “What about you Alexis what do you choose?”
“I choose Coca Cola!” said Alexis.
“Ok girls get the 20 pack so we have more,” ordered my mom.
We were on our way to Yellow Smoke Park. When we pull up to the Yellow Smoke and we all thought it was the awesomest thing in the world because it was beautiful. We unpack everything out of the car and set up our tents and we messed up so much that we had to have Jason help us. It was hilarious because we mix up the poles with the tents and the tent setting up took us like two hours to put it together and it was difficult.
We moved on to picking where we wanted to sleep ,and we picked the biggest tent so we had tons of room so we decided to put all our stuff in different spots ,and I chose one of the pockets on the side of the tents because I liked the space. Kelsi chose right next to me and then Alexis chose the other pockets on the other side and Alyssa was in the middle of Alexis and Kelsi.
“So, what do you guys want to do first? I think we should go walk around and explore some trails,-” I was interrupted by Kelsi.
“I like the idea but, we can’t go to far because then we will miss supper,” exclaimed Kelsi.
“Yeah I will tell my mom that we are going to walk trails. Does anyone want to change? Cause’ I want to change into capris” I asked.
“Yeah I want to change into shorts because I’m sweating,” replied Kelsi.
“Ok you two what too?” I asked Alyssa and Alexis.
“No we’re good,” said Alyssa and Alexis.
“Ok are you guys ready to “explore”?” I say sarcastically.
The girls went to go explore trail and have lots of fun.

To Be Continued….

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