Tuesday, January 19, 2016

The War Against the Man

The day it all started was one of years ago. It was a Wednesday, and I was having fun. This isn’t where it started, but more of where it formed. Leland and I put our pocket knives where they belonged; the pocket. We slipped on our jackets, and went out the door. Church would be upon us in a matter of hours, so we were going to explore. We walked outside into the breezy air. I remember that breeze. It was thick, but relaxing. It gave cool whistling noises to the air.
We walked over past the pond and into the woods. We looked to our right as soon as we walked into the timber. We saw the tree that we had climbed plenty of times. We continued walking into the timber where we would walk all the way to the back. When we did, we came to the end of the woods. This gave us a clear sight of the house that the woods and the bushes hid. At the end of the woods, there was a barbwire fence that separated the property from the cornfield that surrounded the property on all three sides. The house was big and yellow, and looked like it was from the early 1900’s. It was creepy, and gave you an unsettling feeling. The feeling was like the feeling you get after watching a scary movie that doesn’t have a happy ending.
Leland and I walked in the grass of the property along the back fence. The house was probably 40 yards away from where we were standing. The grass was green and thick, which made me think that it needed to be cut. We were about half way across the fence when Leland noticed something. I remember him pointing something out, and I looked right at it. He pointed out a figure in the window, where the curtains were once closed. I looked to where he was showing me, and sure enough, I saw it. It was the face of a man. There were no lights on in the room he was in, or at least no visible lights. I made what I could from what I saw. This man was not upset. The man ran from the window. We began to take off, knowing this man is going to chew us out.
We ran along the fence and began to cut through his yard a little bit, because it was the quickest route to my house. We ran passed a big barn and passed a group of three Priuses. We knew the man was bad news when we ran passed the Priuses.
We continued to run and didn’t stop. We reached a small garage, which appeared to have someone in it. We peered inside the garage only to find a TV on and, yet another, older-styled Prius inside of the garage. Leland gasped in disgust, but I pulled him toward me to keep moving. We ran behind a small barn that could serve as a chicken coop. I pushed to the side, and we both pulled out our knives. I peeked out to the side of the tiny wooden structure we were behind, to see the man looking inside of all of his Priuses for us. I told Leland we have to go immediately, but he’d gone to work on something. He had carved his name in the structure that we were standing behind. I prepared to call him stupid, but instead, I pulled out my knife and carved my name in as well.
We waited for the man to walk into the garage with the old Prius and a television. When he does, we sprint out of his property and to my house. We reach the house and discussed the happenings.
It was a beautiful day for a war. The sun shined through the timber, leaving bright spots even in all of the trees. On this day, my friends Caleb, Seth, Jordan, and Leland, and I were going to have an airsoft war in the woods next to my house. We knew there was a house behind the woods, but I didn’t know someone owned the property; sort of. We went inside and loaded our guns. We were excited, so we began our war. The first match was a tie, ending with confusion. The second match was going pretty well, until it happened. The Prius parked itself in the driveway about a hundred yards away. An angry man began walking toward us. We ignored him, still not knowing we were on private property. The man continued to come over, so we stopped our war. The man began to run at us, so we did the logical thing-we hid behind a tree. The man came over to us, and lectured us. He yelled and cursed at us to get out of his woods.
The day was one we were anticipating for a long time. It was finally spring break, and there was only one way to celebrate. I threw a party. It was a fun party. We partied all day until the sun went down. When the sun went down, we went to the one place where we would have fun: the woods that were nicknamed, by Leland, “The Shortcut.” My friends who came to my party were Ethan, Joey, Brody, Jordan, and Jackson. We went passed the pond and back to the entrance that I’d entered so many times. I knew what was in those woods. We walked in and weren’t able to see anything in the black of the night. I was a bit spooked; I won't lie, but not as much as Joey.
We walked inside and passed a couple trees. We couldn’t see a thing, but as we were walking we heard something walking toward us. I, and a couple others, cursed. We all ran out of the woods and back to my house like a bunch of school girls. We discussed the happenings and waited for the next day.
The next day, we decided to be stupid and go back in. We had stayed up all night the night before, but we were wired with Mountain Dew and Dr. Pepper. We walked back into the entrance, where we soon meet our destined fate. Everyone was in the woods, and screwing around like any other 12-year-old. That was when we saw it. The sight was like fire in my eyes. I wasn’t the same kid who hid behind the tree. Now, I was a kid with a little more will and a little less of a wiener. The sight was the man, running toward us. He was finally going to get what he wanted: Us and/or Me. The man was angry, and his mean frown on his face gave me the vibe that he had bad intentions for us. I turned around and ran through the same entrance. We ran up and around the pond as he chased us. We then continued to play a game of “Ring-Around-The-Rosey” around the pond, until we found a way back to my house, and when we got there, we discussed the happenings.
These series of events would lead to more events. Some of them included water balloons, and urine on his trees. Oh, and something with Pruises too. Please note that all events that I have written about are true and did happen. Thank you for listening to my PPOW today.  

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