Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Once there was a girl with skin as white as snow. She lived in a beautiful castle and had a loving family. Well, actually she had tan skin; she lived in an orphanage and instead of a family, she had three other orphanage friends that she nicknamed Dopey, Happy, and, Sleepy. Now shimmer was the only girl in a orphanage, so she was the main cleaner. Now two days ago the caretaker, Miss Muffry, got a call that some newlyweds were looking to adopt.
When the newlyweds arrived, they saw Shimmer, and they knew that she was the one for them and not just because she was so beautiful. On the way home, the newlyweds Mr. and Mrs. Britly told Shimmer that she was going to love it at their new house and that she would be going to a school called Sunrise High School. Shimmer was so excited. That weekend, Shimmer and she went shopping for new clothes and school supplies. Shimmer loved it. They want to a store called One Stop. They went in and the first thing that they did was look at clothes. Mrs. Britly bought Shimmer 5 pairs of jeans, 3 skirts, 10 Nice shirts, 5 T-shirts, and a dress. This dress was a knee-length, tan-colored dress with a one shoulder strap that was bedazzled with rhinestones and crystals.
Once they got home, Mrs. Bitly told Smimmer that she could call her Tammy. That night Shimmer and Mrs. Bitly sat on her new bed and discussed that tomorrow they would go visit the school that she would be attending and would go shopping again to pick out decor for her room. That morning, Shimmer woke up and put on one of her new pairs of jeans and a cute silver top with a outline of a bow in gold jewels. As she walked out of her room and towards the kitchen to get some breakfast, Mr. Britly called her into a small office. He asked her if she was excited. After a small chat, she walked to the kitchen where Mrs. Britly was waiting for her.
“Ready to tour your new school?” Mrs. Britly asked.
“Shure am,” Shimmer replied.
“ Let’s go then!” Mrs. Britly said cheerfully.
As the walked to the car, Mrs. Britly and Shimmer started a conversation about how much she would love her new school. When they pulled into the driveway of the school, Shimmer was getting more and more anxious. When they entered the front doors, there was a woman there wearing a black dress with a silver belt. Once they entered the building, there was a large garden then to the left and right there were lockers and class rooms. As Shimer and Mrs. Britly entered the front office, Shimmer saw the woman in a black dress walk towards them, this time with a name tag on her that said “Mrs. Evenson” as she walked closer, Shimmer noticed that there was more small writing that said “secretary”. When shimmer looked up, she saw that Mrs. Evenson was handing Mrs. Britly some paper work. As Mrs. Evenson walked away, Mrs.Britly took Shimmer, and they started to walk towards the lockers, as they walked, they looked for the locker 105. Once they found the locker Shimmer put the code 12-34-2 in the lock. The door didn’t open. They retried the code five more times. Mrs. Britly decided to get the janitor. She told Shimmer to stay and keep trying. Almost exactly after Mrs. Britly left, the bell rang. Almost exactly that second the halls were full of students. As Shimmer tried the code a boy walked up to her and said
“The trick is to hit the top”
“Thanks” said Shimmer
“No prob, are you new here?”
“Yah I start tomorrow”
“Shimmer, Shimmer are you here? Mrs.Britly was running around, trying to find Shimmer. Once Shimmer found Mrs. Britly, they got back into the car and went shopping for room decor. Shimmer chose a pink, blue, and gray room with diamond decals. She chose a gray bedding with pink ruffles on the borders and boarding the pillows. She had blue walls with a shimmering silver accent wall. That night after decorating the room, Shimmer was on her bed, reading a book called The New Sun. Shimmer woke up that morning and got dressed in a black skirt with a pink shirt with a necklace that had a large bow on it. With her book bag packed and her schedule in hand; she walked to the living room where Mrs. Britly was ready to by the door. As they walked out shimmer snatched a cookie and was out the door. When they arrived at school Shimmer opened the locker and a note fell out. Mrs. Britly had put a note in her locker that said good luck and here's a lunch when she looked up there was a paper bag with a apple, pop, and a Lunchable.
As she walked to the classrooms she realized that she was totally lost. She started looking for room 213 west. After a few minutes she decided to ask for help. Suddenly she felt an arm grab her elbow. She whipped around only to see the boy from yesterday. Are you Shimmer Britly?
“Yes why?” asked Shimmer in a confused voice.
“I am Leo, I am supposed to help you today. I am in all your classes.”
“O great thank goodness I am totally lost.” Shimmer said in a hopeful voice.
As They walked to room 213 west Shimmer saw a photo of someone who looked like her. She asked Leo about her. He said that the photo was from 15 years ago she went to the school but she died in a fire.

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  1. I really enjoyed your story and I think you should write a sequel. I liked that you didn't make her the shyest person on the planet; which is what most people make orphans. I think that you could make your story a little better by adding more dialogue between Shimmer and her new parents.