Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Animal Extinction and Abuse

I believe that tigers going extinct is a terrible thing. It is illegal to kill a tiger, but people are doing it anyways. People kill tigers for their meat and pelts, but I believe that you can just get meat from a different animal. People make fake tiger pelts all the time. Tigers are also dying because of deforestation. I believe that people could maybe solve this by finding a different way to make paper other than trees or find an alternative to paper. Tigers are losing their homes everyday, and if we don’t stop hunting them and cutting down trees, the six out of nine remaining species of tigers will die out and become extinct too. Wildlife reserves are why most tigers are alive today, without them many more would be dead. People are starting programs to help tigers, but I feel that many will not stop the species from becoming extinct.
Black rhinos are being hunted to extinction. Many people have been killing these rhinos for their horns. People want these rhino horns mostly for rhino horn dagger handles. I believe that people should stop killing rhinos because if they keep killing them they will die out, and then they can’t get anymore rhino horn dagger handles. What's so special about them anyway? I bet you can make dagger handles out of almost about anything. People should stop killing them before they become extinct.  
The giant panda is the rarest member of the bear family. I think that is sad because humans caused this. We keep destroying their habitats. Giant pandas are amazing creatures, but they won't be here much longer because of humans. Humans are probably the number one reason for animal extinction. If humans weren't around. Animals wouldn’t be losing their habitats, dying from radiation, being hunted to extinction, or dying in oil spills. These are only a few things that humans have done, and they are terrible. I don’t see why we need to cut down so many trees. We have such great technology that I bet we could easily find a different way to make paper and things like that.
Humans kill animals on an everyday basis. I’m not just talking about hunting or killing livestock because I understand that humans eat meat. What I’m talking about is when people hunt for fun or animal abuse. Many people abuse animals, and it’s terrible. If you don’t want the animal, sell it or give it away. Some people enjoy hurting animals, and it makes me sick. What did it do to you? I bet they wouldn’t want someone tying them to a tree all day, not have any food, or be beaten. Many people take their anger out on their pets or hurt them for doing the smallest thing wrong, but people need to remember that even though pets are not human it doesn’t mean they don’t have feelings, or that they’re not important.  
I love my pets. Even though my dog never listens to me, and he kills cats, I would never hurt him. People need to remember that instead of hurting your pet, you could train them. You can praise them for doing something right instead of punishing them for doing something wrong, so then they will do the right thing more often so they can be praised.
Many people don’t even know that they are hurting their pets. If you aren't sure about something look it up. For example how much food should I feed my dog, or how big should my horses pin be.   
If you find an abandoned animal, and if it doesn’t have tags that you should take care of it or try to find its owners by putting up posters. If you can’t take care of the animal, you could take it to a friend or a rescue center.   
If you want to get rid of your pet you could always make an ad online and give it away or sell it. If that doesn’t work you could try asking all of your friends if they want it, but please whatever you do, don’t leave it on the street or send it to a pound. I think pounds are cruel places. Yes, I know that we have to do something with all the dogs and cats on the street I just think that we should put them down after a period of time. I know that we don’t have enough room to keep them all, but maybe there could be a time period where the animal is free and then maybe more would be adopted.
I don’t really have a say in how we get our animals in my family, but I would like to get them from the pound, so we can save them from getting put down. My mother and father want to get them for free, though, so we can’t get them from the pound. When I am an adult, I’m going to get my pets from the pound even though it is expensive.
Pets can save people's lives. Pets help people with depression, can scare off robbers, and make you 

smile on your worst days. Having a pet can also relieve stress and they are just plain fun to have 

around. They always want to spend time with you and don’t judge. I love animals although I admit I 

don’t spend enough time outside with my dog or cats. My cat's mother didn’t like humans, so they 

were raised to hate them as well over the summer. I got the kittens to like and trust me, but then I 

didn’t go outside to see them as much and now none of them like me, but one. My cats also don’t 

like humans much because we are friends with the dog and the dog kills them all of the time.

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