Tuesday, January 19, 2016

My Cruise 2015

Today the My Family is going on a cruise from Mexico to Florida. It’s my parents, Justin and Becky, And Hayden and I. We are taking a direct flight to Mexico. Then we take a bus to the docks where the cruises are. When, we abord the ship, there is an elevator that takes up people into the deck. Then once we are out there we head towards the rooms. We got all of our stuff unpacked. Jake, Hayden and I share a room and, My parents have their own. So I rush to unpack everything and get out to the deck but once I run out my parents stop me and she tells me that we have to go to an assembly about the ship and its rules. Then that takes about an hour. So it was pretty boring and, at each seat there where these chocolates. So they looked  really good so I put the whole thing in my mouth and bite down on it. But it’s not just chocolate, it has like liquids in it, and I spit it out on the floor and wiped my tongue off with its rapper. That was probably one of the grossest things I’ve ever had.
Then after that we go to sit by the pool and a lot of people are  by it. So we happen to find chairs and they lay down while Jake swims and Hayden and I go to the arcade and play some really fun games. Then once we are ready to eat we head to the restaurant, where they had a lot of different foods. And of course I get the chicken strips. So when we went out again there was some dancing and fun adult games. Once it started to get later Hayden and I had to stay in our room because you have to be 16 and older to be out past 10:00. So I had to stay and do whatever, but it was really fun cause Hayden and I actually did some fun things. Once Jake got back in he was in in a really good mood.

Once we woke up the next morning we go have breakfast and explore the cruise. Afterwards Hayden and I go back to the arcade and win a whole bunch of stuff. But then Hayden goes back to the room so he can go swim but Becky calls me and tells us that we are really close to this resort. Once the ship has been docked we got off it to this town and we try to stay together cause they're quite abite of people there and we don’t want to get lost. So we look at all the gift shops and we buy some really cool stuff. Then we go out and eat, Then we aborde the ship around 7:00.
The curfew is 11:00 on the ship. Once the ship is leaving the dock Jake and I go to the activity room and play a lot of ping pong. Which was really fun, Then once it's dark The captain has everybody clear out everything by the pool and just to make a huge dance floor. So of course everybody is dancing really good and I'm there just do back flips off the diving boards. Hayden wasn't doing really anything cause there was some hot girls. So I danced my butt off until 11:10 then I head back to my room and On my night stand there's about 20 Hershey Kisses and I hide them all because I don’t want Hayden getting them.
Then I fall asleep watching Spongebob and texting some of the girls on the boat. Once Hayden comes to our room he just walks into the bathroom and about five  minutes later our room smells terrible. So I have trouble falling asleep that night. When I wake up in the morning I go and lounge by the pool and play on my phone for a littler bit. When my parents texted me to come to eat breakfast with them we get a table that has an awesome view and there were these telescopes so we could see the ocean. When I look out at the ocean I can see some fish and in  the corner of my eye there's this big dark object that was headed straight for the boat. So I tried to follow it and I can see that there are many of the objects headed for the boat and I call my dad over to take a look. Once he puts his eye up to it we hear a few screams and some loud bangs. I run over to look on the dock and there's these people with guns and there shooting all the people. My dad instructs us to head to the captain's room. As we are running to there. Two soldiers, climb up the side right in front of us then we go behind the corner.
Once the last one walks right by us Jake tackles him, and I grab his gun and shoot the other soldier. Then Jake takes his pistol and I give the assault rifle to my dad.Once we are at the captain's room were a lot of other people are at, an explosion goes off under the boat. Then we can feel the ship sinking. All the other people start to freak out and run to the escape boats we just hear gunshots and screaming. Once it all stops soldiers throw an explosive down into the room. We all jump to cover but it doesn’t go off. So then the soldiers throw another one and a civilian throws it back and it goes off in the room that they're in. Jake can see one trying to crawl away and he shoots him twice in the back.
The captain goes into his room, And starts to hand out weapons to the adults. so we go out spreaded out and work our way to the lifeboats. We do our best to sneak into one. Once were in the boat the captain lowers it down into the water and unlatches it from the ship. And he speeds out of there but while we are still trying to get get away we are getting shot at and Before we know it they are right behind us in jet skies. So captain tells us to start shooting at them. My dad shoots on guy on the jet ski and the jet ski loses control and hits the other one. That leaves once more left. And we are almost out of ammo in the rifles and. the captain had a 12 gauge shotgun for close range. So he slowed way down and he unloaded on the soldiers and killed them. A lot of people are crying and the captain is trying to calm them down. About 20 minutes later we reach an island by Florida and the captain calls in the SWAT to go to the ship. And the police on this island tries to talk to us to talk about what happened but the captain says “I'll tell you everything and that the people need to rest.” So they keep us at a hotel where people will watch us. 24 hours later, We were the only family to make out the same way we came in.

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